10 Best Football Betting Winning Strategies you MUST KNOW!

10 MUST KNOW Football Betting Winning Strategies you should learn to win football betting easily. Use W88 and these best tricks to win football bets every time!

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Football betting online has been gaining popularity, especially with the wonderful matches brought to us by the recent world cup event. There are many fans who have joined online betting site like W88 to place bets on their favorite teams but there are only a few of those who want to make real money from sports betting online on football matches. According to us, there is no betting way to achieving this dream than going for some football betting winning strategies. So, here are 10 must-know tips that you can apply to your football betting today to notice a significant difference!


1. Use a betting site with good bonus

The first and important thing that you should do to ensure that you win football betting online is select an online betting site that helps you do so! This is because it is important to have the right platform to play sports betting online which should offer you with accurate betting odds and also an easy to use interface.

  • Besides this, your online betting site should give you a secure mode of making online transactions which are also quick with the processing method.
  • Additionally, it is always wise to go for the online betting site which does not ask you to make huge deposits but instead offer you with a good welcome bonus amount which will help you place bets without having to use a lot of money from your own pockets.
  • W88 is one such site which helps you place accurate bets online with ease as they offer you with one of the best bonus offers under their W88 promotion section. Here, you can get up to RM600 bonus on a-Sports sportsbook and also RM30 for just verifying your accounts.

2. Make sure your sportsbook has live stream service

Next, having an online betting site with a sportsbook that offers live streaming services is very important as it will help you follow most of the football winning strategies mentioned below! Additionally, watching the live match while placing bets online is always important, here’s why:

  • Every sportsbook have something known as odds, and betting odds are something that helps gamblers place accurate bets on football matches online as they predict certain outcomes.
  • However, as the real-life game commences, these betting odds tend to change accordingly, so relying only on the betting odds is something which can be a risk as most football matches are known to flip any minute.
  • This is why, when you select an online sports betting site, remember to choose a site where their sportsbook lets you watch the match via their live streaming service while placing bets online. Again, the best site that comes to mind for this is W88, so create an account in the W88 register today to experience football betting like never before!


3. Learn all the football betting options

The next football winning strategy is obvious but something that many bettors surprisingly overlook as beginners and end up placing bets on few betting options which many not give them the outcome they expect or desire. This is why before you even begin placing bets online, it is necessary to understand all the betting options thoroughly.

  • Doing so, would help you understand which bets to place when based on the gameplay or the football teams playing.
  • For instance, if there is a team who is stronger than the other team, then the underdog team will be given handicap betting points. So, this is when you should use the handicap betting option to place bets based on your observations.
  • Additionally, if you want to play football betting online but there are no teams which are interesting, or seem to be winning or losing, then you can place bets on those which betting options which depend on the sum of the score of both the teams, like total score goals, etc.

4. Place bets on higher odds with low amount

The next football winning strategy is something that many pros went for as beginners which would not only help you save money but also win wholesome payouts. Using the minimum betting rates when wagering on betting options with higher odds, can balance out the way you receive your payouts in football betting online.

  • The payouts you receive by playing football betting online highly depends on odds of the betting option you wager on.
  • So, the formula to calculate payouts is betting odds x betting options = total payouts.
  • Thus, when you use the minimum betting rate to save more money, there is a chance that the payout you receive would be less. But if you pair the minimum betting stake with higher odds, then you can receive higher payouts.

5. Play more matches with handicap betting option

Above we have mentioned that betting odds are important to place bets as well as understanding all the betting options thoroughly. However, when there are no matches you can place bets on, or which to place bets but cannot decide which football match to go for, then you should always go for matches with the handicap betting option.


  • The reason there are handicap betting options in sports is to even out a match played between a strong team and an underdog team.
  • They do this by giving the bets made on the stronger teams certain conditions that they must fulfil in order to be valid. Whereas on the other hand, they give the underdog team extra goals which is then calculated with the overall results of the match.
  • Thus, placing bets on the underdog team is in the handicap betting option is more likely to help you win easily especially if the handicap extra goals is 1.5 or above 2. To master the handicap betting option, you should first look into some 1X2 football betting tips as handicap bets are somewhat an advanced level of the 1X2 betting option.

6. Avoid Parley betting option as much as you can

In the above football winning strategy, we have spoken about the bets you should place the most so here we have mentioned the betting option you should try to avoid as much as possible and that is the parley or mixed parley betting option in the football betting sportsbook.

  • This betting option is enjoyed by some pro gamblers and many risk takers, but as a beginner, it is advised to stay away from using this betting option.
  • This is because the parley betting option ties more than one betting option together. This means that you can wager on multiple bets and add then all under one betting option, which is the parley betting option.
  • As fun as this sounds, the catch is that for you to win a parley bet, all of the bets tied together must win in their respective fields, this is risky but if you lose, you end up losing a lot of money!


7. Set a betting limit for a single match

The best part about football betting online, or any sports betting online, is that you can set a betting limit easily by playing betting on only one match per day. However, you should set your betting limit for the match to decide to place bets on as well.

  • Setting a daily betting limit to play a single match betting can help you in many ways as this is a football winning strategy used by many pro gamblers as well to maintain their bankroll.
  • That being said, you can divide the betting limit into smaller units and place bets on multiple betting options in a single match.
  • Other than this, you can split the betting limit and even bet on two different football matches if you want to earn more in a single day.

8. Try using betting systems to maintain bankroll

Maintaining your bankroll is one of the most important football betting strategies you can learn as a beginner and eventually master as a pro. This is because more than winning the bets, saving the money you earn by playing sports betting online is more important. One of the best ways to carry out this football betting winning strategy is to place bets using some betting systems.

  • Progressive Betting System: In the progressive betting system you must place bets with a betting stake, and increase or decrease that betting stake by doubling it or by one unit when you experience a win or a loss.
  • Non-Progressive Betting System: In the non-progressive betting system, you have to maintain the same betting stake throughout the game, whether you win the betting round or lose.
  • The progressive betting system is clearly the option you should go for to place bets on football betting since it will double up your cash as well as win back the money you previously lost. But if you have a set budget then you can use the non-progressive betting system to carry on the betting online.


9. Observe first, bet next should be your motto

The next football betting winning strategy is something you should consider doing right before you start placing a bet, and this is depends on the availability of the live streaming service given to you by the football betting sportsbook you select. The art of observing the game before placing bets online is something that many pros tend to do as it is considered to be one of the most effective football betting winning strategies available.

  • It is mentioned above that placing bets on the betting odds is helpful, but depending on the gameplay of the real-life match, most of these betting odds change, and so, it is always betting to find another way to be sure of the bets your want to place.
  • Other way of doing this is by making use of the statistics given by your online betting site which gives you enough data to analyze the teams as well as players based on strength.
  • But most of the times, pros found it easier to place bets on the betting options after they have first observed the match, because observations always confirm that the team you decide to bet on could either help you win more or lose more. So, trusting what you see is also crucial when it comes to football betting online.

10. Do not bet on your favorite team with low odds

The last football betting winning strategies works as a sacrifice you must make when placing bets on any football match where one of the teams is your favorite. Here, if the odds are against your favorite team then you must avoid placing bets on them.

  • Most online gamblers join sports betting online to support their favorite football team by placing bets on them. And sometimes, beginner’s who are fans end up placing bets on their favorite teams without even looking at their odds of winning.
  • Thus, when you are wagering on your favorite team, be sure that the odds given to them by expert bookies are accurate and reliable enough. But if they have low betting odds, or that they seem to be losing the game, then you should avoid placing bets on them.
  • Remember, your goal should be winning more than you lose, and it is always better to earn more and be sad about your favorite team losing than being sad with no wins at all!



These were the 10 must-know football betting winning strategies that will definitely help you increase your winning rate by 98% if used well. Follow these instructions thoroughly and you will be able to win amazing payouts and rewards. Speaking of rewards, if you join W88, you can get up to RM600 bonus on the a-Sports sportsbook with an additional RM30 that you can claim upon verifying your account. Lastly, it is important that you gamble responsibly online and follow the rules and regulations as a responsible gambler to become one of the respectable pros in no time!