Top 10 famous Sepak Takraw players in the world in 2023

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Sepak Takraw is also known as kick volleyball, it has become the official national sport of Malaysia. It is played with a plastic ball between two teams with 3-4 players each at most. It’s the most popular game in Southeast Asian Games and also has a league, Sepak Takraw league for players worldwide. Speaking of players, W88 news presents you with the top 10 wising famous Sepak Takraw players in Malaysia 2023.

#1. Suebsak Phunsueb – Thailand

Points: 369
Income: $3 Million
Awards: Most valuable player in STL Premier, Division 1 & Champions Cup
Endorsement/Sponsors: Budi Group, Dashing, and Ekspres Perdana
Career’s best achievement: Athlete’s oath at Southeast Asian Games 2007

Suebsak Phunsueb – Thailand

Suebsak Phunsueb is one of the prominent Sepak Takraw Thai sportspersons with great defensive abilities and he is also an actor. Besides this, you can also see his name appearing in the Sepak Takraw League 2023 table. He performed the Athlete’s oath in the opening ceremony of Southeast Asian Games 2007, which happened in Thailand.

#2. Muhamad Norhaffizi Abdul Razak – Malaysia

Points: 256
Income: $2.5 Million
Awards: Most valuable player and the best striker in STL Division 1
Endorsement/Sponsors: Cactus, FBT, and Innate Energy
Career’s best achievement: One gold and one silver at Southeast Asian Games

Muhamad Norhaffizi Abdul Razak – Malaysia

Muhamad Norhaffizi Abdul Razak belongs to Malaysia and won one gold and one silver at the continental games. He’s the most known Sepak Takraw player in Malaysia, loved by the whole population. He played the men’s regu and men’s team for Malaysia in Southeast Asian Games.

#3. Anuwat Chaichana – Thailand

Points: 215
Income: $2.75 Million
Awards: Best Striker and Feeder in STL Premier and champions cup
Endorsement/Sponsors: Gegar and Sinar
Career’s best achievement: Multiple medals for Thailand in SEAG & STL

Anuwat Chaichana – Thailand

Anuwat Chaichana has been a staple in Thailand’s team, with multiple medals under his name speaking everything about his popularity worldwide. He is regarded as one of the best Sepak Takraw players of all time to have ever existed.

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#4.  Azlan Alias – Malaysia

Points: 199
Income: $1.88 Million
Awards: Most valuable player in STL Premier
Endorsement/Sponsors: Gegar and Gem In Mall
Career’s best achievement: Gold medal at Southeast Asian Games 2018

Azlan Alias – Malaysia

Azlan Alias happens to be the recent holder of the gold medal at Southeast Asian Games 2018. Undoubtedly, he’s the best striker to be known in Sepak Takraw. He rules the fan’s heart with his style of playing and affability as he’s the best in the game today.

#5. Nofrizal – Indonesia

Points: 212
Income: $o.85 Million
Awards: Best Tekong in STL Premier and Champions Cup
Endorsement/Sponsors: iBookCourt, Marathon, and Minamax Construction
Career’s best achievement: Best server at STL Premier and champion cup

Nofrizal – Indonesia

Nofrizal’s skills are undeniable, doesn’t matter what variant he plays, regu, quadrant, or double. He shows great potential and can play at any position efficiently. He is considered to be the best server in the Sepak Takraw game.

#6. Harish Kumar – India

Points: 187
Income: $1 Million
Awards: Best Tekong and Striker in STL Champions Cup
Endorsement/Sponsors: Innate Energy, iSooka, and Sinar
Career’s best achievement: Bronze medal for India in the SEAG2018

Harish Kumar – India

Harish Kumar won a bronze medal for India in the Southeast Asian Games 2018; his moves are mesmerizing to watch. Despite being a bronze medallist at Southeast Asian Games 2018, he continues to serve tea at his family’s business. His moves are not the reason for his fan following, that’s his humbleness.

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#7. Syahir Rosdi – Malaysia

Points: 218
Income: $1.25 Million
Awards: Most valuable player & Best Tekong in STL Premier and Champions Cup
Endorsement/Sponsors: M Roof Hotel & Residences and Nokia
Career’s best achievement: Captains the Malaysian team in Southeast Asian Games

Syahir Rosdi – Malaysia

Syahir Rosdi captains the hardest and strongest team, it’s difficult to beat the team, which makes the strength of Syahir Rosdi is pretty obvious. His speed is incredible, but what makes him throne his fan’s heart is his accuracy. He kicks the ball in just the right direction, out of reach of the opponent and barely in bounds.

#8. Siriwat Sakha – Thailand

Points: 249
Income: $3.5 Million
Awards: Most valuable player and Best Tekong in STL Champions Cup
Endorsement/Sponsors: Sinar Harian, Syok, and Zayan
Career’s best achievement: 2 Gold medals in Southeast Asian Games

Siriwat Sakha – Thailand

Alike Syahir Rosdi, he is also a great server with high speed, power, and accuracy. He built his reputation so quickly with his mind-blowing moves. He is a recipient of 2 gold medals at the continental Southeast Asian Games in 2010 and 2014, respectively.

#9. Jason Huerta – Philippines

Points: 108
Income: $500,000
Awards: Best Tekong at SEAG & STL in Premier
Endorsement/Sponsors: Li-Ning
Career’s best achievement: Silver in Southeast Asian Games 2019

Jason Huerta - Philippines

The Philippines had never won any medal in Sepak Takraw since it has become an official sport of it. Recently, before the pandemic hit, Jason Huerta won a silver medal for the Philippines in the Southeast Asian Games 2019. Jason Huerta is a natural in Sepak Takraw and has a long way to go.

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#10. Mark Joseph Gonzales – Philippines

Points: 97
Income: $500,000
Awards: Best Feeder in STL Division 1
Endorsement/Sponsors: Li-Ning
Career’s best achievement: Silver in Southeast Asian Games 2019

Mark Joseph Gonzales – Philippines

Mark Joseph Gonzales belongs to the same team as Josan Huerta, had a huge effort in making his team win silver for the first time in the Southeast Asian Games 2019. He played men’s regu against Thailand. His career is starting and has a great upward curve ahead, his popularity is growing immensely.

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We understand your love for Sepak Tarkaw and hence, hope that this list of top 10 famous Sepak Takraw players in Malaysia 2023 satisfied you and you saw your favorite player in the list. Bet on your favorite sports at W88 and win exciting offers made for you.