10 Proven Lightning Baccarat Strategies to win RM600 per day

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We understand your time is real money, no matter in which world you live. Top 10 tested lightning baccarat strategies to win W88 online baccarat for beginners for your livelihood without time-consuming mistakes and a win is 99% guaranteed in lightning baccarat.

#1. Banker loyalty strategy

Banker loyalty strategy checks your patience and loyalty, it’s a tested strategy and is also a test on your loyalty and patience. This doesn’t require any card counting or calculations in mind, just sticking to one side.

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  • The best and simple tested strategy to win at lightning baccarat is to always choose a banker and keep choosing one side even if you lose for a while to gain more overall profit.
  • Choose banker or players, whichever you prefer but remember to keep choosing it always until the very end. Being loyal to one side till the end will make you win overall.
  • Losing might tempt you to change the side but as the strategy suggests in its name, keep choosing one side even if you lose.

#2. 1324 Baccarat strategy

The 1324 baccarat strategy predetermines the betting amount, which is 1, 3, 2, and 4 consecutively. Players might decide to multiply their wager to 10, 100, or whatever they please, like 10, 30, 20… or 100, 300, 200…

  • After placing the first bet, if the player wins, then he can progress to the second predetermined betting amount, that is, 30 but if he loses, then he must start again from the first betting amount, that is, 10.
  • And the sequence carries on until you reach the fourth bet. The sequence continues to 2 units and 4 units until you continue to win and then revert back to the base unit.
  • If you managed to win the first 2 bets then the profit is 100% guaranteed. In case, you win all 4 bets consecutively, then you can start again from the 1st betting amount of 1 unit with a tidy profit.

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#3. Shoot for multipliers

Not just in lightning baccarat, but in all online casino card games players are often scared to wager on tie bets.

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  • The multipliers in lightning baccarat make a huge difference, to get big profits you have to risk big. You ought to bet on a tie to win bigger multipliers.
  • When you haven’t seen the tie in a long time and can suspect to get on the next round, go for the tie and risk a bit to win the big.
  • A simple rule to shoot the multiplier is to hit the tie and win the big amount of money by risking some of it.

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#4. Paroli baccarat strategy

Paroli baccarat strategy is nothing but the opposite of Martingale baccarat strategy. In the Martingale strategy players are supposed to double down their betting amount when to lose to cope with the loss but in the Paroli baccarat strategy, it takes this losing opportunity to win profit instead of just coping up.

  • In the Paroli baccarat strategy, the player’s aim is to take advantage of winning streaks in baccarat rather than making back losses only.
  • Consistent players have often experienced the winning streaks at one point or another and parole strategy will poise you to take maximum advantage of such a situation.
  • But the best strategy to make the most advantage of parole baccarat strategy is to know when to back down. Winning is tempting but avoiding losses is more tempting.

#5. Double down strategy

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  • Decide your initial betting amount even before starting to bet at lightning baccarat and keep betting that same amount on either betting option until you lose.
  • Whenever you lose, double down the initial betting amount you have been staking in the next round to cover up the loss of the losing round.
  • For instance, if your initial betting amount is ₹10 and you end up losing it in one round, then double up the betting amount to ₹20 in the next upcoming round to cope with the loss. In case you win, you’ll get ₹40 and you have got your loss back.

#6. Understand when to fold

As we all have experienced and agree with, how tempting can be to win a lightning baccarat game especially when we are familiar with baccarat tips and tricks. How empowering and assuring it can be, to win and keep winning in overall profits.

  • Although, it is not the most important part of the lightning baccarat game. The most important part of any and every online casino card game is to understand the limit and know when to fold.
  • It’s intimidating to keep playing when you are winning consistently but you never know when the luck goes down the drain, the winning streak fall and you end up losing a large amount.
  • Therefore, it’s important to know when to let your guard down and stop playing lightning baccarat game doesn’t matter how tempting it would be.

#7. Martingale baccarat strategy

Martingale baccarat strategy needs no calculation or card counting, all it needs is simple concentration to be aware of when to double down your bets or reduce your betting amount.

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  • Doubling up the betting amount in the upcoming consecutive rounds simultaneously is the main objective of Martingale’s baccarat strategy. It increases your chances of winning by 15% in every third round.
  • Remember, it’s important to stick to only one side and if you win a particular round then the betting amount in the next round will get back to the initial amount. Start with a minimum at the initial betting amount.

#8. The responsible practice of baccarat

Practice responsible gambling and increase the chances of your overall profits by 14% more. Know more well-researched baccarat-winning strategies and practice them on your own to know their worth. Before that, know some responsible practices for clean and fair play.

  • Check with your emotions: Keep track of your emotion before starting to play lightning baccarat online. Bad emotion leads to bad judgment and you don’t want that while gambling my friend.
  • Take a break in between There’s no pressure on you, mate. You’re playing lightning baccarat to blow the steam from your back, not boil the blood again.
  • Never chase your losses: Hope is definitely a good thing to stick to, but sometimes it’s better to back off before you reach a dead end. Don’t keep tracking a losing trail for so long but never lose sight of hope too, know which to rely on and when.

#9. Accepting promotional deals

Promotional deals are like that man who tempts you with chocolate in order to kidnap you and your parents always warn you about him. Not that all the promotional deals are just void or so but it depends on you to choose the best one for you.

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  • Always read the terms and conditions before getting abducted by such an attractive promotional deal offered by an online gambling site.
  • To save yourself from such online betting sites, the goal is to play on a reputed online gambling site with a valid license and thousands of active users.
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#10. Administration strategies

The name suggests it to be a complicated strategy but it is the simplest one you can find. It keeps you in line and controls your urge to play more, you see, winning can be tempting.

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  • Administration strategies have two parts to them, which administer your time and money. Baccarat is an addictive game and therefore, time and money management are not just some fundamental etiquettes of gambling but strategies.
  • Time management: Decide the amount of time you’re going to give to baccarat before even playing baccarat to avoid unnecessary wastage of your time.
  • Money management: Most important aspect is to save your money from your uncontrollable urge to play baccarat all the time. Devoted some percentage of your bankroll to baccarat and keep the rest intact.

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