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Apply these 10 Lucky 7 card game tricks, crafted by W88malayu experts after decades of experience to boost your winning rate by 97%, and win RM1,000 every day.

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Online gambling on fast-paced games like the Lucky 7 card game can be fun on online betting sites like W88. However, they also can be risky if you do not use any Lucky 7 card game tricks when playing the game online. So, to help you save your bankroll from getting over as well as to win up to RM1,000 daily by increasing your winning rate, W88malayu experts have come up with 10 Lucky 7 card game tricks that you must learn today!

lucky 7 card game tricks to win online

1. Join a Lucky 7 game room with low minimum bet rates

The first lucky 7 card game trick on our list is to join a lucky 7 card game room with low minimum bet rates. This means that you must choose an online betting site that gives you lucky 7 game rooms with low betting rates. The reason behind this is that Lucky 7 is one of those casino games that are easy to play as well as quick in pace, making the game even more thrilling.

  • Having a game room that offers you low betting rates will help you in many ways, especially when using the remaining 11 lucky 7-card game tricks.
  • This is because using low-rate casino game rooms would not only allow you to maintain a betting limit and bankroll but also would help you in playing more lucky 7 card game rounds.
  • As you go further down the article, you will see many ways in which the minimum betting rate in the game room will come in handy and so, creating an account in an online betting site like the W88 Register with minimum betting rates is a good option to kick-start your winning journey with us.

2. Observe the game to find the most winning bet option

When you find such a game room with the aforementioned requirement, you may be eager to place bets but since you want to win more rounds and in turn earn more payouts, it is important to apply one of the best Lucky 7 tricks that pros use to win more and that is the skill of Observation.

  • Observing any online casino game before placing your bets is extremely important as it would help you understand how the game flows in the game room.
  • However, with games like the Lucky 7 card game where there are easy betting options, you can easily observe which bet wins the most rounds.
  • So, if you skip some betting rounds to observe the game, for instance, if you skip 10 rounds, then you can easily get the most winning betting option by looking at how many rounds it wins out of 10.

lucky 7 card game tricks to win rm1000

3. Place bets using low wagering amounts

Now that you have your most winning betting option in the game room, it is time to test out your observations by placing bets on the table but to do this, you must use the minimum betting rate available in the game room. As mentioned above, using low-betting rooms like the ones offered in the W88 Live Casino would be beneficial in many ways, and testing your observations is one of them.

  • Since payouts depend on the betting odds and betting stake, you may not receive higher payouts using low wagering amounts but as a beginner, something is better than nothing, and using such an amount is the best way to avoid huge losses.
  • Using low stakes is also the best way to test your observations if they are correct or not, and assuming that you are a beginner in testing these strategies this is very helpful.
  • In the end, if you are right and win then that would be great but if you are wrong with your observations, then you would be losing the lowest amount in the game room which is a safe move.

4. Make use of the Lucky 7 side betting options in the game

In the lucky 7 game room, you will also notice additional betting options also known as the side bets which is a good way to earn extra cash. Using the side bet options, you can place backup bets with or without placing bets on the main betting options for some rounds. This would help you increase your bankroll gradually.

  • The most common side betting option in the lucky 7 game room is the Red/Black and the Odd/Even betting option where you must predict the color and the face value as odd or even the card that will determine the winner of the round.
  • Since the side betting options are easy to play, predicting the most winning bet from these is easy too, especially if you are good with card counting.
  • So, like for the main betting options, you should observe which side bets win more to boost your wins and bankroll even though it is in small payouts. If you want a real boost then you should consider applying for your online casino bonuses like the ones under the W88 Promotion section which can give you up to RM600 instantly!

lucky 7 card game tricks to win rm1000 daily

5. Be aware of the Gambler’s Fallacy when betting

This is an important thing that sometimes even pros fall prey to and that is the Gambler’s Fallacy. The gambler’s fallacy, also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy, is the belief that since a bet option has won many times it is unlikely to win again. This fallacy is commonly seen in games with 2 betting options like Head and Tails, etc.

  • The gambler’s fallacy is basically when your gut instincts go wrong, and this is something that many pro gamblers have fallen victim to.
  • This is why we recommended that you observe and find out which betting option wins the most rounds in the game rooms so that you stick to it even if you lose a few betting rounds.
  • Online gambling games are made to test your luck however, thanks to betting strategies, you can bend the outcome to your will, so even if your observations help you win 7 out of 10 rounds, it is still going to result in a greater difference.

6. Use betting systems to boost your bankroll

The next Lucky 7 trick is something that must be used as a precaution and this is to make proper use of the betting systems that can boost your bankroll. Using the above-mentioned Lucky 7 tricks would almost be useless if you do not know how to maintain your bankroll or place bets using set betting limits. If you join W88 as a member an complete account verification you can get access to the W88 Free Credit RM30 bonus to play with betting systems.

  • Using betting systems is a great way to ensure that you can use fewer amounts to bet more and also win back the lost money as payouts when playing casino games like the Lucky 7 card game. In the betting world, there are two kinds of betting systems, a progressive betting system, and a non-progressive betting system.
  • Progressive betting system is one in which you place bets using an initial betting stake and gradually increase or decrease your bet amount based on the loses or wins you experience.
  • Non-Progressive betting system is one in which you place bets using the same betting stake throughout your gameplay in the game room to play more with a limited bankroll.

w88malayu lucky 7 card game tricks to win rm1000

7. Bet on the most winning bet with the D’Alembert system

When it comes to placing bets using betting systems, the progressive betting system is the best one to go with if you want to increase or maintain your bankroll while winning extra cash when playing. This is, even more, better considering the Lucky 7 Card Game trick of only betting on the most winning option you observed.

  • However, it is important to keep in mind that the progressive betting systems require you to keep a slightly higher bankroll as these were made for high rollers.
  • But the D’Alembert method is beginner friendly where you must increase your betting stake by one unit when you lose a round to win back the lost stake as payout and then decrease the stake by one unit again when you experience a win.
  • Using the D’Alembert method, you can bet on the most winning bet observed by you making it easier to win back the betting stake you lost in the previous rounds. This, however, takes a lot of practice so remembering to be patient with yourself is extremely important.

8. Skip some betting rounds if there is a decline in wins

It is important to note that the Lucky 7 trick for observation must be done after intervals as the game flow and most winning bet option in the game room does not remain the same. Lucky 7 is a game of prediction, so sometimes, one side could be winning more and the other side could be losing more.

  • Thus, it is important to keep the observation going even after you find the most winning betting side to notice an immediate shift in the game.
  • One of the best ways to tell that the game has shifted with its flow is by noticing a decline in your wins in the game room, but don’t worry, as long as you bet with a betting system that is progressive, you have a good chance of winning back the money you lost.
  • But when you notice this shift, it is important that you use the minimum betting rate in the game room after observing and placing bets on the new most winning betting option.

w88malayu lucky 7 card game tricks to win every day

9. Test your observations by making  mind bets

In continuation with the above point, one of the best ways of testing out your observations without having to spend a lot of money from your bankroll is by placing bets on the bet option in your mind. This is something you can do for many online casino games or even as a part of your observations. This is why we recommend using W88 as a beginner because the Lucky 7 game room offered by Club Ezugi is one of the best ones to play and observe the game, to read more about the clubs read this deatailed W88 Review.

  • Although this technique is time-consuming, it will help you boost your winning rate with accuracy most of the time as this is a tried and tested method.
  • For this, let’s assume that you decided to skip 20 betting rounds to observe the game. What you need to do now is observe the game for the first 10 rounds and to get the most winning bet option.
  • Then for the other 10 rounds, you must place bets on the winning bet in your mind to calculate how many rounds you would win out of 10 or if they are in sync with the number of times the bet won in your first 10-round observations. If they are, then you can go ahead and place real money bets on what you observed.

10. Play mindfully and not under any influence of substance

Most gambling games online are played so that people can find a way to escape the mundane life and enjoy some time online however, this enjoyment can only come if you play these games mindfully. It is mentioned above that playing online casino games like Lucky 7 is thrilling because of its fast-paced nature but it is important to be mindful and not lose yourself in the thrill.

  • Using our Lucky 7 card game tricks would help you win more rounds but even if you are confident in your wins, you should not go ahead and stake your entire bankroll for a big win in one go.
  • Winning small amounts eventually would result in winning big but most importantly using the betting systems and low minimum rates would help you lose as little as you can too. So, in the end, these strategies are for maximizing profits and minimizing losses.
  • That being said, most online casino games like these are enjoyed along with the company of alcohol as a way of unwinding the day however, doing so could not only be bad as it would lead to mindless betting but also would result in unwanted losses which is something pro gamblers avoid at all cost.

w88malayu lucky 7 card game tricks to win rm1000 daily


With this, we come to the end of the 10 Lucky 7 Card Game Tricks that can boost your winnings by 97%. Learn these tricks slowly using online betting sites like W88 and their game rooms for Lucky 7 games to eventually win up to RM1,000 daily. To spend as little as you can from your own wallets, be sure to apply for your casino promotion bonus offers to get a wallet boost of up to RM600!