5 Best times to Gamble Online at Casino, Sportsbook, & Slots

Know 5 Best times to Gamble Online at Live Casino, Sportsbooks, & Slot Machines to Win Maximum Money: Night, End of the month, Festivals, Weekends, and Winters.

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01. Festival Holidays

As we all know, the festival brings loads of amazing offers on everything, then why should online gambling platforms be behind? They bring offers for new and existing players, and that’s why festivals are one of the best times to gamble online in Malaysia. For instance, join the W88 betting site and claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on the first deposit.


Be it any festival, online casino websites bring the best offers for online players to claim and win more real money. Holidays line up with festivals and many people are looking for fun activities to do at festivals. Another reason that festival holidays give a boost to online gambling is the extra bonus at work. Hence, people go for online gambling during festival holidays the most as per the records.

02. Winter Season of the year

The comfort of a blanket is most important in winter seasons and that’s why it is one of the best seasons to play online gambling games. Most people like to stay in their homes, but they also want to enjoy some fun activities and that’s when online gambling comes into view.

  • Play W88 Live Casino and more at home with the comfort of your blanket. Online gambling site doesn’t have to bring an extra bonus to invite the customer, it’s the cold that drives the players inside.
  • Even the players who are mastering the arts of gambling prefer playing online casino games in winter due to excessive cold. Stay at home and enjoy online gambling sessions at home in winter.

03. End of the Month – Last 3-4 days

Monthly audits of online gambling sites are reviewed by the licensing authority and these audits can make or destroy an online gambling site. These monthly audits reveal the income of online gambling sites and no online gambling site can sustain itself if they take a lot from its customers. Hence, there should always be a balance and that balance is maintained by licensing companies.


At the end of the month, online gambling site tends to correct their balance sheet and that’s the time when they distributed the extra earned money back to online players. Hence, that’s when you should play online gambling games, at the end of every month before the audits to win some extra real money.

04. Night time – 08:00 PM to 02:00 AM

When fewer people play online casino games, that increases the chance of winning. At night, most working people tend to sleep while some tend to invest real money in online gambling at night. The best time to gamble online starts at 08:00 PM and ends at 02:00 AM.

Online gambling site tends to even out the profits at the night and that’s when they tend to give more money to players. You can see the difference on your own if you play the same game in the morning, night, and noon. You will realize that online casino games will help you win more real money at night time than any other. To know the truth by yourself, you can try W88 Register and play the same game at different times, you will know that nighttime is one of the best times to gamble online.

05. Weekends – Friday Night to Sunday Noon

Weekdays are busy for everyone and hence, weekends are the busiest days for online casinos in order to bring as many customers as possible on the weekend, online casino provides great offers to players on weekends. It can be a weekend bonus, welcome bonus, weekly reload, etc.


  • Most people are free on weekends and don’t want to go out, that’s when a live casino platform comes in handy. All you need to do is log in to the online casino website and play the games to have fun.
  • People search for different kinds of leisure activities to do on weekends and online gambling comes to their mind often. Hence, weekends are one of the best times to gamble online at casinos.

Bonus topic – 3 Worst times to Gamble Online


  1. Tight on Budget: One of the worst times to play online gambling is when you are on a tight budget. The primary goal of the month is to fulfill the needs, investments, and savings, you can spend the remaining money on leisure activities like online casino gambling, sports betting, slots online, etc.
  2. Downgrading Mood: Many players come to online gambling after losing a lot in offline gambling and that’s the biggest mistake they make. If you face a considerable loss, the best thing to do at that time is to wait and relax before jumping into another stream of online casino gambling and betting.
  3. Low Laying Seasons: Some seasons have an adverse effect on online gambling and one of that seasons is Autumn when people like to lay low and concentrate on relaxing as much as they can to prepare for the next season. Autumn is recorded as the least interesting season for online gambling.


Now that you know the 5 best times to gamble online at a live casino, sports betting, slots online, P2P games, lottery, keno, etc. Play at any of the times given above and increase your chances of winning by 26%, all you need to do is open your desktop or mobile phone to access the online gambling platform and place your bets. One such platform we know about is W88, know everything you need to know about W88 with W88malayu and start earning real money with fewer efforts.