Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 Explained! Learn to Bet with W88malayu

Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 Explained: Know what it means and how the 0.75 goal advantage and disadvantage works on underdogs and favorite teams with W88 at W88malayu

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Understanding the Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 explained can be kind of difficult to understand however, here at W88malayu, you can get a simple explanation of one of the most popular football betting option. Using this article as your guide, you can start placing bets on football matches with the 0.5 1.0 handicap betting options as a beginner using one of the best online betting sites in the betting world and all over Asian, W88.

Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 betting explained with examples

Before knowing the Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 explained in detail let us first help you understand what the Asian Handicap betting option is and why it exists. Sometimes in football matches the outcome of the match is pretty clear especially when there is a stronger team and an underdog team. So, placing bets on such matches would not only be easy but also boring. Sports betting was creating with the idea of making predicting the outcome of matches a thrilling experience and such matches would not be deemed as an exciting sports match to bet on.


  • Thus, to make things interesting, bookies introduced the Asian Football Handicap Betting option where the stronger teams are given a handicap disadvantage while the underdog teams are given a an advantage to even out the match prediction and make betting exciting.
  • The goal advantage for the underdog team is denoted by a + symbol and the goal disadvantage for the stronger team is denoted by a – symbol.
  • This handicap disadvantage and advantage comes in terms of goals where the underdog team are given head-start extra goals while the stronger teams have to reach a certain goal limit to validate the bets placed on them. To understand this in a better way let us look at an example:

Team A (Underdog) = Scored 0 Goals + Advantage of +1 Goal = 0+1  = 1 Goal in the Sportsbook

Team B (Favorite) = Scored 1 Goal + Disadvantage of  -1 Goal = 1-1 = 0 Goals in the Sportsbook

As you can see in the example above, the underdog team, even if they lose the match, the bets placed on them have a good chance of winning thanks to the handicap betting advantage and disadvantage. This means that if the underdog team wins with more goals, your bets on them will win. If the stronger team wins with more goals then your bets on them will win.

If the underdog team does not win the match but has a goal advantage of +1, then your betting stake will be refunded. However, if the stronger team has a goal disadvantage of -1, and wins the match by 1 goal, then you will lose the betting stake. 

Team A = Scored 0 Goals + Advantage of +0.5 Goal = Bets need 1 goal or Tie to Win

Team B = Scored 1 Goal + Disadvantage of  -0.5 Goal = Bets need more than 1 goal to Win (Refunded or Lost)

This is because 0.5 translates to 1/2, which means half a goal and such goals cannot be scored realistically. Thus, the 0.5 goal advantage is given to teams who are stronger compared to weaker teams but also weaker compared to the teams that have won major league titles, this is why the 0.5 goal advantage here, often come with a small condition. The higher the handicap goal advantage and disadvantage difference, the less conditions for the underdog team and more conditions for the stronger teams in the sportsbook.

How does 0.5 and 1 make the 0.75 handicap goal?

As mentioned above, there are many different types of handicap betting options which are often given for full time, half time, or even with the tie betting option under the 3 way handicap, but what is also important to understand is that there are variations in goal differences given to different teams. 

The 0.75 handicap betting option falls between the 0.5 and 1.0 handicap goals difference and is thus derived by take the average of the 0.5 and 1.0 handicap bets. For instance,

(0.5 + 1)/2 = 0.75

3 Step guide to place Asian Handicap 0.5/1.0 bet at W88

After the Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 explained in detail above, you will be able to place bets and play the football betting option with ease. So, here is an easy tutorial on how you can play the betting option at W88, one of Asian’s top online betting site.

Step 1: Join W88 Malaysia and select a Sportsbook

  • The creation of an account in the W88 Register takes less than 2 minutes!
  • This will take you to the site’s registration form which you must fill out with accuracy by entering a strong password and unique username.


  • Then, you must click on ‘Sports‘ from the ribbon menu with all W88 products or just hover you mouse over the sports section to get access to the links of top sportsbooks in the betting world online.
  • Once this is done, you must pick any one of the sportsbook to play the Asian Handicap 05 01 bet. Here we have selected the ‘eSports Asian‘ sportsbook as it a very beginner-friendly one. Additionally, for using the sportsbooks at W88, you can claim the W88 Promotion bonus that gives you up to RM600 on sportsbook products!

Step 2: Select a football match with 0.5/1 handicap bet

  • When you click on the sportsbook, a new W88 tab will load on your browser which will give you access to live and upcoming matches from all sports domains.
  • Here, you must click on ‘Soccer‘ to filter out your search to give you all the soccer matches instantly.


  • Then, you must scroll down to find a match that offers the Asian Handicap 0.5/1 betting option and they usually appear with matches that have the 0.5 and 1.0 handicap betting option.
  • Here, we have picked the match between Schalke and Wolfsburg in the W88 Sportsbook by clicking on it as it will take you to the betting odds with the other football betting options.

Step 3: Place bets on the higher odds on the bet slip

  • In the last step, all you have to do is place bets but on the higher odds. But first it is important to note that Odds are sometimes more important that the Handicap points given to both teams as higher betting odds provides you with higher payouts.


  • So, you must click on the handicap 0.5/1 betting option for the team that has higher odds.
  • Here, Wolfsburg, although having a negative handicap, has higher odds, so we will click on their betting option and open a betting slip on the left.
  • In the betting slip, you must enter the betting stake which is RM5 minimum and then see how much returns or payout you will receive. Once done, click on ‘Place Bets‘ to lock the bets for the match.

The Asian Handicap 0.5-1.0 Explained with W88 Sports Examples

You can also use some Best Strategy for Football Betting to help you place accurate bets in the sportsbooks.


Team needs to win the match or tie for you to win the bet, but if the team loses then you will get your stakes refunded.

Handicap Advantage: +0.75
Betting Odds: 1.70 
Betting Stake: RM5
Return Payout: RM8.50

If you place bets of RM5 on the underdog team with a goal advantage of +0.75 but betting odds of 1.70, then the payout you will receive is RM8.50.


Team needs to win the match by scoring 2 or more goals, if not then your betting stake will be lost as you will lose the bets.

Handicap Advantage: -0.75
Betting Odds: 2.28 
Betting Stake: RM5
Return Payout: RM11.40

If you place bets of RM5 on Wolfsburg with HDP -0.75 betting type and betting odds of 2.28 and win, then you will receive a payout of  RM11.40.

This is a classic example of the importance of betting odds even when there is a handicap advantage given to one of the teams so, if you want to win higher payouts. However, if you wish to go for a safer option where you can either win the bet or have your stakes refunded back, then you should go for the handicap betting advantage given to the underdog teams. 


So, this was the Asian Handicap 0.5 1.0 Explained with simplified details and examples. To know more about this betting option the only thing you must do now is join W88 as instructed above and place your bets using your best football betting tricks. If you want to learn these football betting strategies then stick to W88malayu as we offer the best ways to win football betting online, and more!