Cara Deposit di W88: Win 100% up to RM600 on 1st W88 Deposit

Cara Deposit di W88 in 5 minutes via local bank transfer: AMB, CIMB, RHB, HLB, etc. Make RM30 minimum W88 Deposit & get 100% welcome bonus up to RM600 on Slots.

6 Available Payment Methods to make W88 Deposit

W88 Malaysia offers 6 methods to make a payment and enjoy the W88 products: online sports betting, live casino games, slots online machines, fishing games, P2P games, lottery, and so much more. Choose the preferred payment mode to make a deposit at W88 and earn more real money through fun, luck, and skills.

Bank transfer

Safe, secure & quick W88 deposits via local bank transfer.
Minimum Deposit: RM30
Maximum Deposit: RM25,000

Touch'n PAY

Safest Internet banking with OTP authentication every time.
Minimum Deposit
: RM50
Maximum Deposit: RM10,000


Popular gateway for W88 deposit; online service provider.
Minimum Deposit
: RM30
Maximum Deposit: RM30,000


Fast transaction technology for Malaysian players at W88.
Minimum Deposit
: RM50
Maximum Deposit: RM50,000


QuickPay payment gateway to deposit real money at W88.
Minimum Deposit
: RM50
Maximum Deposit: RM10,000


W Pay offers seamless transaction in invisible flow.
Minimum Deposit
: RM50
Maximum Deposit: RM10,000

Note: Most preferred method to make a deposit at W88 official website in Malaysia in Local Bank transfer. Hence, we are explaining the procedure of W88 deposit via bank transfer here. You must read QuickPay W88 article to learn to deposit at W88 via internet banking: Help2Pay, W Pay, PAYPRO, Paylah88, etc.

5 Informative points one must know before making W88 Deposit

There are some important points one must know before committing to online betting company and some of them belongs to the depositing procedure. Know the 5 informative points like minimum deposit amount, maximum deposit amount, time taken to deposit, etc before learning cara deposit di W88.

  1. Minimum deposit: Least amount of money one requires to make a W88 deposit is RM30. Yes, W88 is one of the most affordable online sports betting and live casino website in Malaysia.
  2. Maximum deposit: RM25,000 is the highest amount of real money one can deposit at W88 via local bank transfer. It offers maximum limit of RM50,000 via internet banking options.
  3. W88 wallets: Players need to select the W88 wallet before making the deposit to access the games they want to play. There are 9 wallets at W88 and each wallet represents different products. If you deposit your money in Live casino wallet, you won’t be able to place bets on sports matches until you transfer the money from live casino wallet to sportsbook wallet at W88.
  4. Deposit time: W88 takes 5 minutes or less to make deposit. Sometimes the procedure of depositing money at W88 might take longer due to verification from player’s bank account. 
  5. Deposit fee: There’s no deposit fee or commission taken by the bank or W88 from the player. You can enjoy the depositing feature without worrying about losing a single penny in the process.

6 Local Banks available for W88 Deposit in Malaysia

W88 Deposit feature offers 6 local banks to make the transaction from banks to W88 wallet. 6 Available banks are mentioned below, players who have their account in these banks can opt for bank transfer.

Cara Deposit di W88 via Bank Transfer - Easy & Quick 3 Guide

Follow the bullet points mentioned below in stepwise manner and deposit your real money at W88 successfully. Don’t forget to claim the 100% welcome bonus up to RM600 on your first deposit.

Step 1: Create your account at W88 & Click on 'Deposit'

  • You must make W88 deposit to engage in online sports betting and live casino gambling at W88 online. Initial step to earn real money through W88 is to create an account at W88 official website. 
  • Access official website of W88 in Malaysia and click on ‘Join‘ to do W88 register. Enter the accurate details in the registration form and complete the 100% validation process for smooth experience.
  • Click on ‘Fund $‘ and a drop down menu list will appear on the screen, select ‘Deposit‘ to make your first deposit at W88 and claim 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on Slots. 

Step 2: Select 'Bank transfer' & enter deposit amount

  • After clicking on ‘Deposit’ you will be redirected to a new page where available payment methods are available. Select the one you prefer, we are explaining cara deposit di W88 via ban transfer.
  • Local bank transfer is the most preferable payment method for Malaysian players at W88. Click on ‘Bank Transfer‘ to begin the process of adding the real money at W88 wallet to play games.
  • Minimum deposit amount at W88 Malaysia is RM30. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit at W88 and select the bank account you prefer to make a payment from.

Step 3: Fill out the details & click on 'Submit'

Fill out the W88 deposit form to submit your request to make a deposit at W88 Malaysia successfully:

  • Deposit time & date: Enter the date and time of the deposit request submission accurately.
  • Your bank: Select your bank from the given list of local banks at W88 Malaysia.
  • Reference ID: It’s not mandatory to add a reference ID, you can leave this section.
  • Deposit wallet: Select the W88 wallet you want to add your money in, wallet determines the accessibility of different games for the players. If you deposit your money in sports wallet, you won’t be able to play live casino games and vice versa. There are 9 wallets at W88.
  • Bonus Code: Claim your 100% welcome bonus up to RM600 on Slots by choosing the given codes in the list. W88 wallet will automatically get selected once you select the bonus you want to claim.

You have to make a minimum deposit of RM30 in Palazzo & Playtech wallet to claim W88 promotion of 100% welcome bonus up to RM600 on slots with bonus code: W1000SPZ20 on your first deposit.

Click on ‘Deposit‘ to submit your form and wait for your bank to approve the request. After clicking on Deposit, pop-up message will appear on your screen, claiming the your deposit request is submitted successfully and deposit amount will be visible in the wallet once your bank has cleared the funds.

3 Mistakes to avoid while making W88 Deposit

One must be utter aware and vigilant while making deposits in online websites. However, some players end up making the mistake anyway. Don’t be one of them and learn from their mistakes, mentioned below are 3 most common mistakes. You can contact W88 CS to revert your mistake and resolve the issue. 

  1. Re-check Account name & number: Account name in your bank should match with the legal documentations, enter the accurate account number and re-check it as many times as you can. You might hinder with your identity at W88 by providing wrong information again and again, be vigilant.
  2. Keep the deposit limit in mind: Know the amount of money in your bank account before making the transaction and keep the deposit limit in your mind. Multiple trials of W88 deposit might suspend or lock your account for some days. Minimum deposit amount is RM30 via bank transfer.
  3. Reckless transactions: If you are facing internet connectivity issue or your bank is facing transaction issues, don’t rush up to make the deposits multiple times. Have some patience or you’ll end up making number of unintentional deposits and might even lose the money in the process.


Have you learned cara deposit di W88 Malaysia? Begin by transferring the minimum deposit amount of RM30 and claiming well-deserved 100% first deposit bonus up to RM600 on Slots online machines. Spin to win more real money. Continue depositing your real money and winning more real money through W88 sports betting and live casino games. Enjoy the investing procedure at W88 betting company.