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Overview of Dragon ball fishing

Dragon ball fishing is a game full of loads of fun and thrill to catch the fish with dragons. The game is full of fantasy creatures and different themes to play at W88. High-quality graphics and amazing soundtracks make you believe it is reality, even though it’s all virtual.

Dragon ball fishing 01

W88 Malaysia presents the fishing games like no other online gambling website ever can, with secure and transparent transactions. Dragon ball fishing has the highest RTP among all the fishing games available at W88 games, that is, 95% which means you’ll always earn 95% of your waged money back.

5 Basic Directives of Dragon ball fishing

The theory is as important as practical, know the rules first before playing dragon ball fishing at W88. Before jumping into the mainstream, let’s look into 5 basic rules to play dragon ball fishing at W88.

  1. Objective: The aim of the dragon ball fishing is to kill as many fish with one gun given to you as possible within 5 minutes timeframe while they hover around on your screen.
  2. Multiplayer: Dragon ball fishing is a multiplayer game; 4 players can compete with each other in one match.
  3. Themes: Dragon ball fishing offers three high-quality gorgeous graphics to choose from and play with dragons hovering here and there.
  4. Points counting: points for small fishes are less as compared to strange, large, and rare fishes.
  5. Return to player: The points collected will be then converted into real money and transferred to your main balance account.

Quick Tip: W88 would like to recommend aiming at large strange and rare fishes, as their value is greater than small fishes, which means more coins in return.

How to play Dragon ball fishing at W88 – 3 steps guide

Without further ado, let’s jump into the action and play dragon ball fishing at W88. Mentioned below is a three-step guide to play dragon ball fishing at W88

Step 1: Access W88 & register your account

Access the official W88 website and register your account by clicking ‘JOIN‘ in the top right corner of the screen and filling in the valid credentials in the registration form.

Dragon ball fishing 02

Follow the step-by-step guide descriptively to register at W88 and avoid possible further problems in the verification process.

Step 2: Select Dragon ball fishing under the Games section

Follow the points mentioned below stepwise in order to play dragon ball fishing.

Dragon ball fishing 03

  • Click on ‘GAMES’ given in the horizontal panel with other products of W88 Malaysia.
  • Select ‘DRAGON BALL FISHING’ in the second row of available games at W88 online gaming.

Step 3: Choose the theme and play Dragon ball fishing

After clicking on the ‘Dragon ball fishing’ you’ll enter the lobby, where the action begins.

  • Choose any one theme from the available three, W88 recommends choosing ‘Joyful Pavilion’ as its minimum betting stake is RM0.10, the least among all the three themes.

Dragon ball fishing 04

  • You’ll reach the main area, filled with water and extraordinary creatures to kill and earn.

Dragon ball fishing 05

  • Use your eyes and fingers in synchronization, and click on the screen where you want to shoot.
  • Make sure that you don’t waste your bullets, keep an eye on intruders and passing by fishing, they can block your bullets from the main target.
  • Fill as much as you can and as fast as you can within the time frame and collect loads of coins.

By the end, collected points will be converted into real money in your main balance account. Continue to play as much as you can until your bankroll allows.

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3 Pointers to remember while playing Dragon ball fishing

Newcomers often tend to make mistakes in rush and excitement, never thinking about making a strategy or even trying the demo. Don’t become a victim of these mistakes and end up losing money. Keep the 3 points mentioned below while playing dragon ball fishing.

  1. Choose the best theme: Dragon ball fishing offers three different themes to play from, and each piece has a different minimum betting stake. Choose as per your bankroll allowance and expect a 95% return from it. The greater is better if your bank balance allows it.
  2. Create an effective strategy: Dragon ball fishing is a game based on skills, observation technique, seeking abilities, and fast movements of your fingers. Synchronize your eyes and finger movements together to play your best and win dragon ball fishing.
  3. Take care of your bankroll: Dragon ball fishing is an addictive game and it’s easy to lose track of time. More than time, it’s easiest to lose track of your money while playing Dragon Ball fishing as it offers great RTP. Be aware and spend only extra money after fulfilling your needs, wants, and investments.

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