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Understand handicap 1.5 meaning & learn to place a bet on HDP 1.5 in sports matches online at W88 Malaysia. Join W88 & claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM150.

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What is Asian handicap 1.5?

Asian handicap betting option is a way to alter the results of sports matches from reality and give a virtual advantage to the weaker (underdog) and a disadvantage to a stronger (favorite) team in the match. This advantage and disadvantage are mathematical, a predetermined number is added to the weaker team’s result and subtracted from the stronger team’s score. Bettors have to predict the false winner of the sports match when the results are altered by the Asian handicap betting option.


If the predetermined number is 1.5 in the Asian handicap betting, then 1.5 is added to the score of weaker team’s score and 1.5 is subtracted from the score of the stronger team’s score. The player will predict the winner of the match after mathematical calculations of the score are done and win accordingly, understanding the Handicap 1.5 meaning better with experiencing the betting option at W88 Malaysia with a minimum betting stake of RM0.1.

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Example of Asian handicap 1.5 from W88 Sports

No article can help you understand the handicap 1.5 meaning better other than this one and we have mentioned the examples of the handicap 1.5 betting options below for better understanding. Yet, we recommend you gain as much experience as you can in football handicap betting for complete understanding and practical knowledge because theoretical knowledge can make you a professional.


Case 1: If Arsenal (-1.5) wins in HDP: If you placed a bet of RM100 on Arsenal (-1.5) with 2.06 odds at W88 Sportsbook, then you win RM206 otherwise you lose the wagered stake of RM100.

Case 2: If the soccer match results in an HDP draw: You can bet on either team, Arsenal (-1.5) or Everton (+1.5) at W88 Sportsbook, but if the match results in an HDP draw, then the wager will be refunded.

Case 3: If Everton (+1.5) wins in HDP: If you placed a bet of RM100 on Everton (+1.5) with 1.86 odds at W88 Sportsbook, then you win RM186 otherwise you lose the wagered stake of RM100.

How to bet on Handicap 1.5 at W88 – 3 steps guide

Now that you know what is handicap 1.5 means in betting, it’s time that you focus on how to bet on the handicap 1.5 betting option. The steps mentioned below are universal and can be used in any online betting site to place bets on handicap 1.5 bettings, but we recommend W88 because of the affordability and availability, place bets with a minimum betting limit of RM0.1

Step 1: Access W88 Malaysia & select e-SPORTS under Sports

  • In order to visit the official website of W88 in Malaysia, click on the buttons given above and you will land on the homepage of the official W88 website.
  • If you already have an account, there’s no need to create a new one. But if you don’t have a W88 account, click on ‘Register‘ to create one. Follow the three steps guide to make W88 Register and you will be able to access the W88 products.


  • Click on ‘Sports‘ to see all the sportsbooks available for betting at W88 Malaysia, given in the main menu bar of the official website of W88. we are selecting e-SPORTS (European) sportsbook to place bets on the Asian handicap 1.5 betting option with a minimum wagering amount of RM0.1

Step 2: Select sport, event, match, HDP 1.5  betting option & odd

  • Once you reach the sportsbook you want to visit in order to place a bet on handicap 1.5, select the sports you want to bet on from the left side panel on the screen. Handicap 1.5 is offered in many sports but the best sports for handicap 1.5 betting is Soccer. Hence, we select ‘Soocer‘ to place bets on the handicap 1.5 betting type.
  • The most popular and highest tier in football is English Premier League in England and that’s why we chose England > English Premier League to present an example of placing a bet on handicap 1.5  at W88 Sportsbook.


  • Sports matches available for betting will appear on the middle panel of the screen, select the one you want to bet on from the list, and you can either bet on ongoing or upcoming soccer matches. We are selecting an English Premier League match between Arsenal vs Everton to show you an example.
  • Locate the handicap 1.5 betting option after clicking on the match and observe the odds of the team you want to bet on. Keep in mind that you are wagering on virtual results and they have nothing to do with the real results of the match.
  • Click on the odds of the team you want to bet on, we are selecting Arsenal -1.5 with 2.06 odds to place a handicap 1.5 bet.

Step 3: Fill out the betting slip & confirm your bets

  • The betting slip will open in the right panel of the screen and that’s where you have to wager your real money. Enter the betting stake you want to wager on the handicap 1.5 betting option. Do W88 Deposit before placing the bets to have a smooth betting journey at W88.
  • Minimum betting amount of place a handicap 1.5 bet in the W88 sportsbook is RM0.1, making the W88 betting site one of the cheapest online betting sites.


  • Hence, we entered the minimum betting amount to place a handicap of 1.5 bets on a soccer match. Click on ‘Place Bets‘ after entering the betting stake to confirm your bets and wait for the conclusion of the match.
  • If Arsenal wins the match after 1.5 goals are subtracted from the score, then you will receive a payout of RM0.21. Otherwise, you will lose the wagered amount of RM0.1

Suppose you chose to place a bet on either team with an RM100 betting stake and different betting odds, given below are the possible cases that might happen in your scenario. Join W88 and experience the handicap 1.5 magic betting option with W88 Promotion.

Case 1: Bet on Everton (+1.5) Case 2: Bet on Arsenal (-1.5)
handicap-1.5-betting-guide-w88-sports-betting-slip-3 handicap-1.5-betting-guide-w88-sports-betting-slip-2
Odds: 1.86 Odds: 3.36
Wager: RM100 Wager: ₹100
Pay-out: RM186 Pay-out: ₹336
If Everton (+1.5) wins: you get RM186 If Arsenal (-1.5) wins: you get RM206
If Everton (+1.5) loses: you lose RM100 If Arsenal (-1.5) loses: you lose RM100


Handicap 1.5 meaning is simple to understand, but you will get a better hang of it with betting experience only. After reading this article on what is handicap 1.5 betting option in the sportsbook, go ahead and create your account at one of the most popular online gambling sites of Malaysia, W88 Betting Company to gain as much experience as possible for you and to make a deposit of minimum RM30 to claim 100% welcome bonus up to RM150 in sports wallet to play handicap 1.5 betting option on football, soccer, basketball, etc. Join today, claim free credit of RM30, and place bets on your favorite betting sports with handicap 1.5 betting.