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Learn Asian handicap 1.5 meaning in betting & place a bet on HDP 1.5 at W88 Sportsbook Malaysia with a 3-step guide. Join W88 today & claim free credit of RM30.

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Asian handicap 1.5 meaning in betting

Asian handicap betting market supports the virtual scores of real ongoing matches, it believes to provide an advantage to a weaker (underdog) team and a disadvantage to a stronger (favorite) team in a sports match. There are multiple betting options in the Asian handicap betting market with slight variations in predetermined numbers. Each sub-bet type of Asian handicap betting market has a predetermined number attached to it and that number is added to the scores of the weaker teams and subtracted from the scores of the stronger teams to compensate for the chances of winning for each team in the sports match.

w88 sportsbook handicap 1.5 meaning in betting

In the Asian handicap 1.5 betting type, the predetermined number is 1.5, it is added to the score of the underdog and subtracted from the score of the favorite team. The goal of the player is to predict the winner of the match as per the virtual scores manipulated by the handicap 1.5 bettings. Understand the Asian handicap 1.5 meaning better with three types of examples given below and place your bets on the W88 sportsbook with a minimum wagering stake of RM0.5. Join W88 Malaysia & win free credit of RM30 on verification after registration. Use this mathematical betting option to your advantage and grab an opportunity to earn loads of real money.

W88 Sportsbook example of Asian handicap 1.5

Here’s one way out of three we are going to present to you in order to understand the Asian handicap 1.5 meaning in betting better. Given below is a scenario where you chose to place a bet of RM100 on either team in a football match and three possible cases are presented. You either lose the money you wagered, win real money as per the odds and betting amount, or get your wagered money back in case of an FT HDP 1.5 draw. Follow some football betting tips to win more in less time and learn more with W88malayu.

w88 sportsbook handicap 1.5 meaning in betting example

Case 1: If Manchester City (-1.5) wins in HDP 1.5: If you placed a bet of RM100 on Manchester City (-1.5) with 1.93 odds at W88 Sportsbook Malaysia, then you win RM193. In another scenario where Manchester City loses HDP 1.5, you lose RM100.

Case 2: If the match results in HDP 1.5 draw: You can bet on either team, Manchester City (-1.5) or Burnley (+1.5) at W88 Sportsbook Malaysia, but if the soccer match results in an HDP 1.5 draw, then the amount you wagered will be refunded.

Case 3: If Burnley (+1.5) wins in HDP 1.5: If you placed a bet of RM100 on Burnley (+1.5) with 1.93 odds at W88 Sportsbook Malaysia, then you win RM193. In another scenario where Burnley loses HDP 1.5, you lose RM100.

How to bet on Asian handicap 1.5 at W88 Sports – 3 steps guide

Furthermore, learn to place a bet on Asian handicap 1.5 betting type with a minimum betting stake of RM0.5 on W88 Sportsbook in 3 simple steps. Access W88 Malaysia’s official betting site, register your account, and make a W88 Deposit of a minimum of RM30 but before that don’t forget to claim free credit of RM30 on verification, select sportsbook, sports, country, event, match, betting option, betting odds, and at last, confirm your bet by filling out the betting form. It might sound complicated, but it’s extremely simple, follow the three-step guide given below and play FT HDP 1.5 sports betting online.

Step 1: Visit official W88 & select BTi under SPORTS

  • Visit the official homepage of W88malayu & click on the buttons given under the ‘W88 alternatif link’ section to access the official site of W88 Malaysia, without facing any hindrance from duplicate and fraudulent websites.
  • Create your new account at W88 Malaysia by following a 3-step W88 Register guide. If your W88 account already exists, then click on ‘LOG IN‘ to enter the correct password and username, and you will be logged into your W88 account.

w88 sportsbook betting access w88 betting site & select the sportsbook

  • W88 betting site offers many gambling products like sportsbooks, live casinos, slots online, games, fishing, etc. To place your bet on handicap 1.5 betting, you must select ‘SPORTS‘ from the horizontal menubar. It is present between the mobile icon & live casino betting option, below the W88 logo.
  • There are three sportsbooks in W88 Malaysia, players can select either to place a bet on the Asian handicap 1.5 betting type. We recommend selecting BTi Sportsbook, formerly known as e-Sports (European) sportsbook, offering a minimum betting limit of RM0.5 in sports betting.

Step 2: Select sports & match to place handicap 1.5 bet

  • Players can place Asian handicap betting on multiple sports, like soccer, basketball, tennis, etc. We are selecting the most popular sports worldwide to place a bet on the Asian handicap 1.5 bettings, Soccer. Hence, select ‘Soccer‘ from the left side panel of the screen under Sports and a drop-down menu will appear on the screen,

select sports, match, event, betting option, & betting odds at W88 Sportsbook

  • Select the country & league you want to place your bets on. Since English Premier League is England’s highest tier of soccer leagues, we are selecting England > English Premier League to wager real money of a minimum of RM0.5 on BTi sportsbook at W88 Malaysia.
  • A number of matches will appear on the middle compartment of the screen, select the ongoing or upcoming one to place your bets of real money on the Asian handicap 1.5 betting option. We have chosen English Premier League between Burnley vs Manchester City to present a handicap 1.5 betting example to you.

Step 3: Select the odds & place the handicap 1.5 bets

  • Once you have selected the match you want to bet on, you will be redirected to a page where live scores are displayed and different betting markets are present. Locate the FT Asian Handicap betting market to place a bet on the handicap 1.5 bet type.
  • Observe the odds given next to the teams with +1.5 & -1.5 goals, great odds give greater returns. Select the odd of the team you want to place bets on, we are selecting Burnley +1.5 with 1.93 odds to place a handicap 1.5 bet.

w88 sports betting handicap 1.5 betting odds

  • Once you click on the odds 1.93 of Burnley +1.5 handicap betting, a bet slip will appear on the right panel of the screen. Fill out the betting slip to place your bets, all you need to do is enter the betting amount you want to wager and click on ‘Place Bets‘ to place handicap 1.5 betting bets.

w88 sportsbook betting handicap 1.5 meaning betting slip

  • Suppose you placed a bet of RM100 on Burnlet +1.5 with 1.93 odds and Burnley wins the soccer match after the manipulation of scores by the Asian handicap 1.5 betting market, then you win the return of RM193. If Burnley loses the match even after the alterations in the score by FT HDP 1.5, then you lose the wagered amount. Don’t forget to claim W88 Promotion on registration.

Here’s a tabular example of FT HDP 1.5 to help you understand the two possible cases in the Asian handicap 1.5 betting option. Let’s suppose that you decided to place a bet of RM100 on either team, Burnley with 1.93 odds and Manchester City with 1.93 odds. From here, two possible scenarios are mentioned below, you will either win loads of real money or lose the one you wagered.

Case 1: Bet on Burnley (+1.5) Case 2: Bet on Manchester City (-1.5)
w88 sportsbook betting handicap 1.5 meaning betting slip 2 w88 sportsbook betting handicap 1.5 meaning betting slip 1
Odds: 1.93 Odds: 1.93
Wager: RM100 Wager: RM100
Pay-out: RM193 Pay-out: RM193
If Burnley (+1.5) wins: you get RM193 If Manchester City (-1.5) wins: you get RM193
If Burnley (+1.5) loses: you lose RM100 If Manchester City (-1.5) loses: you lose RM100


Asian handicap 1.5 meaning is simple to understand and you will be excited to know that there’s not only 1 number in handicap betting, you can place bets on handicap 0, handicap 1, handicap 1.25, handicap 0.5, handicap, 3.5, and so many more. Place bets on virtual results of real sports matches with the handicap betting market at W88 Malaysia and grab a chance to claim RM30 free credit. Join the W88 betting site in Malaysia today and verify your details to get RM30 for free, without making any deposit in your W88 wallet. Use your knowledge from this article and place your bets on FT HDP 1.5 to earn loads instantly. Enjoy online betting with W88 betting company at an affordable rate.