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Get started learning How to play online Baccarat at W88 in 3 Steps

Entering into the game is easy for any new member. Apart from various games that members can choose and play, W88 has a live casino with different clubs, Club W Casino, Club Massimo, and Club Palazzo, that can play online or download the W88 mobile app mobile device. Below is the stepwise process of playing online Baccarat at W88.

Step 1: Go to W88, select Live Casino, pick your preferred Club

To begin your Play, you need to access the W88 site. Follow the instructions below to enter the W88 Baccarat.

  • You must login if you’re an existing user. Otherwise, do W88 register if you do not have an account at the W88.
  • Once you register your account, make a Deposit and Choose Live Casino


  • Select W88 Club Palazzo (We recommend this provider as that is the most famous at W88 Live Casino & has the cheapest betting option starting from RM20), next click the “Play Now” button.

Step 2: Select an online baccarat table with the lowest betting choice of RM20

After clicking the most recommended Club Palazzo’s Play Now button at W88, a new tab will appear. You must follow the next step to explore online baccarat rooms at W88.


  • Click on the Baccarat menu from the menu bar of the Club Palazzo. There are more than 15 different baccarat tables, from which you can select any table as far as it is available to play.
  • Club Palazzo is the cheapest among other online casino providers at W88 online Baccarat.
  • Here at Club Palazzo’s Baccarat, you can notice the hand from different edges.

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Step 3: Get started placing bets & experience fun play at online Baccarat

Once you have decided the dealer you want to play with, you will be taken to the online Baccarat casino table.


  • You can observe the fields where to place bets on the Baccarat table. Follow the instructions on how to play online Baccarat at W88 below.
    – Select betting Chip
    – Move the chips to the betting box.
    – Click on Banker, Player, or Tie to confirm bet within a 20 seconds time limit.
    – Keep an eye on the score of Player and Banker.
  • Finally, to get a winning bonus, you must make a W88 withdrawal if you win.

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What should a new player know before playing actual online Baccarat?

The primary purpose of the Baccarat game is to make a hand closest to 9. The player can bet on the player, the banker, or either places a bet on the tie but must analyze the 8:1 risk.


  • Baccarat is played from a 6-deck shoe
  • Reaching total point of 9 in hand will be the winner
  • There is no such particular value in all face cards and 10s: 1) Cards less than 10 having face value, 2) Aces equals 1
  • There is no impact when it comes to the card’s suits.
  • Single-digit values are acceptable.
  • Cut the left digit when any count reaches a double-digit
  • Count. E.g., 15 will be 5, or 25 will become 5.
  • Each hand must only hold a maximum of 3 cards.

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6 rules of online Baccarat at W88 Game

To enhance your winning circumstances, understand the game rules as described below:

  1. There are 3 betting possibilities, a player, a banker, or a Tie; you will win the game if your assigned bet meets a hand’s result.
  2. The hand value that is near to a total of 9 will win the round.
  3. 2 cards are dealt with by the Player and the Banker to begin the game. In some circumstances, either one or both will get a third.
  4. A banker or a player who will take the third card chose to base on the game’s strict rules. The software automatically deals with engaging a player with a third card if required.
  5. Ace calculated as 1, face cards and tens counted as zero, and other remaining cards are worth their original face value.
  6. Only the final digit gets a remark if the card values are summed up in a Baccarat hand. For example, 17 counted as 7.


Players who are new to the online Baccarat at W88 should learn the basic rules, measures, and approaches during the game. In the long run, with enough knowledge, practice, and skill, new players will ultimately develop into gamblers.

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