How to play W88 Roulette online for Newbie: Free credit RM30

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Entering and Playing W88 Roulette Wheel

Playing W88 Roulette also boasts the benefit of the game’s versatility when it comes to bets. The extensive range of forms in Roulette making it winning too many live and online players. The chances are infinite, from inside bets, split and street bets, to the corner and outside bets. This article will explain how to get playing on the Roulette wheel in a matter of few minutes.


Learn How to Play Roulette Wheel at W88 in 3 simple steps

Roulette may look scary at first glance, but it’s a simple game to play. Explore the stepwise instructions below to play the W88 Roulette.

Step 1: Access the W88 website and go to Live Casino


  • Users must login if they’re an existing W88; else, they ask to do W88 registration.
  • Once you are finished with the register/login to your account, make a Deposit.
  • Upon arriving at the home page of W88, the first step is to click the Live Casino tab in the menu bar.
  • Decide your preferred club to play and click to play Now. Here, we recommend picking W88 Club Palazzo to reach Roulette online.

Step 2: Choose a table giving the lowest betting choice of RM20-50


  • After clicking the Play Now button of the most recommended Club Palazzo by W88, a new tab will appear. You need to understand the next move to locate the online W88 Roulette wheel.
  • Click on a Roulette on the menu bar. There are over 16 different tables; you can choose any table as far as the table is ready to play. Club Palazzo has relatively the lowest betting choices than other online casino providers at W88.
  • Pick any table with the lowest bet entry-amount like RM20-50, and begin your play.

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Step 3: Set your Bets and start playing Roulette online at W88


  • Upon playing the game, you can put your bets anywhere on the table.
  • The initial move you must do in playing the game is placing a bet. As explained earlier, consider open to bet inside or outside. Once the dealer stated, “No More Bets” then, you are no longer allowed to gamble.
  • You will be provided 20 seconds to place and confirm your bets.
  • The dealer will also declare when bets won’t be allowed upon the sign appearing on the screen.
  • After the waiting time of 20 seconds for the betting site, the table will twirl. The lucky number where the small and white ball would drop is the winner.
  • The winning number or section will be get highlighted and pinned later on.

Note: In case of any help, you can always reach out to W88 customer service via 24×7 Live Chat.

W88 Roulette wheels rules and gameplay

W88 Roulette can be a little complex for a newbie, but it’s pretty straightforward. You can place bets by picking any number, color, or sequence of numbers that you want. There are two main parts to the roulette table required to read if you want to know the gameplay.

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1. Inside Bets

The roulette board’s inside area lets players set bets on numbers near every other in terms of form.

  • You can place a bet on one number for event 29, called ‘straight-up’ or two adjacent numbers called a ‘split.’
  • By a ‘street’ bet, you will be putting a bet on 3 numbers, joins horizontally. With a ‘trio’ bet, you will place your chips on either 0/1/2 or 00/2/3, depending on the variety.
  • Moreover, there’s also the ‘corner’ bet (also identified as quad bet), where four linking numbers will be covered in one single bet, and the ‘basket’ bet, which is a five number bet consisting of 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3.

2. Outside Bets

  • The outside part gives entirely separate sets of bets, and those arrived in combinations, either red or black, odd or even, high or low, with every bet including 18 numbers.
  • Players will likewise get 6 different bets consisting of 12 numbers, recognizes as ‘column’ and ‘dozen’ bets.
  • The table is most limited for the wheel’s turn, which must reach both inside and outside bets. Remember, those are independent of each other.

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These are the basics of an added leisure experience that you can access at W88, having a range of live casino games available to all new and old members equally. Roulette is simply one of them, so open your potential at gaming and perceive how W88 can serve you the best!

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