How to Win online Poker tournaments – 10 tricks to win more

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You must have specific tips, methods, and strategies in addition to your poker knowledge to win the online poker event. W88 Malaysia offers you only one thing you need to win, albeit a small one. Use all 10 to your advantage and register at W88, which also serves as a practice ground and a stepping stone to success.

#1: Take notes and make a list of your opponents

Keeping in-game notes and analyzing your opponent’s performance before and after the game might provide you with a great source of weakness. Instead of planning your move ahead of time, try to read your opponent’s mind and decision to move.


  • Many online gambling businesses that host online poker tournaments allow players to color-code their opponents and categorize them as strong, average, or weak.
  • The visual appeal allows players to quickly and wisely recognize their opponents, allowing them to analyze their opponents’ moves and plan their own. This is an important method in multi-tabling gameplay.
  • If you see the same person again later in the online poker tournament, you will be able to forecast and plan your moves better than previously.

#2. Make use of a heads-up display

This should be self-evident! You are placing yourself in the worst possible position in an online poker tournament if you do not employ a heads-up display (HUD) to judge the strength of your opponent.

  • You can apply color codes to your opponents based on their power and the trouble they may bring in your winnings by categorizing them.
  • In online poker tournaments, if you do not use a heads-up display, you will be at a substantial disadvantage to all other players who do.
    A heads-up display will considerably assist you when playing multi-table poker in an online poker tournament – the best approach to winning online poker tournaments.

#3. Increase the size of your beginning bets

You may already be aware of it if you are not new to the world of online poker. However, if you are new to online poker, allow us to introduce you to its wonders. You can use pre-set betting buttons at key stages of an online poker event to help you size your initial bets fast and correctly.


  • The nice part about online poker is that you can always see how much money each player has to wager, which helps you determine the blinds they have.
  • Open your bets with the right size in mind, taking into account all criteria such as average table stack and table dynamics.
  • This essentially means that when stacks are smaller and open in the usual ways, shrinking is substantial.

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#4. Avoid making rash decisions at the table

You can only bet on all of your stacks if you are convinced that you have superior hands than your opponents. As a result, avoid bluffing and making hasty conclusions. The most effective method for dealing with the bubble system.

  • For example, if you have five big blinds under the gun with an AQ card, you have a clean shove in a circumstance where other players may have 10-12 big blinds to put down.
  • In online poker tournaments, you must attack and return to the table; if your opponents have 3-4 blinds, it is time to fold before losing a lot of money.

#5. ‘Tight is right, but only to a point’

You can play pretty tight if you have a middling stack at the bubble stage of an online poker event. You don’t have to play with big stacks, but it’s preferable not to bet your chips on games that will cause you to lose even more.


  • If you play conservatively, you may run out of chips before you can earn more. As a result, before returning to online poker, you should save up some chips.
  • Small stacks are significantly more difficult to play with; it’s vital to adapt your extremes and prevent rising too high and risking extra losses.
  • While “tight is right” gameplay is quite accurate, it is important not to overdo it. When pressing too lightly and freely, the same method is applied.

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#6. Make the most of your 5-minute break

Long online poker tournament sessions are taxing, and even slight diversions can cost you money. As a result, it is vital to give breaks for players to replenish and reset their minds before restarting play.

  • Make the most of the time you have off by relaxing and rejuvenating your mood and emotions. Most importantly, avoid thinking about recent losses.
  • Go outside, listen to music, get some fresh air, improve blood circulation in your legs and brain, use the loo, refill your water bottle, and most essentially, relax.
    Your mind will perform best when exposed to fresh air, so give it some time to rest and breathe.

#7. Be ready when wild swings hit you

The variance is significant in online poker tournaments for low stakes due to the massive number of opponents one must play with and win against. In fact, most of these opponents are unbeatable; yes, they are that skilled and seasoned from previous online poker tournaments.


  • When you’re playing against a large field of recreational players, it’s probable that many of them will call your raises with ridiculous holdings, increasing the unpredictability of the outcome.
  • In the long run, this circumstance is really advantageous, but do you really want to be confined to one table for full online poker tournaments? This is the worst-case scenario in a short-term competition.
  • W88 Malaysia live casino recommends that you retain a portion of your cash in reserve in case things get rough. Maintain a stable balance of bets and cash.

#8. Play at a variety of poker tables

Online poker tournaments do not have a single table to play at, but rather a number of tables from which to choose and profit. If you know your win rate in online poker tournaments, you can take advantage of this diversity to earn more real money.

  • The best tip for how to win online poker tournaments is to participate in as many as possible in order to achieve your desired norm.
  • Aim to play at as many tables as possible without hindering your decision-making abilities; this will benefit you.
  • If multi-tabling bothers you, enter the online poker tournament with the minimum wager amount available.

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#9 Keep it simple and don’t overthink the bluff

Don’t add unnecessary bluffing to online poker tournaments; instead, keep it as basic as possible and avoid running complicated bluffs at any level of the online poker game. Consider your opponents’ point of view; most of them want a speedy fight and a chance to win.


  • The opponent wants a quick showdown and a win; they don’t care about your cards, only their own, and they aren’t interested in bluffing.
  • Take advantage of this to master not only your cards but also your opponents. Make the most of your newly created hand cards.
  • If you know the value of your hand rank and do not settle for less, your opponents will love to call your bets, bluff in the appropriate amount, and receive the correct value of your card.

#10 Recognise your situation and make a decision

The most straightforward way to accomplish this is to play as much online poker as possible before entering the mainstream of online poker events. Play W88 poker in a live casino to sharpen your abilities and learn the art of poker winning.

  • You must comprehend the hand ranks; they must be ingrained in your mind so that you can determine whether you are in a strong position to bluff as much as possible or in a weak position.
  • If you’re in a bad situation, keep it simple and don’t expand the bluff; don’t offer your opponent a hint of how much your card is worth before the showdown.


W88 Malaysia hopes you found the information you needed! Try out the top ten online poker tournament strategies listed above and see for yourself. Increase your online poker tournament earnings by 99% more than any other player. Register an account with W88 Malaysia to play online poker and you may win RM1,400 per day!