10 ways of how to win online poker tournaments daily RM1,400

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Knowledge of poker is not enough to win the tournament, you got to have some tips, tricks, and strategies to win the online poker tournament. Lucky to you, W88 Malaysia brings just one thing you need to win, not exactly one though.Use all the 10 to your advantage, register at W88 as it also gives the platform to practice and climb the ladder of your success.

#1. Keep notes & mark your opponents

Keeping in-game notes and before-after analysis of your opponent’s performance can be a vital source of weakness for your opponent. Don’t decide your move beforehand, try to read your opponent’s mind and the decision to move.


  • Many online gambling sites that host online poker tournaments allow the players to color-code their opponents and categorize them from strong and alright.
  • Visual-appealing manner helps the players to identify their opponents quickly and wisely to interpret their move and plan yours. Significant technique in multi-tabling gameplay.
  • In case you come across the same player later in the online poker tournament, you can predict the moves and plan your moves better than the previous time.

#2. Take advantage of a heads-up display

This point goes without saying! If you are not taking the advantage of a heads-up display (HUD) to identify the strength of your opponent, then you are putting yourself in the worst possible situation in a poker online tournament.

  • A heads-up display allows you to assign color codes to your opponent as per their strength and the trouble they might cost in your winnings by categorizing them.
  • You are at a great disadvantage if you are not using a heads-up display against all other players who are using it in online poker tournaments.
  • A heads-up display will help you dramatically when you are playing multi-table poker in an online poker tournament – the best way how to win online poker tournaments.

#3. Size your opening bets better

If you are not new to the online poker world, you might already know it. But if you are a beginner, then let’s introduce you to the miracles of online poker. You can use pre-set betting buttons to help you size your opening bets quickly and correctly at different stages of an online poker tournament.


  • The best thing about online poker is that you can see the amount of money every player has to wager in all the time, which helps you to determine the blinds they have.
  • Open your bets with the correct size by keeping all the factors in mind, like average table stack and table dynamics.
  • This point actually means that downsizing is important when stacks are smaller and opening in traditional form becomes relevant then.

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#4. Avoid making loose call on the table

You can wager in all your stacks in one condition only, that is when you have full belief that you have the stronger hands compared to your opponents. Therefore, be aware of making a bluff and don’t make loose calls unnecessarily. The ideal strategy around the bubble system.

  • For instance, if you have five big blinds under the gun and hold an AQ card, this is the clear shove where other players might have 10-12 big blinds to put on the table.
  • You must attack and get back on the table here in the online poker tournaments, if you see your opponents with 3-4 blinds then it is the time for you to fold before losing a lot.
  • You can take this strategy to extreme levels of online poker tournaments and expect a huge win with greater profits in a blow of wind, but it can backfire too, be aware of blinds.

#5. ‘Tight is right’ but only to an extent

If you have a medium amount of stack at the bubble stage of online poker tournaments, then you can play tight, extremely tight. Well, you don’t have to play with big stacks but it’s safe to not risk the chips you already have on the unnecessary matches which might make you lose more.


  • You might run out of chips before you can earn more if you choose to play tight. Therefore, it will be wise of you to accumulate some chips before playing online poker again.
  • Middle stacks are hard to play with, but small stacks are harder, it’s important that you adjust your extremes and don’t reach too high and near to more losses.
  • Though “tight is right” gameplay is extremely true but it’s wise not to take it too far. The same technique applies to shove too easily and liberally.

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#6. Use your 5-minutes break effectively

Long poker session in online poker tournaments is very tiring and a small distraction can cost you your hard-earned money. Therefore, it’s vital to give breaks to the players to freshen up their mind and reset it to resume the play again effectively.

  • Whichever amount of break you get, use it wisely to relax and freshen your mood and emotions. Don’t think about the previous losses most importantly.
  • Go outside, listen to songs, get some fresh air, get some blood circulation in your legs and brain, go to the washroom, refill your water bottle and most importantly just relax.
  • Your mind will work best of its potential when it’s filled with fresh air, give it some rest and breathers. Don’t waste your break in running to depressed lane.

#7. Be prepared when crazy swings hit you

The variance in online poker tournaments for small stakes is huge because of the large number of opponents one must play with and win through. In fact, most of these opponents are impossible to put a hand on; yes, they are that good and experienced by playing most in other online poker tournaments.


  • When you are playing against such a large field of recreational players, there is a possibility that many players will call your raises with ridiculous holdings, adding more uncertainty of outcomes.
  • This situation is very favorable for the long term, but do you really want to be stick to one table for whole online poker tournaments? This is the worst possible situation in a short-term match.
  • W88 Malaysia live casino recommends you sustain your bankroll to fall back when times are harder like these. Make sure to make a steady balance in your bets and bankroll.

#8. Diversify the poker tables & play most

online poker tournaments don’t only have one table to play at, but multiple tables to choose from to play at and enjoy the winnings. If you have a good idea about your win rate of online poker tournaments, then you can use this variety to your advantage to earn more real money.

  • The best tip on how to win online poker tournaments is to participate in as many online poker tournaments as you can to achieve the targeted norm for yourself.
  • Aim to play at multi-table as much as you can without creating a hindrance for your decision-making abilities, you are bound to profit this way.
  • If multi-tabling is troubling, you then drop down to the lowest wager amount possible in the online poker tournament and fire up one table and then another and then another.

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#9. Keep it simple & do not elaborate the bluff

Don’t complicate the online poker tournaments with unnecessary bluff, keep it as simple as you can, and do not run an elaborate bluff at any stage of the online poker tournament. Remember the mindset of your opponents, most of them are willing to have a fast showdown and hopeful win.


  • What the opponent wants are the quick showdown and hopeful win, they don’t care much about your cards but their own and they don’t even care about bluffing much.
  • Use this to your advantage and become the master of not only your cards but of your opponents. Make sure that you get the maximum value of your made hand cards.
  • You should know the value of your hand rank and should not settle for less, your opponents will love to call for your bets, bluff in the right amount, and get the right value of your card.

#10. Understand your position & decide

The best way to ensure this is to play online poker as much as you can before jumping into the mainstream of online poker tournaments. Play W88 poker at a live casino and build your techniques to master the art of playing poker and winning in it.

  • You must know the hand ranks; it should be imprinted in your brain so that you know whether you are in an advantageous position to bluff as much as you can or in a weak position.
  • Be sure to keep it simple and don’t elaborate the bluff if you are in a weak position, don’t let your opponent get the hint of the value of your card even before the showdown begins.
  • If you have a big bankroll, then you can manipulate this situation of having weak cards against your opponents as they might consider your confidence of betting large stakes and back off.


W88 Malaysia hopes that you got the answers you were looking for! Try out the best 10 ways how to win online poker tournaments listed above and see the impact by yourself. Boost your winnings by 99% more than any other player in an online poker tournament. Register your account to play poker online at W88 Malaysia & grab a chance to win RM1,400 every day!