Is online live casino rigged? Exposed 3 signs to know fact!

Look for 3 signs to know fact whether online live casino rigged & save yourself from fraud! Understand house edge and RTP to know the truth about live casinos!

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Introduction to online live casino

Gambling lovers can play casino card games online now and often wonder they are being rigged or not. Many trustworthy online live casino sites prevail in the market and offer secure transactions, smooth gameplay, Live dealers, a user-friendly interface, high-quality graphics, and amazing bonuses. Take advantage of greater odds, promotional deals, and high RTP games with loads of betting options.


Malaysian laws on Online live casino

Online live casino gambling laws in Malaysia are pretty vague, live casino lovers can play in any online casino card game at any online gambling site as long as it is hosted by any foreign country. Hence, it becomes important, necessary, and safe to determine trustworthy and leading online live casino gambling sites to bet on and play live casino games like W88.


  • There’s no licensing regime at the federal level in Malaysia to conduct online live casino games but some states do require licenses.
  • A license is needed to perform online gambling activities and provide online live casino games to play for Malaysian players.
  • They can play on online live casino sites hosted by any other country except their own to earn real money and enjoy.

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How are online live casinos rigged?

Newcomers in the online live casino gambling world often hear a popular phrase that goes like ‘the house always wins and even many professional old online live casino players sometimes wonder whether casinos are rigged.


  • But, remember that online live casino gambling sites are businesses, their main objective is to make a profit and provide their customers a next-level live casino experience.
  • On the top, engraving their name in the market by making their customers feel safe so that their customers come in to invest more money with utmost trust.
  • The truth is, if the live casino neglects its house edge, then it will run out of business. House edge is not made to take advantage of customers, it’s meant to keep online casinos in the business.
  • Some casinos, mark the words please, only some online casinos, not all manipulate their house edge and RTP to gain more profit. Let’s understand house edge & RTP better to understand live casinos better.

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Understanding house edge & RTP

There’s only one way in which any online live casino can rig a customer and that is through a mathematical formula of house edge and RTP. This mathematical formula can be tempered as per the needs of online casino providers. Therefore, every online live casino game lover should know these two concepts, manipulated behind the online gambling world.


  1. House edge: Whenever a player wins in any online live casino game, the house claims a commission which varies from game to game and casino to casino, known as house edge. It is meant to provide a mathematical advantage to the house.
  2. Return to player: Whenever a player places a bet, the pay-out amount appears on the screen, this amount is equal to the multiplication of the betting amount and odd on the betting option chosen. RTP is an amount returned to the player in form of profit if he wins the bet.

Now that you have understood the difference between the house edge and RTP, you can choose a trustworthy online live casino for you to play. Remember, they are running a business and their sole objective is to gain profit but that doesn’t mean they are rigging you off your money.

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Is Online live casino rigged? Really!

If you have ever wondered about the house always winning theory, then you have wondered right my friend. Yes, the house always wins in the long term as it has a mathematical formula behind supporting it. But that doesn’t mean that you always lose; it’s more like a win-win situation with different proportions of money.


Let’s look into three points to make you understand how online live casinos can’t be rigged and how it’s just the wondering point in most new beginners:

  1. Running an online live casino gambling site is a business and no one ever runs a business to lose money but to earn some profit in return from it.
  2. The only way for online live casinos to earn a real profit is through house edge and having a reasonable house edge doesn’t indicate that the casino is rigged at all.
  3. The truth is, online live casino gambling sites will run out of business if they don’t make some amount of money out of winning players.

Hence, most online live casinos are not scams and they run legit online live casino games by popular, known, and trustworthy game providers like Netent, Pragmatic Play, Ezugi, Evolution, Playtech and so many more. Choose wisely and play tension-free.

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3 Clues to know whether Online live casino rigged or not

You can save yourself from getting rigged, just look for these three clues in any online gambling site to know the truth about it. Mentioned below are the 3 clues to tell you whether online live casino rigged or not.


  1. Frequent losses: If you tend to lose more often than you should in online gambling, statistically speaking. The house edge will provide you a better idea about this as greater house edge indicates more potential to get higher pay-outs.
  2. Unpopular game providers: Look for the legit, popular, trustworthy, and leading game providers in the online casino market, like Evolution, Playtech, Ezugi, and Pragmatic Play. Know the credibility of an online live casino game provider, before you choose to gamble.
  3. Invalid license certificate: If you see a single red flag in the online live casino, then run away like a cheetah from it. Before starting your online gambling journey, do thorough research and play only with the casino operator who has a valid gaming license certificate.

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3 Reasons to ensure no cheating at Online live casino

You can ensure whether an online live casino is cheating or not on your own. Mentioned below are the three reasons to ensure no cheating at an online live casino.


  1. Already built-in house edge: You often hear the most popular phrase in the gambling world that the house always wins and accurately, that’s true. There is a house edge built-in that always makes sure the house win. There’s no need for online casinos to cheat when they already have an advantage over house edge, remember they are running a business.
  2. End-to-end segregated process: Online live casino games are provided by game providers and not by the house itself. There’s a third party in the house providing the licensed online casino games to the customers under the proper guidelines of licensing authority and they don’t handle any financial transaction. Therefore, game providers are trustworthy and completely separated third parties.
  3. Live dealers have monitored: Game integrity is the priority of every online live casino game provider and hence, they neither like nor take the rigged accusation lightly. No live casino wants to fall under such a category and hence, tend to lower their commissions often to satisfy their customers.

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Are your concerns clear about online live casino rigged? Check the credibility of any online live casino on your with 3 clues to know the truth and 3 reasons to know whether an online live casino is cheating or not. We hope you understood the importance of house edge and RTP. Choose wisely and enjoy online gambling safely.