5 Roulette tricks & tips for beginners – Boost 80% your Odds

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Although roulette started as a game of sheer luck, you can maximize your winnings by developing some roulette tricks. These cover the so-called gambler’s roulette winning tips, involving putting chips at both even and odd-numbered spots on the live roulette wheel.


Best 5 online roulette tricks to play to maximize your winnings

Put together by the most advanced Malaysian betting site, W88, the best of 10 valuable roulette tricks to help you earn more extra money. It’s one of the most convenient Internet roulette tricks for beginner guides to understand, so make it part of your roulette-winning tips. Here are the best tricks for roulette from gambling experts of W88Malayu.


Roulette Tricks #1. Avoid seeking “hot streaks”

These are usually the outcome of some combination of fate and skill, not a sign of a long run of good fortune.

  • These are very general among beginner players and usually, signify that they have played for a while since streaks indeed come to an end.
  • The safest online roulette tricks to play the games you prefer are embracing the excitement of playing them and learning that the edges are still in your favor.
  • Betting is implied to be entertaining, and when you’re having joy, you’re readily more comfortable, which promotes decision-making.

Roulette Tricks #2. Learn the rules of live casino

  • As with any gambling, the game rules can be complicated and varied depending on what line of roulette casino you’re at.
  • Once you perceive the rules, you can tailor your game to your roulette tricks and the stakes you’re prepared to bet.
  • Verify the rules before you start; they will be modified at various casinos and vary between tables.

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Roulette Tricks #3. Select a bet value that is in order with your bankroll

Prepare how much you want to bet to begin the game. While many players deposit into a betting account that is equal to the least bet needed to win, this process of making a deposit is directed to the corresponding risk as earning a $100 or $50 bet.

  • Instead of just binding to the cheapest possible minimum bet amount, you should opt to get a bigger bankroll than you are sufficient with.
  • Make the bet that will have the most excellent possibility of presenting you with a definite return, rather than the lowest.
  • Stay with the game till the number on the live roulette wheel stops rolling.
  • A long time observing the ball on the live dealer roulette wheel is not usually a great thought.
  • Remember that you will be battling with other players in the live roulette casino for credit and recognition.


Roulette Tricks #4. Identify the house edge on the various bets

  • The house edge is the expected profit to a player once he has been taken into account in the case of a roulette wheel.
  • On any single bet, the house edge is around 0.65%. Hence, when you begin playing on a live speed roulette table, you must not put any bet except you comprehend the house edge.

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Roulette Tricks #5. Manage a bankroll to remain your playing session

Live dealer roulette needs many bankrolls for it to be fun. You require money that can buy you at least 10-15 chances to win with a turn of the wheel, and probably more.

  • It’s straightforward to reach for your wallet to take out a few $20s or $50s when you get the jackpot in the roulette wheel, but that will probably never be enough to make the game worthwhile.
  • Instead of applying a single wallet with a bunch of cash, put it in different stacks of 5 or 6 bills, and keep a bit of extra money that you can roll over at the end of a session.
  • The thumb rule is that you should be able to step out of a casino with more than sufficient money and then earn a few more bets for a few more for high-grade standards.

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In today’s world of capital, where every object seems to have its view, anyone can get caught up in the multiple approaches you can lose money. However, the key is to discover a satisfying method despite the casino or casino game loss. So, by learning these Roulette tricks and tips for beginners, you can become a pro player without a doubt.