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8 Poker winning Combinations are explained by W88malayu for you to win up to RM900 every day at W88. Understand Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a kind, etc.

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The importance of learning the ranks of the hands is not unknown, but the most important is to know the winning combinations of poker before you go into the field. We present you with the top 8 strongest poker winning combinations in a table to show you a better view.

8 Strong poker winning combinations – 99% Guaranteed Win

Poker Winning Combinations



1.      Royal Flush Poker winning combinations royal flush Combination of consecutive cards from ace and tens card of the same suit.
2.      Straight Flush Poker winning combinations straight flush Collection of any 5 consecutive cards of the same suit.
3.      Four of a Kind Poker winning combinations four of a kind 4 cards of the same value irrespective of the suit in the combination.
4.      Full House Poker winning combinations full house A pair of same-value cards and the rest three cards are also of the same value, irrespective of suits.
5.      Flush Poker winning combinations flush Combination of 5 cards of the same suit but in different order.
6.      Straight Poker winning combinations straight Consecutive cards irrespective of suits.
7.      Three of a Kind Poker winning combinations three of a kind Three cards out of 5 are the same in value, irrespective of suits.
8.      Two Pair Poker winning combinations two pair Two pairs of similar value cards but different from each other with any suits.

If you’re a new player in the field of online poker, we would suggest you keep a printed copy of hand ranks in front of you until hand ranks are imprinted on your brain like a tattoo. Let’s know the winning combinations in poker better and descriptively.

#1. Royal Flush

You’ll find royal flush sitting at the top in the hierarchy of winning combinations in poker, it is the strongest hand rank possible in every variant of poker.

Poker winning combinations royal flush highest poker hand rank

  • There is no beating if you made the strongest winning combination in poker, that is a royal flush from your hole cards and community cards, you’ll be the king of the game.
  • It’s quite difficult and rare to get a winning combination of royal flush but it also beats every other hand your opponent holds and makes you the king of the round.

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#2. Straight Flush

Straight flush stands on the second position of the strong cards in poker-winning combinations and holds a great deal of value to win the game for a player.

Poker winning combinations straight flush 2nd highest poker hand rank

  • For example, in a king, queen, or joker, 10 and 9 cards of any same suit are the strongest among all straight flush is a winning combination in poker, and a 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 value cards of any same suit are weakest among all.
  • Straight flush beats every other hand-winning combination in poker your opponent might hold, except the highest royal flush.

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#3. Four of a kind

A Four-of-a-kind hand is one of the strong hands in poker and holds an absolute certainty of winning the round. If you end up with four same-value cards in poker, congratulations you have just got a squad.

Poker winning combinations four of a kind high poker hand rank

  • Four king cards in five cards hand beat four eights with an ace card or any other card at all. Four of a kind is a queen of poker-winning combination squad.
  • Four of a kind is often a winning hand beating, which means it appears more than any other and beats any other than royal flush and straight flush.

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#4. Full House

A full house is quite difficult to get in poker winning a combination of hand rank but it beats every other hand present above it in the rank, except for four-of-a-kind, straight flush, and royal flush.

Poker winning combinations full house high poker hand rank

  • For example, three king cards and a pair of queens in poker winning combination beats a pair of value cards and 3 face cards in poker.
  • It happens rarely but does happen. So, when two players get the full house poker winning combination then the player with the highest three-of-a-kind wins the game.

#5. Flush

Flush is a medium yet strong strengthen card with the same suit in poker winning combination, irrespective of the order.

Poker winning combinations flush high hand rank

  • For example, any five cards from the deck with the same suit and no particular order. Though the poker-winning combination with more high-value cards has more chances to beat others.
  • Players often lose focus and get confused, tend to forget the ranking of hands. Remember a flush doesn’t beat a full house but it does beat a straight-hand rank poker-winning combination in a live casino.
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#6. Straight

Poker winning combinations strong hand rank

  • Straight hand rank lies in the middle of the hand ranking system but not in the poker-winning combination. It’s not the strongest possible poker-winning combination to win the game but it provides a good chance to bluff your opponent to make him fold in fear.
  • The probability of winning with straight poker winning combination increases by 18% to the very end of the game.

#7. Three of a kind

It’s not the highest-ranked card in the hand ranking system for poker-winning combinations, but it still beats the one below it in the rank like two pairs, one pair, and high card hands.

Poker winning combinations three of a kind strong hand rank

  • For instance, three king cards in a poker-winning combination will win over the three queen cards in a poker-winning combination quite easily.
  • Three of a kind determines good luck and with the right amount of confidence and bluffing, you can easily win the game.

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#8. Two Pairs

Two pairs is quite a strong poker-winning combination, it has less than others but a good chance of winning through some astute confidence and the appropriate amount of bluffing.

Poker winning combinations two pairs of same card

  • For example, two similar queen cards and two ace cards among the five-hand card from home and community will beat a pair of jokers and a pair of ten cards in the same round of the game.
  • Two-pairs poker winning combination provides a fair chance of winning the poker game but the risk is pretty high than any other cards mentioned below.

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Did you get what you were looking for? We hope that you did get the 8 best poker winning combinations to win online poker. The best way to achieve your goal of becoming a poker master is by playing and risking as often as you can. Hence, join W88 Malaysia to play online poker & ensure an RM900 guaranteed win daily!