Top 10 best online slots at W88 Malaysia- Highest RTP 99.17%

Slots lover? Discover the top 10 best online slots available at W88 Malaysia with the highest RTP rate of 99.17%. Bet at W88 & grab a chance to win RM3000 daily

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Play with the best, W88 Malaysia, and enjoy the huge possibility of earning huge profits of real money by playing slots games with a 99.17% RTP rate and lower house edge. Discover the top 10 best online slots to bet at W88 and earn some fun-earned money since slots never let you lose 100% of your money.

#1. Ugga Bugga – 99.17% RTP by Playtech

  • Provider: Playtech
  • RTP Percentage: 99.17%
  • Number of pay lines: 36
  • Minimum betting limit: RM5
  • Number of reels or formats: 6


  • Theme: Horrific Forest with tribal equipment, masks, food, etc embedded in the reel with the highest RTP rate of 99.17%. Jungle safari-themed is most famous among slot punters of W88.
  • Symbols: Tribal mask, a bowl of green substance, hut, tribal person, a bowl of rice and leaves, a bowl of fish, tribal statue, the tribal person playing an instrument, black mask, and red mask.
  • Backdrop: Dark Forest with dense trees behind and a shop made of bamboo and threads where all the symbols are embedded in 6 reels and 5 rows to spin and win real money.

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#2. Wizard of Gems– 98.66% RTP by Play’N Go

  • Provider: Play’N Go
  • RTP Percentage: 98.66%
  • Number of pay lines: 15
  • Minimum betting limit: RM2
  • Number of reels or formats: 5


  • Theme: Magical world is embedded within the theme of the Wizard of gems slot, as the name suggests itself a lot. Spin the reels and win as per the pay-table of the value of gems in the reels.
  • Symbols: Magical gems of different colors and shapes are the symbols of the Wizard of gems slots online game. Blue triangle, orange flower, pink half-moon, purple square, and yellow star.
  • Backdrop: There’s a beautiful castle at a distance in the backdrop, an old wise wizard on the side, tress behind the wizard where gems are growing instead of fruits on the tree in the slot.

#3. Joker’s Luck – 97.61% RTP by Skywind

  • Provider: Skywind
  • RTP Percentage: 97.61%
  • Number of pay lines: 9
  • Minimum betting limit: RM1
  • Number of reels or formats: 3


  • Theme: Joker’s luck is the best in the game, you will end up losing all your coins if you don’t collect them before the joker appears on the screen. The theme is simple, joker and bells.
  • Symbols: Bells, stars, part of a joker, his cap, beard, eyes and so much more are the symbols of this slot. The rule is to form a figure and collect the coins while spinning before the joker comes.
  • Backdrop: The backdrop of Joker’s luck is filled with stars, a pay-table to make the customers understand the slot, the joker’s face itself, and a small three-reel and rows embedded down.

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#4. Today’s Weather – 97.36% RTP by Genesis

  • Provider: Genesis
  • RTP Percentage: 97.36%
  • Number of pay lines: 15
  • Minimum betting limit: RM2
  • Number of reels or formats: 5


  • Theme: The name suggests a lot about itself, today’s weather. Weather is the theme of the lot with 97.36% RTP percentage and 5 reels to spin and earn more real money with W88.
  • Symbols: There are numbers from one to ten, cards of face queen, king, ace, and joker, weather symbols like cloud, rain, sun, wind, snow from clouds, etc to show the weather.
  • Backdrop: Players can hear cheerful weather behind the screen, slow gusting wind, birds chirping, insects making noise, and bright sun in the backdrop with a clear sky and clean hills.

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#5. Big Bad Wolf – 97.34% RTP with Qtech

  • Provider: Qtech
  • RTP Percentage: 97.34%
  • Number of pay lines: 15
  • Minimum betting limit: RM5
  • Number of reels or formats: 5


  • Theme: Big bad wolf is chasing the innocent pigs in the village, all over. The wild adventure has been given a life to breathe in the Big bad wolf W88 slots game for Malaysian punters to play and win.
  • Symbols: Cards face from ace, king, queen, and joker, numbers from 1 to 10, and other important symbols like a honeycomb, pigs, wolf, etc are embedded in the hut to spin.
  • Backdrop: Small hills and fields are spread behind up to where your eyes reach with clear sky and distant trees far from each other, seems like a deserted land with a hut in middle.

#6. 3 Charms Crush – 97.23 by iSOFTbet

  • Provider: iSOFTbet
  • RTP Percentage: 23%
  • Number of pay lines: 25
  • Minimum betting limit: RM2
  • Number of reels or formats: 5


  • Theme: It is a very colorful slot machine game at W88 Malaysia, with every vibrant color embedded in the reel, pay-table, backdrop with cute little bunnies, or elegant features.
  • Symbols: Extremely cute bunnies of different shapes and different colors like pink, green, orange, etc are embedded in the 5 reels and 6 rows to be spun and win through at W88.
  • Backdrop: It is consisted of a clear sky and green hills behind, with a small hut on the side and a fan on its top, probably to light up the electric bulbs at night.

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#7. Angry Bees – 97.02% RTP by GamePlay Interactive

  • Provider: GamePlay Interactive
  • RTP Percentage: 97.02%
  • Number of pay lines: 18
  • Minimum betting limit: RM0.50
  • Number of reels or formats: 5


  • Theme: The name suggests pretty much a lot about itself, the symbols are embedded in the honeycomb structure and bees hover around here and there, protecting their honey.
  • Symbols: Numbers from 2 to 10 are embedded in the honeycomb reels, letters of the queen, king, joker, and ace are also embedded with leaves, flowers, and honey bowl as the symbols.
  • Backdrop: Green leaves, and blurred trees, with beautiful, animated bees hovering in the background and honeycomb. Play with the slot of 97.02% RTP and win real money with W88.

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#8. Reel Rush – 97% RTP by Evolution

  • Provider: Evolution
  • RTP Percentage: 97%
  • Number of pay lines: 15
  • Minimum betting limit: RM5
  • Number of reels or formats: 5


  • Theme: Reel rush is like a candy crush, the theme of the reel rush slot by Evolution with 97% RTP is candied in the reel and fruits in rectangle shape, and the rest are filled with R in star.
  • Symbols: Candies symbol different colors like red, purple, orange, yellow and so many more. Fruits of a rectangle shape and a wild card with the highest value among all other symbols.
  • Backdrop: Reel rush has animated sky and hills in the back of the embedded table of the slot. Play reel rushes at W88 Malaysia and earns decent pocket money.

#9. 5 Reel Drive – 96.95% by Microgaming

  • Provider: Microgaming
  • RTP Percentage: 96.95%
  • Number of pay lines: 15
  • Minimum betting limit: RM2
  • Number of reels or formats: 5


  • Theme: The theme of the 5-reel drive is full of retro-style if you want to play a game with retro-style and this one is made for you with a 96.95% RTP rate by the Microgaming slots provider.
  • Symbols: Retro-cartoon style symbols are embedded in the 5 reels, French fries, burger, blueberry pie, dice, a man in a car, police car, girl in a car and so many more interesting symbols.
  • Backdrop: Red, orange, and yellow colors are mixed perfectly to give a view of a fire backdrop with the retro-style mix to play at W88 slots and grab a chance to earn more real money.

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#10. Hot to Burn – 96.71% RTP by Pragmatic Play

  • Provider: Pragmatic Play
  • RTP Percentage: 96.71%
  • Number of pay lines: 15
  • Minimum betting limit: RM5
  • Number of reels or formats: 5


  • Theme: The name, hot to burn doesn’t suggest the slot game itself. In fact, it is completely different than what the name says, embedded with fruit symbols and numbers and fire.
  • Symbols: Watermelon, orange fruit, lemon, blueberry, strawberries, cherries are some fruit symbols embedded in the reels of hot to burn slots along with 7 as a bold and big number.
  • Backdrop: Flames in the black background in the backdrop of hot to burn slot at W88, with an amazing soundtrack and interesting voices to give a scary effect.

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