W88 Betting Company: Sports & Casino Review in Malaysia 2023


W88 Betting Company is leading the Asian gambling market since 2004 under PAGCOR License. Know honest Reviews by Malaysian players, Join & get RM30 Free Credit.

With the rise in popularity of betting sites, there are a few of them that provides quality service, and W88 is one such site. This site offers some of the greatest deals that leaves customers satisfied. Not only this but they also offer some of the most popular and exciting games that you can play at a minimum betting rate. But do not take our word for it, instead read this article to find out what does W88 mean when they strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

The History of W88 - Who Owns The Site?

W88 started its journey in the year 2007, and within a short span of time, rapidly has been serving quality products to some of the most satisfied customers in the betting world. W88 is mostly used for Sports betting online and in Live Casinos, however, it has gained popularity for providing the best gaming experience at its Slot games and more over the years. Not only this but it has been sponsored by many famous sports teams as well as players. Below mentioned are some of the most prominent W88 sponsors

The Ambassadors of W88 in 2022

  • Fulham FC (2022): Standing as W88’s official Principal Partner, we have Fulham F.C. Both, the women and men’s team will officially wear the W88 logo on their new kit throughout the year. They will continue to be their principal partner throughout the year 2023 as well.
  • Argentina FC (2022): W88, in early 2022, have partnered with Argentina F.A. as their Regional Partner. This partnership will be carried out throughout the year. Argentina F.A. will continue to pose as their Regional Partner during the Qatar World Cup matches as well.

W88 Ambassadors Through The Years

Operating since 2007, W88 has managed to extend its services throughout Asia. But does it operate legally and is it safe? Well, absolutely yes!

W88's License helps in reaching out to more

W88 has an official license that is active since the time it stepped in the online betting industry. This license is provided by Offshore Gaming License to the company Marquee Holdings Ltd., the operator and regulator of the W88 sites all over Asia.


Besides this, the site’s security protocol is very high and has been known to take strict actions any fraudulent activity. Thus, it prioritizes customer safety as well as their satisfaction.


Explore W88 at its core

As emphasized above and further down the article, W88 offers the best gaming experience to its customers as it is one of the few betting sites that has most things at one place. So, registering at W88, would never really give you a dull day, since you will always be entertained by all the amazing yet different things the site has to offer.

Bet on Sports at W88 Betting

Online Betting sites are mostly used for sports betting as doing so while watching the game is more thrilling. At W88 Sports Betting, Here, you can bet on many sports available at W88 as it always stays up to date with all the ongoing live matches. Besides this, you get to bet on all the betting options available at sportsbooks which includes H2H/1X2 bets, Handicap bets, Parley Bets, and more.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM05.

Bet on: Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, etc.


When you enter the Sports domain at W88, you will find many different sports betting categories including a-Sports which stands for Asian Sports and e-Sports which stands for European Sports. Other than these, you can also bet on Fantasy Sports and vSports whose matches takes place virtually.


Most of these game rooms are provided by some of the top game room providers in the betting world. They include Club W Casino, Club Evolution, Club Massimo, Club Palazzo, and others.

Fun at W88 Live Casino

The second most active domain of the W88 betting company is W88 Live Casino. The casino at W88 are provided with exciting game rooms, which some of the lowest betting prices. You can enjoy playing famous casino games like Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, and more at W88 Live Casino.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.50.

Casino Games to Play: Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Poker, etc.

Sit Back and Enjoy W88 Slots

If you do not like the thrill of online betting but like sitting back and playing some cool games then you can spend time playing W88 Slot games. These won’t only let you have fun but also would help you make money while you have fun! W88 Slot Games have good interfaces that are enjoyable to anyone.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM05.

Slot Games to Enjoy: Double Scatter 7s, Jackpot Raiders, Ozwin’s Jackpot, Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Fruit Bonanza, Age of Gods, etc.


Besides this, it offers one of the best promotion offers that will require you to play here. W88 Slot Games are provided by famous game room providers like Microgaming, PlayNGo, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Gameplay Interactive, etc.


You can find many websites specifically meant for Lottery like Lotto, Keno, W Keno, GPI Lottery, Sabaidee Lottery, So De, Fast 3, etc. All of these are provided by the game provider Gameplay Interactive.

Test You Luck with W88 Lottery

If you want to not play much but are just curious about how lucky you are then you can visit W88 Lottery and test out your luck. Here, you can play Lottery online and get instant results. Place Bets on random numbers and stay winning.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM1

Want More? Try W88 P2P Games

If you wish to play more games wrapped with thrill and excitement then you should definitely check out the W88 P2P games section. This basically stands for Pay to Play which means that to play W88 gaming, you must first pay and then play.

Minimum Betting Rate: None


You can explore many games here like Punto Banco, Fish Pawn Crab, Thai hi-lo, Xoc Dia, Casino War, Three-Card Poker, etc. all offered by the game room Gameplay Interactive.


At W88 Fishing, you can see that there are 4 main fishing websites that you can use to play. You can also download these games by scanning the code available for Android and iOS.

Fishing at W88 is a Must!

W88 also offers a domain specifically to play Fishing games under W88 Fishing Master. Playing these you can get a chance to win many prizes in the game. This is a fun way to gamble and play as all you have to do is shoot fish and get prices. This arcade-styled gambling game has gained popularity on many Asian online betting sites.

W88 Fishing Sites: Crazy Fishing, Ocean Explorer, Fishing Kind: Sea Beasts, and Dragon Ball Fishing

Top Hot 3 Promotions on Online Betting at W88

W88 betting company is loved by its customers because of all the offers it has been giving them since they first joined the site. It offers many big W88 promotion offers that you definitely would love as a new joiner. These are the top 3:

Claim these Promotions in 3 Methods

We have introduced you to most of the things about the W88 betting company which also includes some of the major promotions offered by them. But the question still remains, what is the procedure to claim all of these exciting offers and play all of the amazing games mentioned above? To answer this, you must just remember 3 things. They are:



W88 Register

Well, this goes without saying, but the first thing you must do to claim any of these promotions is to register at W88 with a verified account. Doing so will give you your own data space in the W88 betting company’s database. 



W88 Deposit

Next, is to make a W88 deposit in your Betting wallet. If you wish to claim any of the above W88 bonuses, which we highly recommend that you should, then you must make a deposit of RM30 or more! 



W88 Withdrawal

The last thing you have to do is make a successful W88 withdrawal to your bank. This is where you will get the money you earned by playing transferred from your W88 wallet to your real bank account. 

Have Questions? Talk to W88 Live 24/7 Customer Care

When joining a new place where many things are happening and with many things to explore, it is given that you will get confused and have many questions. Luckily, the W88 betting company offers 24/7 customer care service who are always ready to help you out in your queries happily.


The customer service system is a combination of AI and Live Agents. To contact them you can click on the drawer button on the right of all the W88 site’s pages.

W88 Live Chat
24x7 Available
Chat Anytime

Contact W88 customer service anytime you want using their 24/7 W88 Live Chat Service to a live chat agent who will help you thoroughly till all your queries are sorted.

W88 CS
Call to Talk

If you cannot convey your queries properly via chat then you can always call W88 using their Skype ID which is W88cs.help. Send a request and wait for a W88 customer service agent to get back to you.

W88 Malaysia
Chat or Talk

To chat as well as talk to one of W88 customer service agents, you can also use Telegram. To connect with W88 CS via Telegram, scan the QR Code under their “Contact Us” page in the official site.

Contact Number
+63 960 911 4056
Call via WhatsApp

Another way to call W88 CS is using their contact number which is “+60 167490888”. However, if you are calling on this number internationally, charges may apply.

Email W88
Send Detailed Queries

If you want to chat and not talk on call, but your queries are too long, then you can just email them! Use W88’s official customer care email ID.

The Pros and Cons of W88 Betting Company

So far, we have introduced you to most of the wonderful thing the W88 betting company offers to its customers. This should be enough to convince you to join the fun place called W88. However, we cannot really let you go without weighing the gains and losses, you would get from joining W88. Let us take a look 3 pros and cons at W88.

The Pros of W88

  1. Play Anywhere Anytime: Joining W88 would allow you to access great games anywhere at any time. Besides this, you can also use their available mobile apps to play more smoothly.
  2. 24/7 Customer Care: If you can play games at any time, then W88’s Customer Care is also always available 24/7 to help you with any queries. With only a few clicks, you can get access to a live agent, or an AI, to talk to.
  3. Cash Bonus on Verification: The most appealing pro of W88 is a cashback bonus on a successful withdrawal because one of the requirements for this is that you must verify your account, which is something good as it will secure your identity details.

The Cons of W88

  1. Needs Strong Internet: Since W88 provides some top-quality game rooms, if you do not have a strong internet connection then you won’t be able to see the live dealer clearly. Besides this, since it is live, lack of internet connection might cause major lags.
  2. CS Agents Take Some Time: W88 offers 24/7 help, however, since these are live agents, they cannot help everyone at the same time. So, their responses to your queries may take up to 3-5 minutes.
  3. Can Only Create One Account: Lastly, you can only make one account at W88 since that one account will require you to verify the details using official IDs. So, you can only deposit money in one account.


In conclusion you know, that the W88 Betting Company is one of Asia’s top online betting providers. You can explore many game rooms and sports betting matches, that keeps getting updated with new exciting things. Besides this, their promotions on both first deposit and withdrawal, are something you must grab as a new member. For any queries, their customer service agents are always there to help via different modes of communication. So now, go ahead and be a part of the W88 family by joining in today!