W88 Company: Honest Review on Malaysia’s Latest Betting site

Reviews of W88, Malaysia’s fastest-growing interactive live casino & sportsbook betting bookmaker, online. W88 company offers over 10,000 live games to bet on.


W88 is a well-known online betting website to the rest of the world but is quite vital in Asia. The W88 company is famous in the regional Malaysian market. It has the reputation of one of the most trustworthy online bookmakers in the neighborhood.

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Without much ado, let’s explore the W88 company, one of the biggest Asian online betting companies, via honest reviews.

What are the top highlights of the W88 company?

You can see the following 6 points to estimate the reputation of the W88 company.


  1. They’re Maintaining an online betting license from PAGCOR, belonging to the Philippine government, the standard of a prominent Asian online casino club.
  2. It has been working for the past 7 years, in Asian marketplaces, since 2013.
  3. With a reliable reputation, W88 company holds high-grade payment history, with no real scam.
  4. W88 company collaborated with famous football clubs in England, Leicester City FC, and English football club Crystal Palace.
  5. Products and games from world-famous merchants, Gameplay Interactive, Playtech, NetTent, Microgaming Etc.
  6. In general, you will be ensured that W88 company is one of Asia’s leading prestigious online clubs. Note that only employ the below links on W88 to avoid redirecting to the “fake” pages.

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How to start playing at the W88 company in 3 steps?

To play the betting games on W88, you need to follow 3 steps guide mentioned below. Keep reading!

Step 1: Register at W88

Step 2: Deposit at W88

Step 3: Withdrawal from W88

Why should you prefer the W88 betting company site? – 7 Points to remember

Although resembling other bookmakers, this is also the benefit of leading a new technology, and more observant customer concern for Malaysia’s online betting market, as per the statistics.

1. W88 Variable Sportsbook category and Sports Betting


  • In addition to the fundamental edges like European and Asian sports, W88 also gives other winning odds such as handicap, parlay, Over / Under, Odd / Even, and several different bets in the sportsbook.
  • The variety of sports is also highly distinct with many titles such as virtual football, Cricket, horse racing, baseball, tennis Etc, to engage the excitements of different players. The sports betting system currently has over 300 multiple competitions for members to pick from.

Visit to learn about W88 Sportsbook, how to place a bet, and identify some winning sports betting strategies!

2. Best online casino with a stunning live dealer at W88

  • W88 has implemented a variety of online casino gaming provider software such as Playtech or gameplay. Although several online casino clubs offer online casinos in many demands, the clubs still consider players.
  • Committing to this success is the diversity in online casino games such as Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack; Keno; Sicbo. Also attractive bonuses. Particularly with a trial variant helps players quickly get introduced to the type of game before registering. Discover some of today’s popular games below.


         – Poker: Utilize a pack of 52 cards, and every player will be dealt with their cards. Then the table will display the community cards, depending on the power and purpose of the player that manages cards. At the edge of the final round, the remaining players will face up to decide the winner. With engaging gameplay, Poker brings many players.

         – Baccarat: Baccarat is a game of conflict because the one with the added significant score wins. Baccarat rules are comparatively complex but highly praised by players for fairness and pull players.

         – Blackjack: Blackjack game has related gameplay to blackjack. This game aims to get a higher score than the house but does not exceed 21 points. The variety of card handling decisiveness has drawn many players to enter the Blackjack card game at W88 company.

Visit W88 Live Casino, to find more casino games available at W88, Start playing and start earning! Also, read on W88 Slots Online gaming and earn up to RM 600!

3. Payment Systems – Deposit and Withdrawal at W88

  • The outstanding advantage that the W88 attracts players again is the diverse payment methods; fast. User support can send; withdraw money at most big banks.
  • Mainly payment support is used quite a lot of money electronic wallets.
  • W88 will refund 100% of your last deposit if there is an excessive loss of money, such as personal information. You can withdraw money here once you have reached the number of betting rounds according to the terms and the rules.


4. Distinctive banking payment support at W88 company

  • Recharge very quickly and easily, the time it takes to account for money only 5 minutes. You can refer to Instructions to deposit cash into W88 100% successful.
  • Withdrawing money is also very easy. It needs around 2-3 business days after submitting the withdrawal request at the W88 company. The money is already in your bank account.

Learn more details through the article: Guidance for W88 cash withdrawal.

5. Constant Sales Promotion by W88 company


Many promotion options are ranging from 20% to 100% for all new W88 players. Even the most expensive bonus value can be up to RM600. Constantly provide players big promotions according to sporting matches; Free games have different absolute values. Members who play actively at the W88 also experience some winning profits with a W88 VIP Club card.

Visit the W88 Promotions article to read more!

6. Convenient Interface and mobile Application by W88 Company


Experts profoundly evaluate W88’s web interface. The website has a simplistic and honest form in detail, user-friendly interface; You will not require to pay much time getting utilized to the website interface. All you necessitate is to hit and choose the one you desire to play.

You can read the guide on how to download the W88 app for Android & iOS!

7. The Customer support staff with 24×7 live chat feature


Technical personnel always manages the server operating most stably; Restraining failures happen. By updating the website’s official security, user data, W88 company is also one of the rare clubs that have added smartphones. With multiple operating systems from iOS to Android and Windows Phone.

Reach out to the W88 customer care staff via 24×7 live chat in case of any support or inquiry!

Weaknesses of W88 Company

Just like advantages and significant highlights of W88 company, there’s some weakness also. Read further to know the 4 weaknesses of the W88 company that they should work on.

  1. The registration method should be 100% authentic about customer data.
  2. Every member can only register to generate one W88 account.
  3. The interface is a little dark.
  4. Lastly, the withdrawal time is too long.

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