W88 Deposit of Minimum RM30 with No Fee: Cara Deposit di W88

W88 Deposit minimum of RM30 in 5 minutes via Bank transfer & Netbanking with No Extra Fee. Learn Cara Deposit di W88 & Claim 100% 1st deposit bonus up to RM600.

2 Payment Methods available to make W88 Deposit

W88 offers two payment methods to make a deposit on the betting site to ensure the utmost safety of customers’ details. With a valid SSL certificate, W88 makes it easy for customers to make safe, secure, and fast deposits with 2 methods, local bank transfer, and Internet banking. Get ready to learn cara deposit W88 and know everything associated with the W88 deposit, wallet, and payment methods below.

Local Bank Transfer - 6 Preferred Banks of Malaysia

W88’s most trusted way to deposit money in Malaysia is via local bank transfer and the 6 most popular banks collaborate with W88 to deposit money on the online gambling site to play and win more real money. Players can make a minimum deposit of RM30 and a maximum of RM25,000 via bank transfer withing 5 minutes from the scheduled date and time. 6 Popular local banks available for depositing money at W88:

Internet Banking - 4 Gateways for Instant W88 Deposit

The Internet banking payment method at W88 is the most popular for instant deposits. Players can deposit a minimum of RM30 with PayPro and RM50 with Touch’n Pay, W Pay, and Help2Pay. The maximum amount of money one can deposit via Internet banking in W88 is RM30,000 with PayPro and RM10,000 with Touch’n Pay, W Pay, and Help2Pay. Know more & learn care deposit di W88 via Internet Banking.

Touch'n PAY

Safest Internet banking with OTP authentication every time. This is the most advanced internet banking payment gateway with finger touch pay, hence, pay with your finger tips with Touch’n Pay.
Minimum Deposit Amount
: RM50
Maximum Deposit Amount: RM10,000


Most Popular gateway for W88 deposit; online service provider. It is the one of most affordable internet service providers with zero fees and allows minimum betting of RM30 at W88 betting company.
Minimum Deposit Amount
: RM30
Maximum Deposit Amount: RM30,000


W Pay offers seamless transactions for better business flow in an invisible flow. Pay directly through your existing bank account without needing to deposit your money in any wallet first.
Minimum Deposit Amount
: RM50
Maximum Deposit Amount: RM10,000


Help2Pay is a QuickPay payment gateway to deposit real money at W88 instantly. Know more about QuickPay W88 money deposit and deposit your money at W88 to gamble and bet online.
Minimum Deposit Amount
: RM50
Maximum Deposit Amount: RM10,000

5 Informative Points to know before making W88 Deposit

W88 deposit requires you to know some things before you commit yourself to W88. We want to be transparent with our readers and that’s why we present crystal clear and transparent writing on the W88 deposit. Know and understand 5 important points before making a deposit in W88 betting company.

  1. Minimum Deposit: Minimum deposit via bank transfer is RM30 and via Internet banking, it ranges from RM30 to RM50. PayPro Netbanking offers a minimum deposit range of RM30.
  2. Maximum Deposit: Maximum amount you can deposit using bank transfer in W88 is RM25,000 and the maximum amount ranges from RM10,000 to RM30,000, the maximum offered by PayPro.
  3. Deposit Time: Bank transfer takes 5 minutes from the scheduled time to deposit money in the W88 wallet and Internet banking deposits the money in your W88 account instantly. 
  4. Deposit Fee: No matter what payment method you choose for the W88 deposit, there’s no extra fee for either method. Hence, W88 doesn’t take a single penny from your deposited money.
  5. W88 Wallet: Different products in W88 has different wallet and you can play the game under a product, only if the wallet of that product has a balance in it. You can even transfer money from one wallet to another until it is not subjected to any rollover requirement. There are 10 W88 wallets you know about before depositing your money and these 10 wallets are mentioned below in the table.

Choose from 10 W88 Wallets to Deposit Money

Sr. No.

Wallet Name

Wallet Icon




Main Wallet



Common wallet for every product at W88, players can transfer money from the Main wallet to other wallets.


Club W Grand, Evolution, Slots, Virtual & Lottery



Deposit and claim a 20% welcome bonus up to RM600 in this wallet with a minimum deposit of RM30.


a-Sports Wallet



Deposit a minimum of RM30 in a-Sports wallet and claim a welcome bonus of up to RM150 for the W88 Sportsbook.


e-Sports Wallet



e-Sports wallet offers a bonus of 100% up to RM350. Claim and play e-Sports betting at W88.





Deposit money in EUR currency to play online FANTASY virtual sports betting at W88 Malaysia.


Palazzo & Playtech



Spin the reels in online slots by depositing a minimum of RM30 and claiming a 20% bonus of up to RM600.


F7, F8 & F9 Fishing



Virtual video game lovers are most welcome to deposit in F7, F8 & F9 Fishing to shoot some fish.


F10 Fishing



F10 is a newly added W88 wallet, deposit in the F10 Fishing wallet to play fishing by YGR Gaming Provider.


GPI Fishing & P2P



Gameplay Interactive Provider conducts online fishing games and P2P games with virtual dealers.





Download the W88 Poker App and deposit in the Poker wallet to play online Texas poker on the table.

Note: Money from one wallet to another is transferable as long as you haven’t claimed any promotions associated with that wallet and are not subjected to any rollover requirement. Hence, you can transfer money from one wallet to another if you haven’t claim the promotion to the former W88 wallet.

Cara Deposit di W88 via LOCAL BANK TRANSFER - 3 Steps Guide

The most preferred payment method to deposit at W88 is a Local bank transfer in Malaysia, it takes less than 5 minutes to deposit if you make an immediate deposit. Learn care deposit di W88 within 3 simple steps and make a deposit of at least RM30 within 5 minutes to enjoy W88 betting and gambling online.

Step 1: Join W88 & Select Deposit under Fund $

  • Go to the official website of W88 Malaysia to create your new registered account from scratch. Be careful of duplicated websites while locating the official website of W88 in Malaysia.
  • Click on ‘Join‘ to begin your W88 Register process and fill out the registration form. Verify your profile, email address, and phone number, and add bank details to claim free credit of RM30.
  • If you already have a W88 new account but haven’t made a deposit yet. Click on ‘Login’ and enter your username and password to enter the account and begin the process of depositing money.
  • Click on ‘Fund $‘ and a drop-down list of W88 features will appear on the screen, like free bet, deposit, withdraw, transfer, and history. Click on ‘Deposit‘ to begin the W88 deposit process.

Step 2: Select Bank transfer & Enter Deposit Amount

Once you have clicked on Deposit, you will be redirected to a page where the form is given to make a W88 deposit. Select Bank transfer from the left vertical panel to make a deposit via bank transfer.

  • Deposit Amount: Enter the amount of money you want to deposit in W88, minimum amount of money you can deposit ifS RM30 and the maximum amount of money is RM25,000.
  • Bank Account: Select the bank you have added to your profile while validating your W88 account, you must have an account in that bank in order to deposit money through it on the W88 betting site.
  • Deposit Channel: There are two types of channels, OTC and CDM. Select the channel as per your preference and upload the file according to the channel you choose.

Step 3: Select the Deposit Wallet & Bonus Code

The form is not over yet, there are some more things that are needed to be filled in before you click on the deposit button to make a deposit at W88 and that’s why we are here to help you learn care deposit di W88.

  • Deposit Date & Time: The best thing about selecting the bank transfer payment method is not just the instant deposit, but you can ever schedule your payment in W88 as per your preference in advance. All you need to do is add the time and date when you want the money to be transferred.
  • Your Bank: Select the registered bank account you have added to your W88 account, where you have a bank account, and from where you want to deposit the money in your W88 wallet. 
  • Reference ID: This is the way to benefit your friend, who recommended W88 to you. If you have a reference ID of your friend. Enter the ID and they’ll get bonus because you made your first deposit.
  • Deposit Wallet: As you already know by now and there are 10 wallets in W88, select the wallet you want to deposit in, or just deposit the money in the main wallet and you can transfer it later.
  • Bonus Code: Your wallet and bonus code are interrelated to each other, if you select any bonus you like to claim, the associated wallet will automatically be selected. Hence, select the bonus code after viewing the available promotions and bonus code and forget about selecting the W88 wallet.
  • Default Deposit Method: You can click on the button next to ‘Set as Default Deposit Method’ if you want this method to be set as default, which means it’s your on-the-go method to make a Deposit.

Finally, after filling out the form, click on ‘Deposit‘ to submit your form and your deposit will be processed whenever your bank verifies your identity. It takes less than 5 minutes if you schedule immediate deposit.

Your deposit will be successful in no time, you will get a notification that your request is submitted and now you have a wait for a little while to engage in online gambling with real money at W88. Have fun gambling with real money at W88 and claim your winnings and a welcome bonus up to RM600.

3 Steps Guide to W88 Deposit via INTERNET BANKING

Another best way for an instant W88 deposit is via Internet Banking, there’s no fast possible way to deposit at W88 than Internet banking. The minimum deposit amount ranges from RM30-50 depending on the payment gateway you choose to deposit and the maximum ranges from RM10,000-30,000

Step 1: Access W88, Register, and Select Deposit

  • Visit the best online betting and gambling website in Malaysia, that is, W88 Betting Company via the button given above to visit the authentic, official, and safe website. Access W88 via buttons!
  • Click on Join in the top right corner of the W88 official homepage and you will be redirected to a registration form. Create a newly registered account, verify and claim W88 free credit of RM30.
  • If your W88 account is already existing, then simply click on Login, and enter your correct username and password to enter. Click on the ‘Fund $‘ below buttons in the top right corner.
  • Click on ‘Deposit‘ to enter the page where you can begin the process of depositing your money in W88 to engage in online sports betting, live casino, slots online, games, P2P, poker, lottery, etc.

Step 2: Select Internet Banking & Fill the Deposit form

Select Internet Banking and 4 payment gateways will appear in the left panel. Select the one you prefer to make a W88 deposit. We recommend using PayPro because it offers a minimum deposit limit of RM30, meanwhile, all other payment gateway sunder Internet Banking offers a minimum deposit of RM50.

  • Deposit Amount: Fill out the amount of money you want to deposit at W88, remember that the minimum amount you can deposit using PayPro is RM30, and the maximum is RM30,000
  • Deposit Wallet: W88 wallet is chosen as per your preference and welcome bonus. You can deposit your money in the W88 Main wallet and can transfer the money later on as per your choice. 
  • Bonus Code: Read the Promos section on the W88 official site and then select the bonus code from the given list of codes. Wallet will be automatically get selected as per the bonus you select.

Tick the button next to ‘Set as Default Deposit Method’ if you want to make this payment method your first preference and once you are done filling out the deposit form, click on ‘Deposit‘ to continue the process.

Step 3: Continue the Deposit Process in PayPro Gateway

The W88 Deposit process will be continued outside of W88, on a payment gateway page of PayPro. Select the bank you have your bank account in and continue the process of logging in to your bank account, authorizing PayPro to make a payment and the W88 deposit will be successfully completed.

Note: You get only 170 seconds to make a payment. Therefore, be quick and vigilant. This short time frame to make a deposit is made to ensure that your bank account remains safe in case of any faulty activity. Hence, continue the process tension free and your deposit will be done instantly. 

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid while doing W88 Deposit

Even though it really easy to make a successful W88 deposit, some points are crucial to know, these mistakes are unavoidable until you make them or read the 3 points given below. Hence, be wise and read the 3 common mistakes given below to avoid the unavoidable mistakes done by new players. 

  1. Recheck account name, number, and bonus code: Before submitting the deposit form, make a habit of rechecking the account name and number of your bank account. Re-check the bonus code too before claiming the promotion. Read the conditions carefully before depositing the money.
  2. Money is not transferable if you claim the promotion: Your deposited amount is subjected to one rollover to become eligible for withdrawal if you haven’t claimed the bonus. But if you claim the bonus amount, you cannot withdraw or transfer the amount until you complete the rollover requirement. Hence, think in long term and decide if you want to claim the W88 promotion or not.
  3. Make sure that the deposit amount you enter is present: Whichever method you select to deposit money at W88, keep in mind that the amount of money you want to deposit is present in your bank account, be it a minimum amount of RM30 or a maximum amount of RM30,000.


W88 Deposit takes less than 5 minutes to deposit a minimum of RM30 in the W88 betting site to play online sportsbook and live casino. Now that you know the two methods to deposit at W88 and care deposit di W88, then go ahead. Register your new account at W88, verify your account details, claim free credit of RM30 upon verification, deposit with a bonus code, and claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600. Enjoy online betting and gambling with W88 official betting company, the most popular in Malaysia, and earn loads of real money in the process, follow the tips & tricks to increase your winning rate and skills.