How to play W88 Dragon Tiger casino game’22 – Win Cash RM150

Explore W88 Dragon Tiger, the Asian classic casino game! Learn how to play with a live dealer, find out dragon tiger odds, dragon tiger apk on W88, & many more!

Dragon Tiger Casino W88 Dragon Tiger Dragon Tiger Online

Basically, from Cambodia, Dragon Tiger has enhanced one of the most popular live casino games globally because of its simplicity and quickness. W88 offers an 8-deck Live Dragon Tiger casino game, with natural, trained live dealers brought to you in HD video. Experience this casino classic now and boost your winnings with a variety of special side bets. Here, W88Malayu will provide guidance on playing the Dragon Tiger casino game online at W88, so keep scrolling down to understand the concept, Dragon Tiger odds, rules, and Dragon Tiger gameplay!

How to play W88 Dragon Tiger live – In just 3 steps

The game of W88 Dragon Tiger brings mostly Asian players to physical casino clubs. Still, when playing online, any player can appreciate the game’s fast speed and can also relish a W88 live casino dealer display in real-time. Let’s get started to learn How to play W88 Dragon Tiger live in a 3 step guide below.

Step 1: Visit the official W88 site, Login and locate Live Casino


  • The first and primary step to start playing the W88 Dragon Tiger casino game will be accessing the official website of W88.
  • Visit, and when you’re already on the homepage, you need to login into your account.

If you’re not a member of Fun88, then what are you even waiting for? Read How to Fun88 Register and follow the instructions!

  • Once you are logged into W88 or registered on W88, go back to the homepage to find and click on a Live Casino tab on the menu bar.

Step 2: Pick Club W Casino to play W88 Dragon Tiger with MYR100


  • Once you are on the W88 website and log in to your account, selecting the Live Casino menu, you must click Club W Casino.
  • You will be redirected to the Club W Casino to go to W88 Dragon Tiger live dashboard!
  • When you’re already on the Club W Casino dashboard, click on the “other” tab to locate the W88 Dragon Tiger, then choose your preferred betting range in order to enter into the W88 Dragon Tiger game, as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 3: Start placing bets on the W88 Dragon Tiger casino game

  • The next step is putting your bets! Once you’re done with step 2, you will be directed to the W88 Dragon Tiger live gaming interface, where you can start betting and win cash!


Remember: Dragon Tiger is played with a standard deck of cards. The game generally practiced between 6 and 8 decks in a shoe. With this game, players will not play facing the dealer. It is like Baccarat, and players will decide which hand will apt to get the highest card.


  • To experience the game W88 Dragon Tiger, players will set their real money bets on the Dragon or the Tiger.
  • The player will then wait for the live dealer to put the cards on the board. Both will be shown face up.
  • There are no more moves in the game. The highest card will win.
  • Despite this, 2 rules are in play. All aces are low cards, and if both spots get the equivalent value card, the hand is a tie, and the house will get half of each bet won.
  • The game is straightforward to play. There are no specific rules and no talents that are needed to appreciate W88 Dragon Tiger.
  • Players will figure which spot will get the most high-priced card on the deal.
  • Players have restricted movements when playing this W88 Dragon Tiger live dealer game.

What are the W88 Dragon Tiger casino game rules?

  • Dragon Tiger on W88 is straightforward to play. 2 cards are dealt, one to the Dragon betting place on the board and one to the Tiger betting site.
  • As the player, you set your bets on the Dragon, the Tiger, or the Tie. You will discover the Side Bets in the segment below.
  • Aces are the cheapest ranking cards. With the rest of the cards according to their original values, 2 is the next lowest, with the king the most powerful value card.
  • The highest card wins in Dragon Tiger Live casino on W88, despite the suit.
  • In the event of a tie, the Dragon and Tiger position holding dealt a card of the equivalent cost. Players lose 50% of their wager on either Dragon or Tiger.
  • Winnings are rewarded for the winning bets at the end of every game round.


Side Bets of Dragon Tiger casino odds

You can place various side bets for every game round. They are as follows.

  • Dragon Big and Tiger Big bets win if 8 or greater is dealt with the identical primary position and fail in situations of 7 or below.
  • Dragon Small and Tiger Small bets win if a 6 or below is dealt with a similar primary position and fall in instances of a 7 or higher.
  • Winning cards for the Dragon Odd and Tiger Odds betting spaces are A, 3, 5, 9, J, K.
  • Winning cards for the Dragon Even and Tiger Even gambling locations are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Q.
  • 7 is not covered in the Dragon/Tiger Odd/Even bets, and in instances of a 7, all Odd/Even bets lose.
  • 7 is not involved in the Dragon/Tiger Big/Small bets, and in instances of a 7 all-Big/Small bets lose
  • Side bets are not connected with the main game bets. For example, you can bet on the Dragon first bet position and a Tiger Odd side bet, and vice versa.

Live Dragon Tiger Payouts

Bet Type






Side Bets


W88 Dragon Tiger Casino Game RTP %

The general percentage return to player (RTP) in Live W88 Dragon Tiger varies across bet types that you see below.

Bet Type






Side Bets


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Win 50% Rescue Fund by playing W88 Dragon Tiger

NOTE: If the result is “Tie” game


  • This promotion begins from 01 June 2021 until 30 June 2021 and applies to all W88 active users registered currency MYR only.
  • The promotion only allows for members who put a bet on either Dragon or Tiger, and the result is a “Tie” game. W88 will reimburse 50% of your losses. The maximum to claim the rescue fund is RM50 per day.


Amidst all the live dealer games you can play online for real money, there’s a thing that doesn’t demand you to be a casino expert, Dragon Tiger. W88 Dragon Tiger casino Live gives fast-paced action set in a stunning background in a simplistic and exciting game.