How to play W88 Fish Prawn Crab game for beginners (A to Z)

Fish Prawn Crab game a Chinese dice game in Asia. W88 offers a broad range of betting innovations & events in Sports betting, Live Casino that is simple to bet.

W88 Fish Prawn Crab Dice      W88 Fish Prawn Crab online

What is the Fish Prawn Crab game online?

Fish Prawn Crab game online is like other dice games, also recognized as Hoo Hey How is a Chinese dice game played in online and live Asian casinos but with symbols and numbers.

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  • This game is filled with new and unique games that continue to get players excited to try out and give the members bets in their languages and currency.
  • There are 6 sides of the dice, having pictures of a fish, prawn, crab, rooster, calabash, and a stag. Players put bets on a board that has the 6 images, betting on which image will arrive. So, are you fascinated by its name and desired to learn more? Scroll down and read the article thoroughly.

3 Steps on how to start playing fish prawn crab game online

Fish Prawn Crab game a Chinese dice game in Asian casinos. W88 offers a broad range of betting innovations and events in all types of betting. Newbies must understand the stepwise instructions below to start playing the fish prawn crab game online.

Step 1: Access the W88 website and login into your account

The initial move to learn how to play the Fish Prawn Crab game online requires members to go to the W88 website and login into their profile, then follow the steps below:

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  • Players need to register an account at W88 if they do not have an account at the W88.
  • Once you completed register/login into your account, make a Deposit to win your first-time deposit bonus, and choose Games.

Don’t have an account yet? Join by doing a W88 Register to enjoy playing a variety of W88 games !

Step 2: Go to the games and click on Fish Prawn Crab

To know how to play the Fish Prawn Crab game online, follow the next steps below.

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  • Once you select games from the W88 game’s menu, a wide range of game lists will appear in the grid view format.
  • Click on the Fish Prawn Crab game online and start your fun adventure!

Step 3: Fish Prawn Crab game online Gameplay – Select cheapest betting Min 10 – Max 25,000

Once the page gets redirected, members can pick their preferred betting amount from the possible choices depending on how much they aspire to use their money.

Choosing the betting limit

Pick the token betting according to the bet amount you want to play with. There are 3 options like below

  1. Minimum 1 to Maximum 25,000
  2. Minimum 100 to Maximum 50,000
  3. Minimum 500 to Maximum 100,000

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You can choose any bet limit. However, we recommend you to select 1st option as you know while playing betting games, lower the better.

Get started playing the Fish Prawn Crab game online

The main intention of the W88 Fish Prawn Crab game online is simple. Players must predict the three dice roll and put their bets before the draw takes place by the live dealer.

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  1. At the beginning of the round, the live dealer will shake the dish then lets the players place a bet in the game.
  2. After the dish gets shaken, you are asked to predict the outcome by chip betting within the timer of 20 seconds.
  3. Select the bet chip corresponding to the bet amount.
  4. Drag the chip to place the bet on the board with great winning chances. We recommend you always choose the Single bet option in order to earn more money than Double and Triple options.
  5. Do not forget to confirm your bet by clicking the “Confirm” button.

Once confirmed bets, wait for the draw to view the results, pop up on a little window. The bowl will get lifted to unveil the three-dice outcome at the end of the draw. If the results of your bets meet the dish results, then the player wins. By playing the W88 Fish Prawn Crab game online, you may win a big jackpot only within 20 seconds.

Lastly, to get a winning reward, you must make a withdrawal.

Note: If you are stuck while betting, you can always reach out to W88 customer service via 24×7 Live Chat.

4 Betting options in W88 Fish Prawn game online

Fish Prawn Crab game online is not a brainer. You only require to grasp its essential factors. One of the essential factors is the Fish Prawn Crab dice game’s symbols. So, Fish Prawn Crab is a top-rated dice game that practices three dice with the symbols of Fish, Crab, Prawn, Gourd, Stag, and Rooster. Find its 4 betting options below:

W88-Fish Prawn Crab game-04

1. Single Bet

  • The first option is to bet only on one symbol, i.e., a single bet. For that, click on any of the six significant characters located on the bottom half of the board.
  • If one out of the three dice displays the symbol, the payout odds are 2:1. But if two out of the three dice show the symbol, it converts 3:1. And if all three dice present the identical symbol, the payout is a big 13:1.
  • This is the reason we are recommending you to bet on the single bet option more.

2. Double bet

  • The following betting option is the Double bet, where two particular symbols must appear on two out of the three dice to win.
  • To bet on Double, having a payout odds of 6:1, click on the boxes on both sides of the pot containing two symbols inside them.

3. Triple Bet

  • The Triple bet has 8:1 payout odds. To win, all three dice must have a mixture of the two symbols you picked.
  • For example, you bet on a fish and a tiger. The three dice must show two fish and one tiger or one fish and two tigers.

4. Any Triple Bet

  • The last option is Any Triple. This pays out at 30:1, making it seem like an enticing option, but it’s not.
  • The odds of all three dice representing the related symbol are very narrow.
  • Moreover, the overall house edge is around 8%, no matter which particular symbol you choose, which intends that long-term players lose an average of $8 for each $100 wagered.

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4 Payout rates in the Fish Prawn Crab game online

As stated earlier, the Fish Prawn Crab game online at W88 has a sincere goal where members will have to figure which sequence ranging from Single, Double, Any Triple, and Triple will appear up once the dealer delivers the dice from the bowl. If all three symbols you have wagered arrived and you put them in the Any Triple table, your funds must be times 34.8. Here are the payout rates of FIsh Prawn Crab Game online.

  1. Single bet: The bet ratio is 1:2
  2. Double bet: The bet ratio is 1:3.50
  3. Triple bet: The Bet ratio is 1:6
  4. Any triple bet: The bet ratio is 1:34.8


W88 games are simplistic, fast, and straightforward to learn, providing members the scope to bet on their beloved games. Putting bets on the Fish Prawn Crab game online by W88 is an excellent approach to making that smart win with just a click on the button.

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