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Learn how to play the W88 Fishing game online for real money in 3 simple steps. Join W88 Malaysia & win a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600 on the first deposit.

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Introducing W88 Fishing Games

Virtual video games are gaining immense popularity these years and Fishing games are one of them. W88 brings Fishing games for online players who love playing video games and shooting things with weapons in video games like Crazy Fishing, Chill Fishing, Dragon Ball Fishing, Fishing King: Sea Beasts, Ocean Explorer, Pirates Fishing, and Insect Master. Select your weapon and begin shooting at W88 Fishing Master to win more real money within a minute.


The gameplay of W88 Fishing master games is simple, you need to deposit real money in a W88 wallet and convert them into coins to play fishing games, RM1 is converted into 1,000 coins. Select the game, theme, and weapon of your choice to play the game and shot some fish. Begin shooting fish as much as you can and collect the coins, these collected coins are then converted into real money to check your winning amount. A quick tip: keep shooting one fish again and again until it’s blown.

How to play W88 Fishing Games – 3 Steps Guide

Become the master of W88 fishing games within 3 minutes with our guide on how to play W88 fishing games in 3 steps. Follow the points mentioned in the guide religiously to visit the fishing games and shoot some fish to earn real money. Join W88, claim RM30 free credit, and visit W88 Fishing Master to win RM500 every day.

Step 1: Access W88 & Select Crazy Fishing under Fishing

  • Click on the buttons given above to visit the official homepage of W88malayu, click on the buttons given on the W88malayu homepage to visit the official website of W88, and play fishing games.
  • Once you reach the official W88 site, click on Join to W88 register or click on Login to enter your already existing account with username and password, and you will be inside your account.


  • Fishing will be given in the horizontal line and the ‘New’ symbol on it indicates that it recently got new games for the players. Click on ‘Fishing‘ and a drop-down menu will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the one you want to prefer to explore, play and earn. We recommend choosing Crazy Fishing, getting 1000 coins in RM1 money, and enjoying the cheapest of all W88 Fishing games.

Step 2: Select Shallow Novice to Play W88 Fishing

  • Once you click on Crazy Fishing, you will be redirected to a page where the action begins. You will be asked to choose the theme you would like to play, and select the game that interests you the most.


  • We select Shallow Noice to play since it’s the most popular theme of the game in W88 Fishing master, as you can see that currently there are 1,000+ players engaged in the game.
  • Make sure you so a W88 deposit in your Fishing account before playing the game, you need to convert the money into coins and then buy the weapon to shoot fish and collect coins to win money.

Step 3: Place your target & shoot your Gun to Win Coins

  • Select your weapon and begin shooting the fish as much as you can in 60 seconds and the collected amount of coins will determine the amount of money you will get in the end.


  • The aim of the player in the game is to shoot the fish with the purchased weapon, collect the coins, and convert the coins into real money to win more cash within 60 seconds.
  • You can upgrade your weapons once you earn enough coins and play accordingly, it’s just like Call Of Duty, instead of shooting other players, you can shoot fish and earn real money.

Basic information one needs to play W88 Fishing

The best tip for this game is to aim and target with utmost accuracy to kill the fish and win the coins. Here is some basic information you must have about W88 Fishing Master games to play, shoot and earn real money.

  • Players must begin by creating an account at W88, once you have created your new registered W88 account, don’t forget to claim the W88 free credit of RM30 on registration and verification.
  • Make a deposit of a minimum of RM30 in the W88 main wallet, from where you can transfer the desired amount to fishing wallets to play W88 fishing games.
  • Select the game you want to play and top up your coins by converting the real money into coins to play fishing games. Players will need these coins to buy weapons to shoot fish.
  • Once you enter the place where all the shooting takes place, continue shooting the fish until it blew away, and shoot as many fish as possible to earn more coins. Big fish share bigger prices, hence shooting big fish is vital. You get 60 seconds to shoot as many fish as possible.
  • Once you have collected the points, convert them back to real money by withdrawing the coins from the fishing wallet to the W88 main wallet, and then you can withdraw real money to your bank account.

Top 5 W88 Fishing Games to become Fishing Master

There are many fishing games at W88 but not all of them are popular even though all of them are good. We advise you to explore all the available games and select the best one for yourself. Meanwhile, the researched, explored, and selected ones are listed below.


  1. Crazy Fishing: Blast the fish with your weapon in Crazy Fishing and win real money. Buy 1,000 coins in RM1 to play Crazy Fishing and become the Furious player for 15 seconds by killing the Furious Fish.
  2. Ocean Explorer: Explore the ocean with four different themes of water bodies, you can also play Ocean Explorer for free in the Free room to understand the game, practice, and earn real money in real ones.
  3. Pirates Fishing: This is the most realistic of all with an amazing backdrop, video quality, and soundtrack. Its incredible features make it a bit expensive, RM1.63 for 500 coins to buy a weapon and shoot.
  4. Fishing King: Sea Beast: This video virtual game is also available in 4 different themes with interesting backdrops, wonderful sound quality, and imaginative fish to shoot and win loads of real money.
  5. Dragon Ball Fishing: Unrealistic fishing game with dragons to shoot, this is the highest quality fishing game available at W88 Fishing master, shoot the dragon to become an ultimate fishing master.


W88 Fishing games are virtual video games for Malaysian players to shoot some fish and earn great money. Grab real money and convert them into coins to buy yourself a weapon to shoot fish, shoot as many fish as you can to collect more points, convert these collected coins into real money and withdraw your winnings from W88. Join W88 now to play fishing games like Ocean explorer, Crazy Fishing, Dragon Ball Fishing, etc, and claim free credit of RM30 on registration.