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3 Steps instructions on how to play Football 1×2 betting on W88

Just a newcomer who does not know how to play football 1×2 but desires to discover? W88Malayu is here for you! Observe the steps below to play Football 1×2, or some can say European Handicap on W88 successfully!

Step 1: Access and login your account


  • To play your greatest anticipated European Handicap, also named football 1×2 betting, players must head to the official W88 website and login into your account.
  • Suppose you are not a registered W88 member still, then sign-up by clicking any of the buttons mentioned below. It is as simple as that!

Step 2: Select Sports and pick e-Sports (European)


  • When you are on the W88 homepage already, you will see the Sports tab near the mobile icon, select Sports from the menu bar.
  • From there, pick e-Sports (Europe). Remember to click on European and not Asian.


Step 3: Start placing Bets on W88 football 1×2

  • Once you enter the e-Sports (European) dashboard on the W88, you can begin observing your favored teams and start wagering!


  • The initial step in playing football 1×2 on W88 determines your prospect game in the left-hand side screen column. You can observe the recommended Hot Events like EPL (English Premier League), Spanish La Liga, and NBA (National Basketball Association).
  • There are additionally other sports like Cricket, Tennis, Baseball, and more. Different Soccer league games have also been highlighted that vary country-wise you like England, Europe, Spain, Italy, Germany Etc.
  • After picking your favored game, click your preferred team and put your betting price on the right-hand side.
    Once you click the Place Bets button, your wage has listed the game! The next move you will only do is to believe that you will win!

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Football 1×2 Prediction on W88 – Discover Football 1×2 tips

If you ask anyone about a result of a football game, he will advise you either the home team or the remote team to win, and some may think the draw also. As the name Football 1×2 tips describe, this is a tip based on the entire time of the football game.


You will see that type of tip as 1×2, 1×2 football predictions, or 1×2 betting tips among football fans or bettors, which is the identical thing. The 1×2 persists for the three choices available for a football game to end.

  • 1: this tells you that the home team will win
  • 2: this means you that the away team will win
  • X: this informs you that there will be no winner of the event, and it will finish as a draw

Note: Cup games where there are dismissals can also end as a draw in regular time is 90 minutes

Suppose the forthcoming game this weekend, Liverpool Vs. Arsenal, the “1” 1X2 betting Football 1×2 tip will indicate that Liverpool will win it. “2” will suggest Arsenal will beat it. And if it tells “X,” then the game will most probably finish in a draw (0-0, 1-1, 2-2, Etc.) with no winner.

On W88’s football 1X2 prediction page, you will also find combinations of 2 out of the 3 options weighed a DOUBLE CHANCE. Those combinations signify that the match will end as one of the two predicted results.

  • 1X or X1: The home side will win, or the match will end in a draw with no winner
  • 2X or X2: The away side will win, or the tournament will end in a tie with no winner
  • 12 or 21: The home side will win the football game, or the away team will win

Let’s consider the above example with the Liverpool Vs. Arsenal game, one of the football 1×2 tips of “1X” indicates Liverpool wins the game or ends in a draw. The football 1×2 tip of “X2” implies Arsenal wins the game or ends up in a draw. And the 1X2 betting tip “12” will signify that either Liverpool will win or Arsenal will win. Easy right!


So, the main question is, how to locate suitable games and place money on football 1X2 tips? First of all, analyze whatever you can get for the football impact. Be attentive to the teams’ starters, teams’ positions in the league statistics, team’s injuries and delays, players, and more. Recognize which team is the ideal of the two teams in action. Is there a firm favorite or just two mid-table teams? Having all this information may always be complicated to sort. But, if you prefer and place your cash on a tip, you have collected data for. The end value and satisfaction will be way more than just supplying money or wagering on a single root tip.

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When you have classified a great football 1×2 prediction on W88, don’t hurry to stake it directly. It’s a known secret that live odds are way safer than pre-match odds. So be patient and wait for the game to begin. It’s somewhat assumed that a goal will appear in the first 10 minutes of the match. You might have already noticed on the website that W88 lets you observe all the football games played live now on every page. So practice that toggle and wait for the odds to grow, please your earnings, and then put your bet.