W88 Football Sponsor: Fulham FC & Argentine FA for 2022-2023

W88 Sponsor is Fulham FC for English Premier League 2022-23 alongside Argentine Football Association, W88’s First Regional Sponsorship deal for World Cup 2022.

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Introduction to W88 Sponsorship Program

W88 is a widely known online betting platform not only in Malaysia but all around the world! It is one of the best and most reputable sites for sports betting online. It is a place where you can choose from not 1 but 3 different sportsbooks. In fact, it is one of the few sites for sports betting that is legal in Malaysia!


However, W88’s reputation goes deeper than just offering quality services to its customers. W88 is a place that has and is known for indulging in many sponsorship deals with some of the top football teams! Let us look at all the W88 Football Sponsors throughout the years below.

Top 2 W88 Football Sponsors of 2022

W88 is known for its Football Sponsors that often were the W88 jersey with the W88 logo proudly when they play in football matches in top leagues. These sponsors are responsible for promoting W88 via live games and often offer special discounts on sports betting at W88 for their matches.

W88 is known for having many sponsorship deals since when it first came into the online betting field in 2007. This means that with every new year, W88 sponsors new football teams, and the same goes for this year and the coming years.

W88 Principal Partner Fulham F.C. signs contract till 2023

The latest W88 football sponsor team is Fulham Football Club. Earlier in 2023, on the 25th of July, the football club Fulham F.C. signed a sponsorship deal with W88. This deal was made for 2 premier league seasons, thus, Fulham F.C. will pose as W88’s Principal Partner till 2023! Fulham F.C. is W88’s Main Team Partner as well as W88’s Front of Shirt Partner.



  • Fulham F.C. is known for its persistence on the football team since 1879 and is known to be one of England’s oldest football teams.
  • Throughout their time in the football world, they have managed to participate in most Football leagues and have even won!
  • Fulham F.C. will be responsible for advertising W88 by wearing the W88 jersey kit provided by the site.
  • They will also be funded via LED displays and social content as a part of their responsibility in promoting W88.

Through this record deal, the football club for Fulham Women’s and Men’s teams will wear the W88 logo on the front of their shirts.

W88 Signs Regional Partnership in 2022 with Argentine F.A.

Posing as the new W88 Regional Partner and also a W88 Football Sponsor is the football club Argentine Football Association. This sponsorship deal bought great benefits to both W88 and the Argentine Football Association. With this deal, W88 will pose as the official sportsbook for Argentine Football Association in Asia.


  • The Argentine Football Association is one of the most famous football associations in the football world having fans all over the globe.
  • Established in 1893, it is one of the first football groups to exist in South America. Since then, this team has been persistent in their wins and even made it to the finals of the 2014 world cup.
  • Not only this, but the Argentinean team has one of the most successful backgrounds in the football world as they have won many world cup trophies for all age groups.
  • With its success, there is no doubt that it would partner up with an equally successful domain, W88. Through this partnership, Argentine F. A. will pose as the regional partner and will promote W88 in Asia.

Argentine Football Association’s partnership with W88 begin on the 25th of January 2022 and will continue during the Qatar World Cup in November

W88 Sponsorship Deal throughout the years

As mentioned above, W88 is known among many prominent sports bettors as well as football teams all over the globe. Thus, they managed to sponsor equally successful football teams since they stepped foot in the online betting world.

Let us take a look at all the W88 Football Sponsors throughout the years.

Crystal Palace F.C (2020/21)

Not very long ago, W88 signed a sponsorship deal with the Crystal Palace Football Club, which posed as W88’s principal partner.


  • This deal was made in 2020 which would go on till 2021, covering the English Premier League at the time.
  • During this time, as W88’s partners, the members of the Crystal Palace Football Club wore the W88 logo on the front of their new kit, sponsored by W88 and PUMA.
  • Crystal Palace owns three sets of jerseys – home, away, and third. So, the W88 jersey kit was customized for all three sets.

Like the other teams, the W88 Crystal Palace sponsorship deal has managed to attract many soccer fans at the W88 sportsbook, after all, Crystal Palace is one of the most dominating football clubs in the English Leagues, originating from South London and having many fans across Asia.

Aston Villa F.C. (2019/20)

Aston Villa is a Football Club that is one of the most famous clubs in football with fans all over the globe. For the English premier league, from 2019 through 2020, the Aston Villa Football Club posed as W88’s Principal partner.


  • Like most teams on the list, Aston Villa is one of football’s oldest teams that has been dominating the football world in its own way.
  • Through their persistent nature, they have managed to win many leagues and also have managed to hold the European cup title.
  • Not only this but throughout their career, Aston Villa has fought its way to now stand as one of the strongest and top teams in the league.

Being the Principal Partner of W88 Aston Villa, the top team, wore the W88 logo on their Premier League kit for their home and away shirts. They also had the logo on their training wear during their time as a W88 Football Sponsor.

Leicester City F.C. (2018/20)

Another prominent team sponsored by W88 is the Football Club Leicester City, one of the most famous football clubs in England. They became W88’s Official Betting Partner in 2018 and 2019. They also signed a renewed deal and extended their partnership with W88 for the upcoming year at the time, 2019 and 2020 as well.


  • Founded in 1884, the Leicester City Football Club has fought its way to being one of the best football clubs in the football world by playing matches all over Europe.
  • Although they started the football club under the name Leicester Fosse, they changed the name to Leicester City after being elected to play in the Football League.
  • Leicester City has managed to win some of the prominent matches in the Premier League that have given them many second-tier titles making them one of the strongest clubs in England.

Also known as the Foxes, the partnership of W88 Leicester City helped promote the brand via LED displays and banners on their side during their football matches. Thus, for two Premier League seasons, Leicester City Football Club was W88’s Official Betting Partner.

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. (2018/19)

One of the most significant and earliest partnership deals was the W88 Football Sponsor for the Football Club Wolverhampton Wanderers, commonly known as the Wolves. This partnership was signed in the year 2018. This contract was renewed for another year till 2020. However, the logo of W88 was only worn during 2018/2019 Premier League by Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.


  • Wolverhampton Wanderers is a football team that has been persistent in its gameplay throughout the years.
  • Originating from England, they have participated in many leagues and also have been a part of the Premier league 3 times.
  • They have won many league matches and have fans across the globe supporting them, especially from Portuguese since most of their players play for the Portuguese sports club.

Thus, W88 has partnered with the Foxes as well as Wolves of the Football world. Wolverhampton wore the logo of W88 on their signature yellow W88 jersey throughout their 2-year partnership with W88 during the Premier Leagues.

2 Prominent W88 Brand Ambassadors

Just like Sponsors, any brand’s brand ambassador plays an important role in promoting the best in the respective brands. Thus, over the years, W88 has partnered with 2 great sportsmen who posed as W88’s brand ambassadors.

Brian Lara, Ex-Cricketer (2021)

Starting from the year 2021, the ex-cricketer for the Trinidadian International team, Brian Lara, has signed a year-long contract with W88. He will pose as a brand ambassador and will work closely with W88 in promoting their brand through various marketing strategies.


  • Brain Lara is one of the cricketers known for his batsmanship. In fact, he is known to be one of the greatest batsmen of all time!
  • He has managed to hold the record of the highest scoring batsman individually after he managed to score 501 in a test match against England. His best match score is 153 which was played against Australia in 1999.
  • In 2009, he won the title of an honorary member of the Order of Australia, for his service and impeccable achievements.

During his time as W88 Brand Ambassador, Brian Lara has run many marketing campaigns promoting the brand and also has offered his help in enhancing W88 sportsbooks through his expertise and analysis.

Emile Heskey (2018)

The first brand ambassador to embrace the promotion of W88’s brand was Emile Heskey, the former football player from England and Liverpool. Like Brian Lara, Emile Heskey signed a year-long partnership deal with W88 posing as their brand ambassador in 2018.


  • Since Football or Soccer in Malaysia is the most loved sport, at W88 the soccer section in its sportsbooks is the most active. So, there was no one better to promote W88 as a brand than one of the most prominent football players, Emile Heskey,
  • Emile Heskey started off his career as a player in Leicester City, as it is the city where he was born. However, in mid-career, he moved to Liverpool where he continued not only to showcase his talents as one of the best strikers but also continued to grow as a footballer.
  • As a retired football player, Emile Heskey is currently the temporary manager of the Leicester City Women’s team and also the head of Football Development at Leicester City.

Like Brian Lara, Emile Heskey was responsible for promoting W88 and he did so very well as the first brand ambassador, which helped W88 grow its sportsbook audience significantly. He also offered his expertise and analysis on the football match odds at the W88 sportsbook.


In conclusion, we now know that every W88 Football Sponsor is equally dominating the football field as W88 is dominating the online betting field. Throughout the years, W88 has made sponsorship deals with prominent football teams as well as signed brand ambassadorship deals with top-performing sports players. However, W88 will not stop here as in the coming years you will get to see more W88 Sponsorship deals.