W88 Free Credit RM30 for New Member Register in Malaysia 2023

Claim W88 Free Credit of RM30 on New Member Register at W88 today: Complete Account Verification, 1st deposit via e-Wallet, 1 Rollover & Withdrawal to get RM30.

The betting world online is flourishing thanks to the fact that there are many people who truly find it a means of entertaining themselves through the mundane of everyday life. And because there are people like this, there are many online betting sites that offer its precious customers with extravagant bonus offers that you can claim with ease. One such site is the W88 online betting site which is one of the best betting sites all over Asia and this is because it offers its customers with a Free Credit of RM30 for completing their account verification. So, if you want to claim this crazy bonus deal, then stick around to get a tutorial and additional details regarding the W88 Free Credit!


Before we look into how you can claim the W88 free credit, let us look at the why you must take advantage of this offer. The W88 free credit can be considered one of the rare promotional offered in the betting world with many benefits but here are the top 3 benefits you can claim with the free credit.

1. Account Safety: The first major benefit that you can get from claiming the W88 free credit bonus is 100% account safety as this is one of the requirements you will be needing to claim the bonus. Since this is a new member bonus offer, you will have to register an account at W88, however, as a requirement to claim the bonus deal, you will also have to verify all the details you entered in order to secure your account in the W88 register. This requirement thus ensures account safety as for completing this, you will get RM30 locked in your main wallet.

2. Easy Requirements: The second benefit that you will get from this W88 promotion is that the requirements to claim the bonus is not of fun but very easy! One of the requirements to claim the bonus is to verify your account details as mentioned above, but the other requirement is to complete the one-time rollover requirement by playing at any of the W88 product. This rollover must be done at least one time; however, the goal is to make at least RM100 by winning games in your main wallet, which you can later withdraw with the Free RM30.

3. Can Use Other Welcome Bonus: Lastly, the most amazing benefit you can get from applying for the W88 RM30 free credit is that you can apply to any one of the other W88 promotion welcome bonuses up to RM600 that W88 offers on their sportsbook, casino, slot games, and lottery products. This is also a reason why they W88 free credit bonus is rare because most new account bonuses can only be claimed once which means that every account gets to claim only one bonus, but here, with free credit of RM30 you can get up to RM600 by applying for an additional W88 promotion.


Getting to the fun part of how you can claim the W88 free credit, let us take a look at the 2 easy yet crucial steps you must carry out to claim the W88 free credit bonus. Follow these instructions thoroughly to get RM30 in your W88 account wallet.

Step 1: Join W88 and Complete Account Verification

  • The first step that you must take to claim the W88 free credit, is to visit the W88 official website and create an account in the W88 register by clicking on ‘Join’.
  • Here, you will be taken to the W88 registration form which you must fill with accuracy and then you must click on ‘Login’ to complete the signup process.

Once you have logged in the W88 register with your new account, you must visit your W88 profile and verify 4 important things, which will lock the RM30 free credit in your account. These include your password, bank details, and contact information.

  • Account Password: Although you have already created a password during the signup process, here, you must create a new password to strengthen the account security. Furthermore, you must select a personal question from the available options and enter the answer only you know to complete the security process.
  • Bank Details: Here, you must enter your accurate bank details to make transactions run smoothly in your W88 account. You can enter up to 5 banks and their accurate details in the W88 account. It is important to remember that the W88 name should match the name in your bank details for more accuracy.
  • Phone Number: When creating your W88 account, you will be asked to enter a phone number and it is important that the number you enter should be accurate in order to receive updates and other notifications related to your W88 account. The number must be verified via an OTP sent on request.
  • Email ID: Lastly, just like your phone number, you will have to enter an email ID during the account registration process which should be active as you will receive notifications, updates, etc. related to your W88 account. This email Id must be verified by requesting for the verification code from your W88 account.

Step 2: Make a required minimum deposit of RM30

  • Once you have completed verifying your account details, you will find RM30 locked in your W88 account, which will only be unlocked after you complete the additional requirements of rolling over the money.
  • To complete the rollover requirements, you have to make a minimum W88 deposit of RM30 in your online account by clicking on ‘Deposit’.
  • Then you have to go ahead and select your preferred payment method to make the minimum W88 deposit. Here, we have selected the e-Wallet PayPro to make transactions instantly and smoothly.
  • You will then be introduced to a form which you have to fill out where you have to enter the minimum deposit amount which is RM30 and select the main W88 wallet.
  • Once all this is done, you must click on ‘Deposit’ again and then go on to complete the 1-time rollover requirement and then withdraw at least RM100 to completely make the W88 free credit yours!


No free stuff is fun without any challenge and thus, to make things fun the W88 free credit that you receive upon account verification will be put in your account, but will also be locked. So, to unlock the free credit, here are 4 terms and conditions you must adhere to:

The first thing is that you must complete your account verification with accuracy to claim the W88 free credit. As mentioned above, there are mainly 4 things that you must verify, password, bank details, phone number and email ID. As you keep verifying each of them the RM30 free credit will be broken down into smaller units and added to you account until you complete 100% verification and get the entire RM30.

Next, it is mentioned above that to claim the bonus completely which means to make the W88 free credit withdrawable, you must rollover the money at least once. However, to do this, you will have to make the minimum W88 deposit of RM30 in your account. This deposited RM30 with the additional free credit of RM30, will come handy to complete the requirements, and thus, it is important to make the required deposit.

Claiming bonuses in the betting world is not fun unless it is somewhat challenging, and so to claim the W88 free credit, there is a simple rollover requirement of at least 1 time that you must complete to for the free credit to be unlocked in your account. This rollover can take place once you have made the required minimum deposit in your W88 account and can be withdrawn after you reach the targeted minimum amount.

Another important condition which is beneficial for you, is that after completing the rollover requirement, it is important that you make a minimum W88 withdrawal of RM100 to complete the entire process of claiming the W88 promotion. You can get RM100 easily in your account by playing games and completing the rollover requirement with the locked free credit. So, in short, you will be receiving about RM130 in return.


As we come the end of all you need to know about the W88 free credit promotion, let us introduce you to 3 important frequently asked questions you should know the answers to as it will help you answer the basic doubts you may have regarding the W88 free credit promotion.

1. Can I make another new account to claim the W88 free credit?

To claim the W88 Free Credit, you have to claim the bonus amount after making a first deposit and rolling over the bonus and deposited money at least once in your new account after verifying all details. However, this bonus can be claimed only once in your new account.

  • Additionally, if you create a fake account to claim the bonus again, then it will be considered as a fraudulent activity by W88 which will cause them to suspend your account and ban you from their site.
  • So, no, you can only claim the W88 free credit bonus using only one account. In case you missed your chance to claim the bonus, then you can delete your W88 account and signup for a new account from scratch!

2. Why should I verify all personal details in my account?

Another question that most people ask is why they have to verify their account details and the reason behind this is understandable as the verification process requires you to enter some sensitive information like bank details, etc.

  • However, the reason why you should verify your personal details is so that your data remains safe and secure under your username and password in the W88 register.
  • This means that although W88 is a safe site that protects customer data, there lies some responsibilities from your end to safeguard what you put online and so, in exchange of making your verify details in your account for security purposes, W88 offers you with a reward of free credit RM30!

3. Why to make a deposit and withdrawal to claim the W88 promotion?

This question arises because people often wonder, if the promotion is called a free credit, then why do they have to spend money from their end? Well, the RM30 you receive from W88 is free, as all you must do is verify your details and you will claim the W88 bonus locked in your wallet.

  • To unlock this credit, you must rollover the money at least once in any of the W88 products, so to do this you will have to make a minimum deposit of RM30 to play at W88.
  • Then you must collect at least RM100 by playing the games so that you make a successful withdrawal and the RM30 will be unlocked to withdraw with the RM100. All-in-all, you can get RM130 or more with this W88 promotion deal!


This was all about the W88 free credit that you can claim easily upon joining the W88 official website where you can get access to some of the best online sportsbook, live casino, slots, games, and lottery products in the betting world. Understand the requirements and learn the answers to important FAQs to help you claim the W88 promotion bonus with ease. Additionally, you can claim W88 sportsbook, casino, or slots bonus of up to RM600 which you can use to play at W88 online. With this, we wish you all the very best in the quest of claiming the W88 free credit promotion in your W88 account!