W88 live casino Review: Chance to win a bonus of up to RM150

W88 is popular because of its fantastic live casinos, besides sportsbooks and other online games to bet on, provided by the best 3 W88 live casino clubs for fun

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Provided by the best 3 live casino clubs to There are 3 W88 live casinos in W88, Club W Grand, Club Massimo, and Club Palazzo, that you would love.

Why should players choose W88 live casino?

Live dealer casinos have become the big business today in the gambling enterprise. W88 is also one of them. Like other internet users from Malaysia, W88’s users also enjoy the on-screen through the video camera beautiful dealer setting in a W88 live casino. Discover the honest review on W88 live casino from experts.


1. Promotion: Winning chances from RM150 up to RM600

  • Free Credit of Extra RM 30 on any W88 live casino game
  • 100% welcome bonus of up to RM 600 on Slots
  • 100% welcome bonus up to RM 150 on Live Casino

2. Deposit and withdrawal: Within 2-12 minutes

W88 live casino deposit and withdrawal methods are easy and smooth with the least waiting time.

  • It takes only 2 minutes to deposit money by various modes like UPIQR code, Ecopayz, Astropay card, QuickPay, and E-wallet.
  • Withdrawal may take 10-12 minutes to make the transaction. It needed a player to fill-up the form, including his bank details, and verify the same.

3. Availability of Live casinos: Across 200 tables of Slots, Baccarat Etc.

  • It is an online casino with the availability of Asian, European, and American appearances and senses individually.
  • The website itself is open in varied, mostly directed on the gamblers. Available W88 live casinos are Baccarat, Sic Bo, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, and many more.

4. Gambling Interface and Experience: Quality app for iOS, Android & PC

The website’s primary color of blue and white touches a spirit of friendliness and comfort to the players.

  • The interface structure and link buttons are adequately designed, making it effortless for players, notably those who access the website for the first time.
  • In addition to the desktop or PC variant, W88 live casino also customizes a mobile version for smartphones and tablets, making it more manageable and adaptable for users to enter W88 live casino.
  • Further, the application is now available for both mobile devices for iOS and Android both.

5. Disadvantages of W88 live casino: No physical interaction while playing slots, Gaming Addiction, No free credit …

  • At W88 live casino, slots are generated by RNG software and technology. So, playing the slots at a land-based casino on a specific machine gives a thrilling adventure. While playing slots here, there’s lacking physical interaction with other players.
  • Since playing W88 live casino games is so much joy, few people could not hold playing excessively, and that reckless gaming leads you to lose money and makes you addicted.
  • There’s no free credit available yet on W88 live casino. Player need to complete the registration process and deposit a minimum of RM30 to qualify the any mentioned promotions mentioned. So no free credit without deposit.
  • Sometimes while reaching customer support via 24×7 live chat, it takes a bit more time, like 8-9 mins, to connect with the server and get a response from the available representative.

We understand your concern and hereafter provide with you an online live casino rigged article to ensure the credibility of live casinos.

3 Step guide on playing at W88 live casino online

Multiple players are trying their luck on gambling games on the most reputable live casino platforms. W88 is also one of them; its live casino has different rewards and fun parts. People get huge cash prizes after winning the chosen games. To play at W88 live casino, new members need to understand the below steps.

Step 1: Access the website and Register W88 Live casino

You need to do registration first as a new member. Once you finished registration, make a deposit. For that, click on the Deposit tab located beside the Logout tab, Or click on the “Fund$” select deposit.


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Step 2: Go to “Live casino” & choose one club to play


  • Next, locate and select the Live Casino tab on the menu bar; you’ll see 3 main W88 live casino providers that will appear below. You must choose any of one from those by clicking the “Play Now” button.
  • We review the 3 clubs below, you can scroll down and read the details
  • W88 Club W Grand is the most popular club in Malaysia

Step 3: Choose one of your favorite games


  • We review the top 3 W88 live casino games below, you can scroll down and read more info about these games
  • Baccarat, poker, roulette, slots … are available here
  • Begin your play of favored live casino games and after you finished, you will get the winning bonus by making a withdrawal if you win.

Note: In case of any query, you can always reach W88 customer service via 24×7 Live Chat.

Discover the 3 W88 live casinos clubs you must know in brief

Here W88 live casino will present every W88 casino’s powers and flaws. Select the W88 online casino that is suitable for you, so keep on learning!

1. W88 Club W Grand – Asian Style (the most popular in Malaysia)

Club W Grand declared as the most beloved W88 live casino online because of its two leading casinos, Club W Premier and Club W Gold. Told to be inspired by Asian fashion, GamePlay Interactive ensures that the games here will be well-played by the W88 players.


  • Club W Premier gives virtual baccarat, while Club W Gold presents live casinos like baccarat, sic bo, roulette, and dragon tiger. It is named Club W Grand since it is indeed grand!
  • The club is famous in W88 casino Malaysia as the most advanced interface is offered for all players. It has a speedy loading also! Multi-table also provided if you desire to play with other W88 members.


  • Club W Grand gives a wide variety of W88 live casino games such as baccarat, dragon tiger, roulette, and sic bo.
  • Before the pandemic happened, the Club W premier was the most famous live casino. Because the blue interface is appealing, and the dealer team is delightful.
  • It is more friendly with Asian players with the most reputable live casino action on mobile devices and user-friendly as it has a High-quality design interface.
  • Club W Live casino is suitable for those who prefer Asian-style gaming environments to a live casino.
  • Availability of multitable is ideal for those who love to play more tables simultaneously.
  • The game loading time is very fast, as compared to the other 2 providers.


  • The only flaw of this W88 casino online club is, blackjack is not available now. It will get set up as early as possible, but it took down as of the instant.
  • Club W Premier has shifted to a virtual live casino playing platform due to the current covid pandemic. So, apart from the nonexistence of beautiful girl dealers, all other rules are the same.

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2. W88 Club Massimo – European Style

W88 live casino Malaysia is in Asia, but Club Massimo, a European casino-style, is also popular here! Sponsored by MGLive by W88, Club Massimo offers various W88 casino games like Baccarat, Sic Bo, Roulette, and a Bonus Baccarat! All in multi-tables so that players can play and place more bets at one time.



  • Club Massimo also presents a comprehensive variety of W88 live casino games like baccarat, roulette, sic bo Etc.
  • Club Massimo is serving in a European style with international sexy live girl dealers.
  • User-Friendly Interface with the compatibility of English language
  • Club Massimo Live casino is more fitting to those who prefer the European-style gaming experience.
  • Club Massimo also has multi-table so that players can play on more tables at the same time.
  • Sometimes, players can observe live foreign dealers here at W88 live casino. Like Club W Grand, this club has an immersive interface and high-speed loading game.

Disadvantages of Club Massimo

  • Club Massimo is not as pleasant as comparing with Club W Grand, though it is always dark and shadowy even when in the daylight. With the combination of dark blue and black backgrounds, the screen would be a little less attractive for the eyes.
  • Live Blackjack is not yet available to play on Club Massimo

3. W88 Club Palazzo – American Style

The third W88 casino you can reach is W88 Club Palazzo. W88 casino Malaysia players prefer to play on this club as it has American-styled casino gaming. Sponsored by Playtech Live for this club, it offers powerful and truly user-friendly interfaces! A combination of Asian gaming but with attractive graphics from American norms, this club is also a fave!



  • Very similar to W88 live Club W Grand, this W88 live casino gives a full variety of casino games! Baccarat, sic bo, roulette, dragon tiger. And also live blackjack, poker, and hi-lo!
  • W88 Club Palazzo is a perfect W88 live casino when compared to the other two! Plus, it has a spin to win that is slots too!
  • This club has open multi-tables for more extended playing tables and more extra betting also. With elegant and lovely dealers to command each table, you will have fun betting here!

Advantages of Club Palazzo

  • Club Palazzo gives a fairly majestic gaming adventure. User experience Interface design is remarkable, with attractive, realistic American patterns.
  • Like the earlier mentioned 2 Clubs, Club Palazzo also gives an extensive range of live casino games like roulette, baccarat, and sic bo. Moreover, Club Palazzo maintains exceptional performance during the pandemic situation by providing Live Blackjack, Poker, and Live HiLo.
  • Club Palazzo adheres to American style with gorgeous live dealers.
  • Club Palazzo is the only live casino that provides Live Poker
  • Club Palazzo Live casino will be more suitable for those who like the American style, admire the friendly interface, and enjoy Live Poker.
  • Club Palazzo does not provide a multi tables, indicating the player can only play one table at a time.


  • The only disadvantage is that its least bets are told to be higher than the other W88 live casino clubs like Grand and Massimo because of its high-functional interface and high-quality gaming.

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Top 3 W88 Live casino games: Slots, Roulette, Baccarat

1. Slots

  • There are more than 1200 slots themes classified based on the provider. Here, you will see slots from top gaming developers, including Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and Pragmatic Play, with the highest RTP from 97-98.96%.
  • Suppose you want to play W88 live casino games on your mobile device preferably instead of on your PC. In that case, people enjoy playing slots on their mobile devices, and the W88 casino has an utterly mobile-optimized action.
  • The W88 app has a very inherent interface and is updated continuously for the best possible exposure. You can be ensured that the W88 platform is entirely safe when playing on a mobile app especially.


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2. Roulette

  • Roulette is one of the world’s most loved games, mainly when playing with a W88 live casino. Roulette comes in various forms, making it attractive to players who like applying tactics to earn an advantage.
  • Now, it involves European, American, and French Roulette. Effective betting on various numbers or a combination of numbers, waiting for the wheel, and the opportunity to take its price on your bet’s result can be tough to master.
  • Luck plays a significant role in this sort of betting game, probably valid for other W88 live casino games.


Start practicing on W88 Roulette and try your luck getting register dapat free credit of RM30!

3. Baccarat

  • Baccarat is well-known to players who prefer gambling, whether in a land-based casino or online platform.
  • The game’s intention is relatively easy as bettors can bet on the banker, the player, or the tie to obtain a value near or equivalent to 9. All the bettors must decide where they want to place a bet.
  • There is a live dealer who will command the reshuffling and placement of the cards. The game is pretty easy to follow, but there is no specific knowledge of who will win.


How does live casino work? Well, to understand how safe a live casino is, you have to get deeper knowledge about it.


Indeed, the W88 live casino online is the most beneficial with its 3 high-paying clubs that can be reached online and via mobile and desktop. It is the most convenient casino ever! Thus, it is genuinely the top W88 casino online!

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