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What is Online Poker?

Online Poker game is the same traditionally played poker, just on the internet. Texas Hold’em is the most popular Online Poker game loved by players worldwide. To play Poker online, W88 is the best site where you can find a variety of poker games and stakes, including the free version.

w88 poker

If you’re a beginner and want to learn and earn by knowing the basic strategies and everything revolving around W88 poker online, you’ve landed the right place.

What are the types of Poker?

Since traditional times, poker has undergone several changes. With every change, it has introduced new strategies and tricks and a bit of harder luck to win. Here’s the journey of poker following the variants.

1. Straight Hand Poker

w88 poker

Straight hand poker deals with only one betting round where players deal a complete hand with raising and re-raising. The wager distributes five cards to each player and a final showdown decides the man of the match. Straight hand poker is also called five-card poker.

2.  Stud Card Poker

W88 poker

A widely played modern variant of poker is STUD POKER. With a few cards faced up and few cards faced down, this game demands strategic thinking and a strong assumption base to win the pot (bet). Seven Stud Card Poker is the top recent game wherein four cards are facing up and three are down. The player that makes the best five-hand combination wins the pot.

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3.  Five Card Draw

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Another simple, yet strategic poker variant is a five-card draw poker game. Every player deals with five cards, and they are allowed to either see their cards (ante) or bet. The players can discard any three cards and replace them by picking the top cards on the deck to make the best hand. A final betting round after picking up the cards is declared, and the player with the best five-card combination takes away the pot.

4.  Community Card Poker

The two majorly famous Community card poker games with a little variation from Stud Poker include:

  • Texas Hold’em

The game starts with the wager distributing two face-down cards to each player. Then, a total of five community cards are placed in the center of the table in three rounds. First three, then one and then the last card. The winner is decided after the four betting rounds, one after placing the two cards and the other three during the placing of community cards. The player making the best five-hand combination wins the bet.

w88 poker

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  • Ohama Hold’em

Unlike Texas Hold’em, Ohama deals with four cards instead of two, and only one betting round is played after the placement of five community cards on the table. The player with the best card combination wins the pot.

5. Video Poker

w88 poker

Video Poker is a game where you compete against the computer and no other player is involved. You need to win against the computer by making the best hand combination.

What is W88 Poker online?

W88 is the leading and most trusted website to gamble and play in Malaysia. With many W88 Poker variants and exclusive promotional offers and bonuses, W88 is gaining popularity with 2M active Malaysian gamblers and players. To get started on W88 Poker Online, you need to follow a small registration guide to set your foot into the world of Online Gambling.

3 Steps to setup your W88 Poker online gameplay

A simple guide to creating a W88 Poker Online account in less than 5 minutes!

Step 1: Go to the official W88 website & login to play W88 Poker online


Access the official W88 homepage for Malaysian players and log in with your credentials. If not yet created one, then make one with the W88 register.

Step 2: Click on the P2P tab


  • After logging in, click on the P2P tab on the menubar.
  •  You’ll be directed to a page with an option of Play Now.
  •  Click on that.
  •  Select Texas Hold’em and continue.

Step 3: Get started placing your bets on W88 Poker Malaysia online


  • Once you clicked on Texas Hold’em, you can start with either a free or paid version of Poker Online.
  • Click on the “click to continue” button to resume your playing.


  • Starting as a beginner to master the W88 Poker Online, you need to know the actual gameplay and related terminologies. Let’s get started to become a master in Texas Hold’em Online Poker.
  • With 2-10 players assembled around a single table, the game starts with a wager distributing two down-facing cards to each player starting from his left. These two cards are known as “Holecards.” The two players sitting to the immediate left of the wager are two forced bets, a small blind and a big blind. Once the holecards are positioned, the first betting round, called the Pre-flop round begins.
  • PRE-FLOP: The game is started with the player sitting next to the big blind, called under the gun, and he has the options to:
  • Call: Equalize the amount of the raise in the pot.
  • Raise: Add even more chips to the pot.

Note: The bet amount can only be raised if any previous players have announced the bet.


  • Fold: Drop the hand and all the chips put in the pot.
  • FLOP: Once the first betting round finishes and everyone has gathered their chips on the table, the wager places three cards on the table called Community cards or Flop. This round has an extra option for the players, the Check option.
  • Check: To stay in hand without placing any bet.

Note: This option is only valid when any previous players have not called or raised the bet.

  • TURN: A fourth community card is introduced by the wager on the table called Turn. Again a betting round takes place, and the players have the option to call, raise or fold.
  • RIVER: A fifth community card is introduced by the wager on the table called River. The final betting takes place among the players with the same options to call, raise or fold.
  • SHOWDOWN: It is when all the betting rounds are finished and the card revealing time starts.

If two or more players are left in hand, a final showdown happens. If only one player has survived in hand, then there’s no showdown, and the player that is left wins the pot, which goes into the W88 wallet and then bank account.

Rules before showdown:

  • If all the players remain in hand until the end, the player next to the wager starts the final showdown.
  • The player who reveals his cards first has to be the one to bet highest on the River. The players can show their cards at any time.
  • If the poker hand value of two players turns out to be equal, the pot amount is divided equally by both of them.

What are the rules to play W88 Poker online?

There are several terminologies that a W88 Poker online player must know. Read and understand carefully to get a lucky start on W88 Poker Online.


  1. Blinds: Blinds are the two players sitting on the immediate left of the wager. They are also called forced bets.
  2. Small Blind: The player who is forced to place a minimum bet.
  3. Big blind: The player who has to put double the amount of bet placed by the small blind.
  4. Pot: The total amount of money wagered by the players in a pot.
  5. Chips: The small disc-shaped coins are used for monetary representation.
  6. Holecards: The two initial cards are distributed by the wager to each player.
  7. Community cards: These are the three cards placed by the wager on the table followed by the Turn and River, leading to a final showdown.
  • The bet amount placed by every player must be equal.
  • The player with the best poker hand takes away the pot.

W88 Poker Hand Rankings

The most important after knowing the rules of W88 Poker Online is to know about the best poker winning combinations and how they’re calculated. Here’s a whole list of W88 poker hand rankings from highest to lowest.


1. Royal Flush: The top sequence in poker hand rankings with the rarest chances of getting is a Royal Flush. The card sequence goes from 10, J, Q, K, A of the same suit.

2. Straight flush: Similar to Royal flush, straight flush follows a sequential order of the same case.

3. 4 of a kind: Four cards with the same face value are called four of a kind.

4. Full house: A pair of three cards with the same value along with a pair is called a Full house.

5. Flush: When all the cards belong to the same suite irrespective of the face value, that hand is called a Flush.

6. Straight: Five cards of sequential order regardless of the suite is called a Straight hand. A-2-3-4-5 is called a Wheel. 10-J-Q-K-A is called Broadway.

7. 3 of a kind: When three cards appear to have the same face value, it is a 3 of a kind poker hand.

  • Set: When 3 of a kind is made using two hole cards and one community card.
  • Trips: When 3 of a kind is made using one hole card and two community cards.

8. Two pairs: Two cards of different sets having the same face value is a two-pair poker hand.

9. One pair: When you have one pair of two cards with the same face value, it is one pair of poker hands.

10. High card: When you have none of the hands, you need to look for high cards. Example from the image.

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W88 Poker Online game is loved just as much people loved to play poker in the casino. In fact, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of online Poker players has enormously increased. Blessed with the internet and technology, the players want to know a lot about this game. W88 Poker Online is the best online poker site to start with. Along with the free versions, exclusive promotional offers, and special offers for beginners and this guide, you can enjoy gaming and gambling on W88.