How to do W88 register – Win 100% welcome bonus up to RM600

W88 registration is relatively easy! Explore the stepwise approach to W88 register to get a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM600; you need to understand the precise directions below to own an account at W88.

3 steps to register or sign-up W88

Step 1: Access the website for W88 sign-up

W88 Register PC      Register W88 mobile

To begin with the W88 register, you need to visit the official W88 website. At that time, locate the red “Join Now” or “Register” button on the top-right corner of the screen and click on it.


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Step 2: Fill up the necessary account information for the W88 register

This step is essential because you will agree to play online gambling with actual money. All transactions are through the bank. Fill in the account registration details. You expect to fill in the necessary information as follows:

  • Email Address: It would be best if you use your primary email. This email has been verified by you and remembers the password data. So, if any dangerous situation happens, like forgetting a password, or unfortunately, losing emails, it can still be get recovered.
  • Contact Number: Insert your accurate contact number to get promotion codes quickly.
  • Currency: Choose MYR so that players can deposit and withdraw in MYR.
  • Name: Insert your legal name in capital letters without accent the equivalent to the bank account name.
  • Date of Birth: Fill out the exact information which is present on your authorized identification card
  • Username: Enter as you want, simple to memorize like Russia321. (You require to pick a unique username, and do not combine it with other members)
  • Password: Enter a password of 6-20 characters. For example, mybetW88ac – such a password is best, with letters and numbers of no longer than 10 characters.
  • Agency ID: The default is the same
  • Validation Code: Enter the captcha code showing below the text box accurately.

Once finished filling the registration form correctly, you can click on the “Join” button and proceed to the registration.

Note: When you fill the registration form, you must provide your correct personal information including full legal name, phone numbers.. Or else you will not be able to withdraw wining money.

Step 3: Complete the validation for the W88 register


After finishing the W88 register, you’ll receive an email regarding your successful creation of a W88 account, and a screen may appear asking for your preferred deposit mode. You can click “Bet now” to start your W88 play adventure!

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Top 3 tips on successful W88 register

The process of creating a W88 account to play betting is pretty simple. Though, to avoid difficulties occurring in gambling means you should remember the following.

1. The w88 account registration data is crucial. You need to do W88 register with your full legal name, date of birth, email address, currency (MYR), and a contact number on the form. It makes it simpler to perform any bank transaction.

2. W88 has many backup websites. You should notice the latest update link on the website to ensure you don’t have any unfortunate situations while accessing the system of uncredited sports betting companies.

If you can not access W88 by the current link. Kindly get the latest link in here: W88 login where we gathered all backup links of W88

3. W88 registration process precisely successfully will get email notification soon after a few minutes.

Secure the above factors, and you will not face any difficulties with account verification next. You have an account at W88, which is also verified to be the most extensive betting website in Asia, maintaining the number 1 position in high-level betting technology today.

4 Primary mistakes to avoid while doing W88 register

Now that you know the 3 uncomplicated steps covering how to do the W88 register, below are the 4 mistakes that newbies should avoid while doing a W88 register.


1. Incorrect spellings: You need to insert accurate information while doing a W88 register. Right spellings should be entered in your profile. Hence, ensure that there are no incorrect spelling mistakes in your W88 register form, so no false information is present on your profile then.

2. Old email addresses: Another point to keep in mind while registering an account at W88 is an email address! It is essential that you should enter your active email address in the W88 register form. If you put an old email address with your username, you cannot verify it. You cannot use that username anymore.

3. Unproved banks: The mistake a newbie needs to avoid during the W88 register is the unverified banks. Similarly, with the email, your banks should get verified for more reliable ways and clearer transactions. 


W88Malayu recommends using the identical name in your bank account and the W88 form for extra verified identification.

4. Password sharing: To avoid account hacking, learn not to share your password with anybody. You can click the Forgot Password as long as you remember your email anyhow.

Never share your password with anybody. The W88 register method lets you make the deposit at W88 and connect to any betting game you enjoy. Presently, the W88 promotion is also offering bonuses on free bets.


W88 is an advanced gaming platform in Asia and English businesses. So, do W88 register to become a member within 5 minutes. Loads of dealings and lumps of football betting are waiting for you to explore.

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