How to Play W88 Rock Paper Scissors – Win 0.25% Payout prize

W88 allows you to play & win a 0.25% instant payout. Learn rules & steps on W88 Rock Paper Scissors how to play. Read W88Malayu’s guide of W88 Rock Paper Scissors!

W88 Rock Paper Scissors    Rock Paper Scissors Game

There is no doubt that W88 holds various games, from live casinos to slots, Poker, virtual, arcade games, and sportsbooks, that are accessible and flexible to all the members of W88. Apart from the live casino games, playing W88 games, especially W88 Rock Paper Scissors, can win a 0.25% NO LIMIT payout.

What is the primary aim of the W88 Rock Paper Scissors game?

There is now a brand-new collection of games on W88, including the Fishing games, Keno, and Rock Paper Scissors! Keep scrolling to know about the game’s primary aim.


  • The objective of W88 Rock Paper Scissors is not incomparably from the actual game itself. It consists of picking one factor between rock, paper, scissors.
  • The only exception is that you are putting an exact bet on whatever you select to play in before the timer runs out. It’s quite a fast W88 game, which intends players have to be prompt and precise.

How to Play W88 Rock Paper Scissors – 3 Steps guide for beginners

The game is accessible to all W88 members and is exciting, like slot games for leisure seekers who desire a quick win at a fun and simple game. This article will explain the basics ofW88 rock paper scissors how to play in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Access W88 and Login to your account

The W88 Rock Paper Scissors game is not difficult to follow, and playing now would be a breeze. Although, if you’re a careful person, you can click on the “Try Now” button before clicking “Play Now” for real money betting.


  • The simplicity and approachability of the game make online gaming a thrilling experience.
  • But if you wish to go to the real money W88 Rock Paper Scissors, Register your account on W88. Then, go to the Games tab from the menu bar and locate and click on the Rock Paper Scissor game.

Step 2: Select preferred range to play W88 Rock Paper Scissors

Once you have opened the game, players must determine their preferred betting limit.


  • Typically, for beginners, the most suitable choice will be placing small bets. However, for this tutorial, pick the minimum betting limit of 1-500 on the safe side.
  • Once you decided how much you want to bet and on which hand you will be placing a bet, click “Confirm” and wait for the confirmation to appear to proceed.

Step 3: Start placing bets quickly on W88 Rock Paper Scissors

The game’s layout is clear and direct to the point, providing members a quicker time to put their bets without second-guessing themselves. So pick rock, paper, scissors, and remember:


  • Rock beats scissors
  • Scissors beats paper
  • Paper beats rock

What are the W88 Rock Paper Scissors Rules?


  • The W88 Rock Paper Scissors rules and techniques are rather direct, presenting the players with efficiency, interactive entertainment, and appealing gaming action.
  • Wait for the draw to show up and examine whether you won or lost your bet by analyzing your betting balance on the top section right edge of your game screen.
  • W88 games are of intermediate and straightforward levels to advance levels that all members are available to play.

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Claim 0.25% NO LIMIT payout on W88 Rock Paper Scissors

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  • All W88 active members are qualified to claim a Rock Paper Scissors instant cash rebate of 0.25% based on their whole amount in W88 Rock Paper Scissors only during the promotion term.
  • As a draw result, both sides bet, voided, canceled game are not eligible for this rebate promotion.
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  • The minimum payout is RM 1 with NO LIMIT payout.

Note: There is NO ROLLOVER requirement.

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W88 Rock Paper Scissors in W88 Games is the simplest form of a game that requires no intelligent brain. The game objectives are simple. The only difficulty is making prompt decisions as you put decisive bets. W88 has an advantage with its various arcade games in its direction regarding relaxation and fun.