How to play W88 Slot Online to get winning cash up to RM600

W88 is home to the best live casino games globally! Play your desired W88 slot online, from classic to the video slot. Win 100% exclusive welcome bonus up to RM600!

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What is W88 Slot online?

Explore W88’s comprehensive and different set of slot online and other games. You’ll find remarkable visuals, immersive gameplay, and the possibility to win some incredible jackpots. The choices are unlimited! Enjoy exclusive highlights varying from free spins and bonus games to jackpots with the highest payout of up to RM600. Know the top 10 best online slots to play and win real money.


2 Steps to Learn how to play the W88 slot online

There is absolute comfort when it comes to playing the W88 slot online. The game is simplistic, right? Just draw a bar or push a button and let the machine show its magic. Meanwhile, you see yourself at an online gambling website, W88, that provides a large-scale variety of slot online games you can play anytime and anywhere.

Step 1: Go to the W88 website, Locate Slots, and Click Netent


  • You need to do W88 Login to your profile first to begin your gameplay if you are a current user of W88; otherwise, you need to do register as a new member.
  • Once you registered to your account, you require to make a W88 deposit to get your welcome bonus on a first-time deposit.
  • Next, locate the slots menu and select your preferred W88 slot provider (we recommend you play on Netent) to start your exciting gaming experience with the W88 slot online.

Step 2: Pick a W88 slot online provider Netent & play “Blood Suckers II” with RTP 96.95%

Once you click on a preferred W88 online slot machine, i.e., Netent, go to the Featured tab. You’ll see the “Blood Suckers II,” W88 slot online game among the top 3, click to the “Play Now” button to begin your game.


Take a look at the game’s paytable. A player will then know the value of an individual symbol. A player must decide what they want to bet and how many pay lines they’d prefer and choose a bet amount. Click on the “Spin” button which is a Red on the center bottom side of the game screen to rotate the reels. If a player wins, the game will show their winnings and give them a chance to place a bet. A player can recommence spinning the reels many times they want but retain to keep an eye on the bankroll.

Look into online slots reviews before playing at W88 to ensure credibility and play tension-free with 99% RTP.


  • A sequel to Netent’s viral original, Blood Suckers II is a 5-reel, 3-row, 25 fixed-line slot online game. The theme of the W88 slot online game is focused on the character of Amilia. The young and brave vampire appears at her ancestor’s castle to search her forefather’s Hidden Treasure, who was killed by vampire hunters a long time ago. She is an expert in the crossbow’s art, and nothing will prevent her in her journey to reach the hidden treasure.
  • A Blood Rose Free Spins highlight in this slot is appealing. You can unlock the free spins by connecting three or more Scatter Symbols over any of the five reels throughout a spin. When you get three of them, you will end up with 10 Blood Rose free spins, while 4 scatter symbols will present you 20 free spins, and 5 will give you 20. You can achieve many coins during the free spins, and it will not cost you anything.
  • Just like in the original game, this low variety vampiric W88 slot online has got lots of taste to it, so join the vampire’s den and start your play!

Once you finished playing slots, you need to make a W88 withdrawal to get the winning bonus.

W88 Slot online game paylines


  • To win in slot games, you must meet equal symbols in a particular order on the wheels, called a payline or a win line. Every game will have a various number of paylines. Paylines are usually like below
    – In a V shape
    – In a row
    – Diagonally
    – In a zig-zag pattern
  • The winning figures for every game may vary, and paylines are weighted separately on every spin.
  • Meanwhile, you are playing with real money. Your surplus will be debited each time when you rotate the wheels.
  • You will likewise determine how much to stake on a particular payline to form your total stake.
  • Few slots do not practice paylines, and preferably payout based on the number of symbols that arrive on the reels.
  • With those sorts of plays, you can have above 2,000 methods to win.

Read more tips and tricks about Slots at Slot games. Where we have gathered all the best strategies at slots for a decade.

W88 Slot online: Betting choices and payouts

  • W88 slot online offers various betting possibilities. All of the slots will let you place a bet as small as RM 0.01, and nearly all will accommodate a maximum bet.
  • Before start playing, ensure you understand the price per spin that you will be playing; it will help you relish your time more, but most importantly, it will stop you from betting more than your budget.
  • To get this knowledge, you expect only to discover the paytable button.
  • Every W88 slot online will carry several symbols inside the paytable, and the amount of every sequence of 4, 3, 6, or 5 characters will return.
  • The amount will be displayed in coins or RM. Hence, if you raise your bet, the price of your win will grow within the paytable.

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If you are interested in how much money you can win by twirling, we recommend you start trying out at W88 slot online games for the most effective and delightful slot games now!

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