W88 VIP 2022: House of Highrollers with loyalty gift benefit

The W88 VIP Club offers a new prospect with many exclusive privileges and services and presents its member’s best online gaming action. Join the W88 VIP club now!

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What are the aims and purpose of the W88 VIP club?

Being recognized as the world’s preeminent gaming site, the W88 VIP Club program W88 gives a new dimension of elite events and privileges by presenting the best action in online betting games for its users. W88 VIP Club provides:

  • The best engaging VIP gaming.
  • Discussing.
  • Managing together with the players to achieve the most exceptional level of player satisfaction.

Above all, they build an opportunity for royal fun & privileges! So, keep scrolling to explore the features, services, and power according to W88’s Tips & Tricks for its Malaysian users.


  • Their mission is to present the world’s most loyal level of service, forming a seamless delivery of comfort, personalization profiling, professionalism, most reliable standards in service, incentives, and prizes, resulting in the latest VIP gaming program event.
  • The entire crew at W88 VIP Club collectively believes in the “Beyond Customer Experience”. The advanced level of service involves the constant monitoring of member activity to enhance existing and desired new members into the diverse and impressive VIP lines while also assuring the production and growth of individual actions, events, promotions, and bonuses.
  • So, step inside W88 VIP Club to endure a whole new dimension of co-operation, elite advantages as a VIP extraordinary treatment. You will find more about how W88 prides itself by pronouncing it “House of High Rollers!”

W88 VIP levels and its Specifications

There’re 4 W88 VIP levels to be equipped. Keep reading its specifications following.

  1. Blue: By system call based on account activeness with at least 3 successful deposits.
  2. Blue to Glod: By W88 VIP Club invitation from Blue level with a minimum Turnover/Stake of MYR 250,000 within 30 days after being Blue.
  3. Gold to Platinum: By W88 VIP club invitation from gold level with a minimum turnover/stake of MYR 3,000,000 within 30 days after being gold.
    Note: Continuing at the Platinum level, a minimum turnover/stake of MYR 500,000 every 90 days **
  4. Diamond: By W88 VIP Club private invitation.

W88 VIP levels









Welcome VIP Club Bonus MYR 128 MYR 218 MYR 288
Live Casino Rebates ** 0.25% 0.30% 0.7% 0.8%
Your Birthday Treats Yes Yes
Priority Deposit & Withdrawal Yes Yes 1st Priority
Discounts For W88 Rewards Redemption ** Up to 5% Off 10% Off 15% Off 18% Off
W VIP Club Access Full Access Full Access Full Access
W VIP Club Account Manager Personal Account Manager 2 Account Manager
Deposit / Withdrawal Special Limits Higher Limits from Gold Level Flexible Request
W VIP Club Special Promotion Eligible Eligible Eligible
Reward Points Expiration ** Valid for 6 Months Valid for 12 Months Lifetime Lifetime
Exclusive Festive Specials Eligible Eligible
Eligible For Reward Points Yes Yes Yes Yes
W VIP Club Tours / Holidays Special Promo Special Promo
Lifetime Membership ** Yes Yes Yes Yes

Access the W88 VIP club

The main question is, where to apply for W88 VIP, right? So, why waste much time now? Let’s get started to discover the process of W88 VIP.


At the W88 homepage menu bar on the extreme left, there’s a Home symbol. You need to click on it as you’re about to enter the beneficial privileges of being a part of the VIP club. The VIP program starts from the time you register, placing your first bets onwards, actively playing, and the system management regularly will invite you.

Note: You can always reach out to W88 customer service via 24×7 live chat for any kinds of doubts.

8 Valuable Benefits as a W88 VIP

You can find significant advantages being a member of W88 VIP, which you’ll locate below.


  1. Possibility to be upgraded by W88 VIP Club program to the higher level such as Blue, Gold, Platinum & Diamond.
  2. Deposit & Withdrawal Exclusive Limits
  3. Personal Account Manager “Just For You” to service your account 24×7.
  4. Bonus points eligibility, special redemption sections, discount methods, and activities access by VIP levels.
  5. VIP Birthday Gifts is applicable for VIP Level: Platinum and Diamond only.
  6. Exclusive VIP Tours / Concerts / Theatre / Cruise / Holiday Arrangement. (By invitation)
  7. Promotional Activities for VIP.
  8. W88 VIP Club Welcome Bonus and Promotions

Terms and Conditions

  • W VIP Club program is only provided for registered members of W88.com. They reserve the right to change, revise, join, or invalidate any time without notification of any of these terms and conditions.
  • W88 also reserves the right to review member’s transaction records and login status at any time. Suppose they get and firmly believe any terminal user or personal group misuse the ability and rights. In that case, W88 reserves the right to withdraw the club of VIP members without warning.
  • W88 reserves the right to paraphrase, modify, revoke the rules of VIP members.
  • For any member’s redemptions, a gift/rewards item is not available. VIP Levels Discount % is NOT applicable for Free Bets Rewards claiming. There are no costs for this program to promote loyal members who actively patronage the W88.com gaming activity.
  • All VIP members can register and join in actions only for those identified by their username. W88 reserves the right to decide the member’s eligibility and reserves the right to reject any member to join W VIP Club.
  • Any conditions misuse of the data or other VIP members’ laws will eliminate qualification for members and confiscate all the points/issues you have earned.
  • W88 reserves the final judgment and sole responsibility of all the programs.
  • VIP members of W VIP Club are also connecting with W88 general rules terms and conditions. They will not allow any member who desires to transfer their membership level to the 3rd party affiliate.

Get yourself a privileged service by W88 register, Also you can apply to get RM300 Dapat Free Credits as a new member!!


By joining the W88 VIP club, you’ll be getting VIP rewards for outstanding performances lead to utilizing more money and more winnings. Prizes like Brand new latest iPhone, Watches and Belts, are waiting for you. So, apply today W88 VIP program and become a lucky member of W88.

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